Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 266 of the Capabar System

At the moment, the Naruto and Sasukes, only the flowers of their eyes, and the world in front of him changed a scene again.

The screams of the mourning, the winds and sands, and the eyes are bound to the eyes are boundless deserts, and there is an endless and faint sky, and it is a world of sand.

This time, I pulled us into the world ..., 'J is blue, the side of the surrounding scene, the moment, the slight eyebrows, the sight gradually transferred to the blunt of the big simplicum in front of the voids , 'Is a lot of Chakra like this. ... What is the meaning of constant switching different worlds?

In my world. I am the only God !! "

I didn't pay attention to the silk mockery contained in the moment. The big simplicum Hui's night was still restored to the past, "" In this world, I have to do it ... including killing you ..., '

Tianzhi Yuzhong · Large Square !!

After the sound of the big simmer, after the sound of the big simmer, suddenly the moment before the moment, he smashed his palm, and the whole sand in front of him suddenly set off countless slow-ecliptic heavens and earth.

The violent sandstorms calculated by the number of Ganges the number of sands came, and all kinds of shapes and gestures were condensed in the whole sky. Some of them were tail, and some were people, and even weapons, and many different areas.

'The will of the whole world is in her control ...

Reincarnation one pair of blue eyes staring in front of God as if the whole world of sand in the attack himself, the face of the whole world in front of this hit, the moment can not help but eventually Qingshenjianfei murmured, eyes flashed a shock among the nameless A The look, it is really a corpse of the creation of Chakra's ancestors.

However, this kind of creating the people of the people is. ... and then use your own ability to control the entire world ... The corpse is in the heart of the heart. The round of the forehead of the golden monster is flashing over and flashing a layer of inexplicably mysterious glory. "My God's turn is completely able to do it.

Just just feel awake the turn of the gods ... I haven't had time to take the time to build M to my own world ... The body faces the world's attacks in front of the whole sand, but there is no one in the heart, and I will return God again. At the time, the whole world tired that it had completely raised his face.


I saw that I immediately waved the loss of the loss in my hand, and the painful damage to the guns formed a dark sky between the moment, constantly erased all the snow in front of you.

In the face of big simmer, the whole world is tuuiting and mixed with all the attacks of all Chakra nature changes in Yin Yang, thunder, and the shield formed by the jade is not necessarily able to resist.

But at this moment, the loss of the gun of the constant waving in front of him is hard to eat everything in front of him, as if the winds and sands that have swept through the world have just false dreams.

'The winds of the whole world are all erased? It is also the ability of the weapon to die ...,' I can't help the whole sand, the attacking of the whole sand is unable to effectively use it, and the big simmer is not a slight bite his teeth.

Tianzhi Yu Zhong · Lijin !!

I saw the big simmering night to the void in the void. I suddenly slammed the big sleeves again. The whole desert suddenly took off an endless wind and ventrication, and the death of death. The moment is constantly swept.

Looking at countless words in front of the sky, it seems to connect the drama of the whole world. I feel that the gravel of each rider can sell the power of the iron to destroy the iron, and the mysterious god of the mystery is generally reflected. Send a magnificent .

Silver wheel is blown up!!!

I saw that I was able to tear a number of wind salons in front of the world. I put out the right hand to put the right hand and gently allot it. Twelve paint black and jade immediately started violent rotation, and the speed is increasing The faster, the blink of an eye has formed a silver sleeve through the gains.

The horizontal bombardment is a winds and sand rolls in front of you.

! ! !

No one can describe the power of the Word Zhi wind, Naruto and Sasuke fell to the ground as if doomsday only felt a general disaster, a surge of wind through the silver Zhi Universe would instantly sky and in front of numerous tornadoes raging sandstorm collision Torn a piece, surrounding all things were swallowed in and stirred the fragments.

(Urgently need a list, please throw me with the rewards of monthly spending flowers. "

Chapter 346 of the Crash System (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 346 Ice World (seeking rewards and automatic)

'Wow, ah ...,'

In the sound of the Naruto, I saw him and Sasuang two people were taken to the high altitude.


Feeling that the violent gravel around the body is constantly hitting, even the power of your own yin, Sasochie has opened a huge complete body, and the two people will be placed inside.

I will see myself to control the total sandy rolls of the whole sand. The wind rolls are pulled by the wheels of the silver wheel. Big Jane Woodhui can't help but snort, but did not speak only secretly launched his own turn to write the eyes.

The sky is in the sky!!

There are countless winds that sweaters, they are disappeared, and the huge must be slammed from half-air, and one foot above the snow.

Here is. ... huge complete body must be in the middle, Sasuke, the eyes of the two forms have different forms. 'This time is the world of ice ...,'

'Ah! It's so cold ... After falling to the ground, I feel that the blessing cold wind that is passed around, the Naruto is exaggerated, and no one knows why the six cactors are inherited. Yang and Xian. After the operation, he couldn't resist this small bones.

This world is ..., '

See the scene that has been fully transformed in front of you, surrounded by a snowy view, the sky is constantly sprinkling out the goose.

All the surrounding environments are all outside the ice, the far mountains, there is a frozen river, everything seems to be a feeling of an obsolete.

Isn't the ice space of the big simmer of the night you have been here? - 1, 'a pair of blue gods to sweeping the eyes of the snowy world, and the moment is finally exhausted. I have been here to have this space, and still Here and the big simplic wood gold, the big simple wooden peach hierarchy

The back of the back is to get here.

The world of this ice is the space I have in the palace ..., '

The sound of cold and indifferent, from big simplification, I only saw her drunken floating her endless wind and snow, the previous blood red monster reincarnation shine shines with endless light, the whole People are like the only dominates of this ice and snow.

'Let you die here is a recognition for your strength ...,'

Big Jane Wooden Night Icy and the Word is full of the whole world of ice, it is like a chaotic universe. When the chaotic universe is generally the vast ancestor Chakraton, it seems to communicate some of the strengths in the space.

Tianzhi Yuzhong · Ice Column Ninety-Nine !!

The blue pupil is shrinking, and the whole world seems to have a dramatic vibration. There are countless huge ice columns in the air on the ground. Suddenly, they are suddenly punctured, and there is no one millive gap to escape.

Numerous huge icicles seem to penetrate in the middle of the middle, flying out of the frozses, exclaiming the snow in the snow.

'Has you hit it. ... or ...,'

After killing, the big simmering night is constantly turning with the white eyes of all the dead sides, searching for the trace of the endless huge ice column.

'Is it in front of me?

A ridicule suddenly came back from the back of the big Simon Hu Hui, and the instance of this unusually appeared suddenly caused her strong hospit.

Huangquan is good!!

Diamond star dust !!!

I saw that Da Jiemu Hui Night and I cartoons almost simultaneously showed their ability to take hands, and a white light of the sky is like a white light of the sky. The white light is hit by the flash of the moment, and the moment is covered in front of all the space in front of you. .

At the same time, when a large white frozen is very light, a dark time space is quietly open from the big Simon Hui night, and only the whole person is going through the whole person.

Just in the big man, the whole person across the dark time, the cave, the blossoms of the blossoms, the flow of diamonds and white, the speed of the long, the speed of the top, and the glory of the white brilliance.