Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 267 of Hueding Crack System

I saw that the dark time space of the paint was quickly closed, and the big man in the night was suddenly frozen and shredded. Sprinkled into the snow, and broke into a fine star crumb, the star point.

'' R ... is really a tricky time and space ability ..., '

The blue gods have fallen into this subtle scene, and the moment is darkly frowned. If you can't freeze her body, like this degree of injury is a big simmer of the ten-tailed body. Just as long as it is It can be recovered in an instant.

Huangquan is a time-space-time tactics that is unique to Da Jiwu Hui, which is free to travel in the six spaces of her. It is the most primitive time and space.

Suddenly, there is a feeling of sudden pushing in an instant. The blind eye of the left eye is crazy in the eyes of the blind eye. When God pretty, God has been aware of the next second attack.

At the same time, at the same time in the flash, the dark time and space, the caver, the cave, quietly opened behind the moment, a snow-white bristle quickly stretched out, condensed to the ultimate ancestral Characle (king Zhao)) o

Eighty god air hit !!!

Numerous condensed to the ultimate huge air head suddenly slammed, and all the air among the entire space, the formation of secretly penetration, the momentum of the unsatisfactory, violently hit the hearts of the moment.

The attack and defensive situation between the two people between the two and the big simmer is suddenly converted in an instant, and the vitality of the sky is going to be hit by the back of the big simmer.

Reincarnation !!!

The sight of the blush eyes of the flash of the blue, but it has already been focused in the void behind the big simmer, and the whole person disappeared in the original place.

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(Don't spit me why the skill name is like this, maybe it is because Japanese directly translates too hard to have a hard relationship, but it is indeed the style of Naruto.

Crash System Chapter 347 Void Dragon (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 347 Valid Dragon Flash (ask for reward and automatic)

The moment shuttle in the moment appeared behind the big simmer, and suddenly he suddenly turned into Chakra.

There is a dark-eyed dragon between Chakra turned into the eyes, and the breath of destroying all the breath is on the moment. The strong gentle will evaporate the endless snow, rolled up. The dust and ashes of the sky.


There was no way to make a buffering posture, and suddenly, he suddenly wandered the big jams in front of him. The whole body was covered with the dark Chakra, and all the air was shredded. Among it, it took a shocking black crack.

Even if you don't have a white eye, Da Jiemu Hui Night has already fully felt a fatal breath from your own, it seems that you are all fiercely and no cast, even if you are ten The tail body Chakra's original ancestor, she couldn't help but have been forced out.

Layer cold sweat.

Some stiff times have returned their heads, and they have seen the scene behind him. The big simmer is suddenly unconscious, and the color of her pure white, the color of the color is in her eyes.

I saw a huge lacquer black Chakra Bulong is moving twisted to tear the space in front of her, and they are swallowed up. At the moment, they almost reached the ultimate Chakra reminding of the six levels, and the end of the day The last day of hitting the last day of the dragon is wrapped around all the breath, not only twisting

In front of you, there is even a black crack that can't be ruined in front of the empty space.

"what is this…,'

The pure white eyes were filled with a stereotype, even as the creation of Chakra's ancestors, Big Jane Wood Hui Night has never seen anyone can use the body to play such strength,. Space ... actually Takened ..., '

She is fully able to feel that under the power of this moment, the whole space in front of the eyes seems to be trembling and shudder, and it is constantly emitting the sound of ignorance.

Almost conscious, Da Jiemu Hui, I want to use Huangquan than Yao Liangzheng to open the space cave to escape in the voids in front of the emotion, but just to show the mouth, her face suddenly changed, becoming the world around the world. The snow is the same, white, but there is no color.

Time and space cave ... talent is not open. ...

Big Jane Wood Hui's night color is complicated, and the pure white eyes are finally infected with a layer of dead ash.

Is the surrounding space to distorted by his strength? ...

and so.


Although there are many ideas generated in an instant, but the end of the moment, the end of the moment is bombarded on the big Jane Wooden, the kung fu is not used.

The voice of the shocking Xiangyu sounded through the world of ice, and only the snow all the snow around the ground and Da Jiwu Hui night were all abused. It exposed the original dark ground, which produced it as if it was like too ancient meteorite. The huge deep pit.

I saw that the big simmer, the whole person, was swallowed in a huge incomparable lacquer, and the violent power is constantly tearing her ten-tailed vitality.

The monster of the gods of the monster, the round of the gods, and the eyes of the mortar, the eyes of the mortagram, and the eyes of the gods after the rotation of the round, and the reincarnation of God is absolutely more than anything in this world. To excellent dynamic vision.

Dealing with Chakra's ancestors ... This extent may not be enough ...

The drunken float is muttered in the void. The trend of the gods before the moment is returned to the eyes, and it is constantly being laminated. The big dragon is swallowing the big simmer, all the body and the same paint black Chakra again. From the rise.

Email ... empty dragon flash ..., '

Almost a word, I missed my own kill in my heart. The moment of the blood red monster, and the dead is dead. After the big simmer, the shackles have a bright, and the blood is suddenly infinite. Endless pounds.

I saw that the whole body covered with a huge Chakra, with almost boiling air around the body, and the whole person disappeared in the original place.

·· ... Ask for flowers ····· ......

Just, it is not easy to have a flash of the moment, the big hair, the big hair, the whole body, almost all ten tail recovery will be exhausted.

When it is secretly shocked in the power of the steel, a pair of white eyes suddenly found that there was no trace, a crisis of death suddenly turned on her heart.

Almost even the awareness of the resistance has not yet been produced, a dark uncle Dragon appeared in front of her eyes, instantly flew out of the big man in the night.

But when her whole person was just hit, there were countless lacquer black, and there was a lot of space in the air.

this is…,'

The pupils in the large jams and night pure white eyes have shrunk into the needle-shaped size, and the dragon in the hundred and the end of the End of the Dragon is hidden in front of her eyes, and all the air is constantly swallowing all the air.


A moment of countless imperialism hit the sound of the gums into a roaring through the world, the end of the end of the moment, the end of the day, the end of the day, the speed of the speed, constantly bombarded the big simmering night.


A slam, I saw the space in front of myself, I couldn't bear the bombardment of hundreds of thousands of void, as if the fragile glass was like a broken glass, and the dark void produced behind the world's space after fragmentation. .

'What kind of power is it ...,'

The distant Sasuke and Naruto have long dementia Zhang Da's mouth I bar, hoping in the distant void, and there is a black dragon, this is like a stagnation, ' Do you have everything, '.

Are you the end of this?

(Say there is a little sad, I have a little sad, I have a perfect end of these two days, and I have already had a complete setting when I have passed the question. Don't worry.

Chapter 348 of Crash System Inflatable and Jade (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 348 swelling and seeking jade (seeking rewards and automatic)

Bombing ...

In a flash, countless shocking, hitting the sound of the sputum, a sound of the world, the end of the end of the moment, the end of the dragon strike is in the speed of a second to become a hundred thousand times, and the space bombards the big simmer.