Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 268 of Hueding Crack System

At the time of the hidden, the last day, the dragon almost bombed the whole space in front of him. I saw that the big simmering night did not have a one-stop resistance in the void.

Continuously killed ...

Constantly resurrection ...

Big Jane Wood Hui's night as a ten-tailed body, the immortal, life is extremely vital, and actually consumes speeding in the moment of this countless destruction space.

'Go again ...,'

Among the murd of countless lacquer black, the big simmer is struggling with '493,' I barely open my own pure white, and I am in front of the faster offensive, she almost produced. There is no such thing as a 10-point to resist the means.

Every time I see the jade shield just formed, I was instantly being subjected to a broken slag. I feel my life and Chakra, and the big simmer of the night. Shen to the bottom of the valley.

'I will kill him by him ...,'

I can only gamble ...

I finally killed again and then in the middle of the resurrection, and the big simmer, the night, all the initiators of Chakra and the ten tails broke out, a white object was quickly formed in her body table.

In the blink of an eye, I saw that Da Jiemu Hui night revealed his own body real body, entered the tail and animal formation, made a white huge rabbit, and the fierce face was in the middle of the mood. Write the eyes, symbolizing the world's closest to the ultimate power.

In addition, after the arrival of Da Jianhua Hui, the huge white rabbit of the beast is constantly implied in the shape of different forms.

Guard, Jiji, Sun Wukong, Mu Wang, Rhino, Ming Ming, Niu Ghost, Nine Lama ...

It is the body of nine big beasts, and the abstains of different poststones are floating in the air, and the mutual tentacles that are constantly tentative, countless white huge tentacles towards replanation.

'Ten tail format it ...,'

I saw the changing chances of the big simmer in the night, in the face of the numerous huge white tentacles that constantly bombarded in the void, the moment was stagnant in the void, the zone of the blue, the right eye, the mysterious light, flash.

Renovation, God!!!

At an instant, I launched the gods, and the time of the time of time was reversed, and all the consumption of the whole body was returned to the previous moment.

The . . .....................,..,,,,.,,,,.,,,,,,

At the moment, the look on the face is not complicated, 'All gamble is on this last hit it ... _.' '

Also ".

'Real Real Ninja World All people have been sinking for a long time in the infinite month _._.' '

In the face of this eye, the big big simmerlish night body is true, and the unhaneous Chatchi, which is in the moment, has also been projected to the ultimate, the whole person is floating floating momentum is like the only true god in the world. In the eyes of God's round, I have explored all the bright light,. Xiaonan

When they have been waiting for me to save.. It's time to make a knot _._. ''

'Mother's adults have retired _.? Is it necessary to use it ?_.' '

It is attached to the darkness of the big tits, and the mouth has a deep high-spirited sound. I feel that the big Simmark Huiki has launched the remaining of the remaining ancestors. He also realized that the next is a big simmer and night and moment. The last hit, the result of this final war is soon to be present

come out.


I heard the voice in the air, I can't help but snort, my eyes have issued an endless ice cooler, and the tone of the mouth is exposed as if it can freeze all the tangible intangible substances and the shape, 'you will Leave it to me ._. I said that you will die in my hand today.

After the moment, the left hand held the cactus cushion F, the philosophy did not look into the eyes, and the darkness of the big simmer and night wide coat sleeves were in the same way together with her arms. Above the ground under the foot

!!! _._.

Just when the arm of the big simmer, the arm of the big simmer, the trend of the monster, the trend of the monster, and the red light flashed, as if the chaos river is like a vastness, the empty I suddenly formed a lot of dark clay sticks suddenly sprinkled, and the hands of the big and simple wooden glow.

The arm is firmly stained on the ground.

'These black bars are made by me to be created in the ultimate yin and yang, you will stay here for I second _.' 'The icy in the flash is fluttering, unlimited in the air , Gave a layer of gray shadow to the dark and stunned black.

"Waiting for me to clean up the big morning and night. It is coming to death again. The corpse.

Can be evil ... Is it 2.0 Today is really going here?

The black stick made in the shallow and yang is firmly nailed to the ground under the foot, a strong unwilling from the dark heart, and plays the taste of the millennium. Is it going to make a dream bubble?

Expansion and jade!!!

Just when all people have different minds, the white huge rabbit and nine tail beasts made in front of the big simplifier in front of the eyes, and a large-scale lacquered jade is in the air.

Contains the nature of seven kinds of ancestors Chekra, and the power of Senluo is suddenly coming!

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Crash System Chapter 349 World (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 349, ending at the world (seeking rewards and automatic)

Big Jane Wood Hui Night is a ten-tailed god tree. She has the blood row of the seven all Chakra attributes. Therefore, she can not only rely on their own strength to create expansion and jade, expansion, jade and seek jade are the same substance. But regardless of the size of the volume or the power is far from ordinary

Jade ratio.

And the ultimate expansion of Da Jiwu Hui's night will continue to become large until the entire space is filled with the whole world.

Whether it is Yuxi Bouf or the six cactus and Da Jiemu Village, what they created, the jade they have created can't take the opportunity to follow the big boundless courtesy of the sky.

The sky is in the sky !!!

All the scenes of all the eyes change again, and the land of a lava is formed in the feet of the people, and all the spaces of the long-distance macro night are endless.

'Hahaha. ... The day is in the moment. ... Here is the birthplace space of the mother ... "This time I clear the world of transform, and I have a sharp madness in the black mouth of the ground, as if I find it again. The confidence of winning, can draw directly from the Ninja, which is infinitely read, 27 months

Clad's spatial space ... is a special field of mother ..., '

'This expansion, jade is that the mother puts all the properties of the wind and thunder and soil yin and yang.

Black has become like mad sound filled around all spaces, and the death stress brought to him has made him completely crazy. 'New space begins to generate ... You will become its sacrifice !!! "

'This is your ultimate expansion and jade ...,'

If you can't care, you will continue to face the expansion of your own crushing, you are gradually swallowing the original space before you caught the original space, and create a new world, and the A force among the eyes. It has been brewing to the ultimate, the ultimate pupil suddenly launched.

Vientiane black;!!

With the moment, the eyes of the blue-blue deep gradually looked at the dark expansion of the dark swells in front of him, the endless A force of the original God, as if it suddenly evaporated in most, with an instant The vast Chakra, and suddenly dissipated this moment.

I saw the fall of the eyes of the eyes of the moment, the huge paint black expansion, the jade is infinitely enlarged, and the space that has been constantly being swallowed. At this moment, suddenly seems to have been thrown into a larger stone.

The black and distilled Naruto, which was spiked on the ground, suddenly found that the entire space of the surroundings, as if it seems to violent, the space of the rolling and downtown, the waves began to roll twisted.

'This ... this is also his time and space? ...,'

Naruto and Sasuke were extremely horrified, and they obviously notice that their spaces were beginning to become unstable, immediately tiered the muscles of the whole body, just want to leave the space in front of him, but fierce stagnation , The frightened discovery, it seems that the whole body is watered in the cement, even can't