This space moves, 'completely moving !! "

"No. This is the gravitation of his manipulation ?!"

It seems that the whole person is adsorbed in the surrounding air, fighting to struggle, but never moved, the left eye is very shocking, and there is actually someone in the world. To this extent ... My is completely unable to compare it. ... "

"Black, you don't have to struggle ... You are drunk, this ultimate end ..., 'is in drunk turtle floats in half empty, it seems like it is like a dark mood The excitement of the reunion big simmering night to struggle to the final desperation.

With the words of this sentence, the voice of the elite, and the nun, there is a nun, and when I saw my eyes, I saw a shackled hammer, and I started a dramatic break, collapsed.

what is this?!!"

In struggle, I didn't dare to confuse my eyes. He saw that the space of the swelling and jade collapsed, and a dark and humble seems to have a general black space appeared in front of himself.

Light is being swallowed. Factory

Among the twisted swings of the body, Sasuke and Naruto only feel that they become dark, and they have discovered that their radiophage appears to be swallowed in the dark space channel in front of you.

"No. ... is not right. ... is the whole world is swallowing ??! '. Sasuke with a round, finally found everything around him, but even the four-week space, everything is gradually being gradually The dark space is swallowed in.

'The whole world is swallowed ?!! "The black-stained black and even frightened to even the original tone became distorted.

All 870 lights in front of me, space, ground, air. ...

Everything is everything. It is swallowed in the dark black hole in front of him.

All things seem to be a tablecloth. It was gradually pulled into this black hole in front of him. ...

Even the infinitely magnified expansion of infinity is also unable to escape. ....

He actually uses the to create a black hole? "A burst of the sound of the warehouse begins to gradually spread from the mouth of Sasuke, and his left-eyed reincarnation is completely observed to have a moment, 'control The gravitation launched the gravitation collapsed ... Production time and space collapsed ... What is this?

Take a child's power ?! ".

Graduation ... collapse. ... Black hole ... What are those who have been convinced to the ultimate attractive adsorption, the nerve roots of the Naruto can't understand the words in the mouth.

The so-called black hole ... can deviate all the words in the world ..., 'I heard the problem of people's idiot, Sasuk, there is no excessive thought to fight with him. I saw that he was deeply awkward. The poison, 'there is all the end of the universe. "

Chapter 350 of the collapse of the jade system

Chapter 350, Six Road, Bud, Stars (seeking rewards and automatic).

In short. ... That is not normal, human beings can do, ... The corpse is not complicated, and it is not far from being drunk. It is very difficult to float in the void. "He is now simply. ... God ... less

'We simply can't be his opponent. Factory.

Crisp long, jade is swallowed in ?! "The black and dead of the dead on the ground, and his glasses were completely unable to believe in the reality in front of it. How is this possible ?!".

And. Since you use the mouth to make a black hole ..., 'The black eyes are unable to let go, and you can't let go, you are staring at the moment of livestock and floating,' But why do you have yourself? affected?!"

'Why didn't I have an impact?! ...

After listening to the doubts in the black tone, I couldn't help my eyes, and the blue gods were born with his eyes as if they were taking a poor insect. The eyes were compassionate and compassionate. 'Fool. ... because I am a monger ...

'When you have seen Yuxiobang, you can use it ... Have you suck it? "

Desperate stare with the moment, it is like provoking an idiotic look, and it can't help but help.

everything is over……"

It seems like the sigh of sigh, and it is gently passed out from the mouth of the moment. It is drunk to focus on the influence of the infinite expansion in the front of the void, together with all the things around it, gradually becoming Among the dark hole of the dark.

Some desirable hand holding his eyes, feeling a lot of Chakra in their body, and the mouth of the moment is a black hole made by my current pupil and Chakra. ... It is completely annihilated informative existence. .…plant

Looking at the huge inflation of the front of the front, the jade is finally completely absorbed into the black hole, the surrounding space begins to reply, it seems to be a way to fall in the void. 'Now the black hole manufactured is not currently Comparative ... corpse

Big Jane Wooden is separated from the void, and the heavy squat is on the ground.

The cold and indifferent face lost all the blood color. At this moment, her pure white eyes contains unimaginable shock and Dang, as if the life of the original ancestor, all the best of her ancestor, and put her from the altar Raise it back to the dust.

'Win this ultimate war ...

It seems like a breeze sustacardized to the ground on the ground, and in the moment, there is no emotion in this moment, and there is no clear color in the eyes.

Staring at the big simulation of all the strengths of the whole body, it was almost very difficult to imagine that the woman who saved the sound of the ancestors of Chakra was the incarnation of the beginning of Chakra. The goddess of the The evil spirits of the war, the voice in the mouth is finally gradually

Pioneer,. Laugh to the last person _._. ''

'it's me._.''

After the screams of deep service, in the white eyes of the big simmer, the white eyes were suddenly erupt, and the two were very different.

One is the extreme Yin power

One is the extreme Yang strength.

'Hui Night_._ You go to the moon to reflect on the second _.' '

In the eyes of everyone's eyes, the moment is in front of the big simmer, and the hands are suddenly worn in the moon. One of the power of the universe is instantly launched. All eight parties all Air is as if all solidified.

One is in the absence of the mysterious giant gods in the existence and the absence of there, and the hands are tight as the movements in the hands of the moment.

,Do not!!"

I found out that she was familiar with the power that broke out from the moment, and the big Jane Wood Hui's night's mouth made a scorpion and emery, she was sealed for Millennium, she finally resurrected today, how can I re-seal it? .

However, after using the expansion and jade, after the endless blow of the flicker before the moment, Chakra and on the night of Da Jiwu Hui have left, completely supported her again, I opened Huangquan, the time space. cave.

Everything has been regretted and second.

I saw that the front of the temple in the bramar is coming back to the eye. It seems that it can shine the glory of the whole world. The boundless

Sixth · Brazen Star !!!

As if the whole world has shocked, the whole sphere of Da Jiwu Hui's night seems to have begun constant trend, and there is an endless rock in the end of the earth began to be traged. It is constantly rising to the high altitude, endless dust is flooded. Whole spatial space.

It seems that the entire ground is hollowed out, all the rocks are all pulled in the air, and a huge planet is gradually formed.

RP Wu, ah ... The whole land is attracted !! "

Naruto and Sasuke couldn't help but sat on the ground. The eyes were hysterested in front of the world's high-altitude, and the top of Zhao Zhao is good. "Isn't the Six Old Old Bo to us? He actually finished ..., a

'Stupid ... With his current strength, the six cactors are not his opponent ...,' I heard the ignorant discourse in the mouth of the people, Sasuo left eye's round-eye, killing, killing, killing the distant moment , 'At the same time, it has the extreme Yin power and the power of the Yang ... he certainly can complete this technique independently ...

'Go back to the place where you belong to. Brilliant night. ... "

Shu Shu 's staring at the big simmer, the whole person was gradually traged into the sky, and the blind eye and the round of the gods were simultaneously shine at the same time. No one could not speculate that he was in this moment. idea.