Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 270 of Hueding Crack System

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Crach Yushu Chapter 351 Dust Settlement (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 351 Costs (seeking rewards and automatic).

Everything. All is over today ..., '

I saw the huge planet in the high-altitude, the big Simmark Hui night gradually took out the body of his ten tail, and even the outer road is constantly roaring, but it has always been able to break the huge gravity of the Star Star. .

The six-way burst starry is a sealing and printing that must be used by the strength of the Yin and Yang. It is a very powerful seal with the core of the ten tail.

When launching, you need a yin and yang to hold people's contact target, and the goal of being exposed to the power of yin and yang will be fully deprived of its own strength, and is strongly seal, scale and power, and the ordinary pop-ups cannot be syndiced.

The six cactus and Da Jiemu Yudu have used this trick to seal the big simmer in the spatial space, and make a second moon.

The dust gradually settled, under the flash of the six-way land, a huge moon suddenly formed in the high altitude of the spatial space, accompanied by the darkness of the desperate gaze, the night is completely sealed inside.

Hui Ni Ji. It was sealed by it ..., '

Among the broken earth, the Naruto and Sasuk one 290- looked up at the huge boom in the high-altitude, muttered in his mouth, from his heart, the shock and feelings.

'So ... the rest is ...,'

It gradually recovered the blue eyes of the giant moon in the sky, and the sight of the moment was shifted to the darkness of the dead nice on the ground.

Black ..., '

'Day to the moment ...,'

The mouth deeply chewing the name, black and dressed in front of the dead, and the eye is going to the moment, the tone is like, and there is a curse over and over again. 'I dream I don't think of all the plans. I will eventually lose in your hand. '.

Now I don't have more absoluteizes. ... "

Gently moved into the face of the black, there was no ridicule in the moment, and there was no ridicule. Some of them were only inversely drunk. It seems that all his emotions have been grinded. Thoroughly subconsciously became a god who did not feel the feelings.

Opening, you have already met ... If you see (chcd) ..., '

The sound sent in the mouth is unfair, as if the whole person will take the wind in the wind, the trend is the gods, 'I got this last battle ...,'

'People who will ultimately control the world _._. It is me ._.' '

The firm discourse is like a gold stone floor, in the dark, the final weaknesses, the moment is gently reached, and he put him from the ground.

How? To kill me? "It was a flash in his hand, and there was no emotion on the black face. Only the tone is in the middle of the tone and ridicule, 'I am just brilliant night. I'm tuying it ~ _. You kill me and there is no tunuo _. ''

However, the final discourse has not finished, and it has been drunk to reach the left hand, and the paint black mystery is like a high-spirited causing cushion r, the fire is gently in his body.

Suddenly, I saw the black in the hands of the moment. It is like a foam in the dream. It is immersed after being gently, disappearing in the air, as if there is no existence in this world. trace.

After completely erasing the existence of the black, the moment seems to be a good breath in the bottom of the heart, all all the finals have been drawn today, representing the big name of Da Jiemu Hui, and finally in his own hands dissipate.

'Now ... I have become the final power in this world..' '

'What I said ._ will become the rules of this world, the second _.' '

It is in the air-bound spatial space in the air, which seems to be like the only God in the world, which has controlled the last strength and rules of this world.

'So .... You are _._.' '

After all my thoughts in his heart, the moment finally moved his eyes to Sasuke and Naruto. In addition to their own spatial space, there were only two existence, and they intend to stop me from controlling the Ninja World ?"

'Blocking him: ._.' '

I heard the voice of the moment, I would like to see him gradually put my eyes on my two people, the blue eyes of the blue eyes and the blood of the gods, the eyes of the two, the eyes of the high god, let Sasuke and Naruto couldn't help but stagnate his breath.

'Can we do it ... _.' '

In the face of an instance, Sasuke and Naruto are almost simultaneously thinking about her heart, and two people's heads are shaken like a depression.

What jokes open.

Female can't be willing.

Let us die here at any time.

Very good ...

The manifestations of the namns and Sasukes in front of the province, nodded at the moment, and the dragon did not have the need to be more necessary.

Gently stepped out in the void, the trend of the gods before the flash flashed over the blood of the blood, and the vast pitch of the vast pitch moved to the host of the whole world in front of him.

Naruto and Sasuke only felt a flower in front of him, the spatial space broken land disappeared, and it was a fine stone beach. The four sides were endless chaotic battlefields, and they were instantly moving into the real part of the Ninja World. .

Finally returned to the ninja world ... strict

The two have sent a sincere feeling, although they were forcibly pulling into other worlds by Big Jane Wood, only the time in just a long time, but the two of them have experienced their own spirits and big simms and nights. Don't let them feel the same year.

'The last thing left is. ... "

After returning to the real ninja world, the moment is quietly looked at the high-altitude bloody monster, saving it almost the same hook and jade pattern with his front of the forehead. The tone looks deep and ethereal.

'Release the infinite month read ...

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Chapter 352 of the Crash System ended (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 352 War ended (seeking rewards and automatic)

The method of lifting the unlimited month read is very simple. As long as there is a person who has a round look and owns all the people who have all the beasts, or a person has these two powers, the printing is in the hands of the child, you can relieve the unlimited month reading and God, tree.

'So. One.' '

The moment is gently closed his glasses, and the hands slowly extended to their body, and the drunken descent, then opened his eyes, the round of the front of God was directly pair. The huge national moon in the top of the head.

After I saw the power of the mystery, I was launched between the mysterious power between the world. The huge blood red national moon in the whole world is full of glory, and Yizhi Boss is put into the unlimited month of the moon. The operation is instantly unspeakable.

All the ninja people around the world, countless huge spread of Shenshuan, all of which are unwound, and the gods on each person is released, all people are awaken from infinitely eternal dreams, from unlimited months reading Sorry.

'Just now _. All people all people caught in illusion?' '

Just a master from the unlimited month read, some of the people who have a self-adapted Zhe's own hands, immediately looked around, searching for the figure,. _._. What is the side there? ?! "

In the concealed forest, Xiaonan and Jun Ma Lu also have white, and suddenly woke up from the illusion of unlimited months, the cold double glance gazing with a defective look. The dark cave, 'Just illusion _._ should be the unlimited month read in the moment _._.' '

'Bai Yun Ma Lu. ... The front of the cave is the hiding of the pharmacist _._.' '

It seems that I have a wedding that I am in my dreams and the moment. Xiaonan finally tried to reply to his own mental, toward the direction of the cave in the distance, and gently crossed, no matter how _._. We must also The helper is solved to the furdling of this trouble ~ _. ''

'Yes _._. "I heard the small south, white and Jun Ma Lu immediately followed.