Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 271 of Hueding Crack System

At this time, in the dark caves, the whole body was wrapped in the pocket of the black cloak, and it seems to have suddenly awakened from the illusion of the infinite month. The narrow snake seems to be reflected in the endless dreams. The tone looks low and hoarse, 'Just now _._ is Yuxiobang

Unlimited month reading ._. ''

'Illusion is unfained _._. The province has failed _._.' 'The corner of the mouth gradually raised a trace of evil smile, the pharmacist gradually reconnected to the ninja each embarrassment, the narrow snake The middle of the eyes seems to be a bit confused and scattered, 'This final endurance war ._. It is difficult to expect: ._

From the perspective of the endurance battlefield, all the originally separated from the anti-moon-free army, and suddenly reheated the control of the pharmacist, continued to endure all the unlimited monthly read illusion. The joint military ended in the world to the newly launched.


Stepping on the ground countless gravel, looking at the body of Yizhibo spheres lying on the ground, step by step, step by step, holding a cactus, a cane, a cane, white mystery I've painted countless black hook jade, and the 12-digoraw-seeking jade is floating.

Looking at the move, Sasuke behind him and the niece face each other, he hesitated and followed.

The leisure walks go to the body of Yuxibo spots. The momentum of the moment is memorable, and the inexplicable feng is flashing in the blue eyes, and gradually squats his body.

Gearly put his palm in the body of Yuxi Boss, the Naruto and Sasuke shocked the eyes, and the amazing scene appeared in front of them.

I saw that the palm of the flash was just contacted by the body of Yuxi Boss, as if it was like a smoked smoke, the body of Yuxibo spots rose, floating in front of the emotion.

'He. He is not ...,'

··· ...... seeking flowers ...

Seeing the figure in front of the eyes, the spray after the moment, the Naruto was shocked almost bite his tongue almost.

"Six Road J Mountain ... Factory

The blush of the blue gods, the eyes of the eyes, the deep eyes stared at the old shadows in front of me, and the mouth spit out his name, no, maybe it should be said to him. .

And the white mysterious decorative robe, white short-haired, a pair of purple corrugated rounds, and a variation of the cactus, a variant of the cactus, a variety of cactus, and the causing cums. It is the reality that is from mythical legendary album.

The six cactus came.

'I can feel that my mother's night she has been sealed again ...,'

The sound of the ethereal emperor has emerged in the half-air, and the six cactors are floating in the air, a pair of purple reincarnation, with a one who can't save the eyes, and the plain look at the moment, ' Zhe came to eventually won the victory, '

"Japan to flash ... this is your name is right ..., '

'Zhe came to you from some way, I have heard my name ...,'

The blue eyes of the blue gods, the eyes of the eyes, staring at the six cactors that appeared in front of them, and the tone of the moment is neither surprised. Whether it is God's blind eye or the round of the gods, it is as if it has saved it. Everything is, 'Since the beginning of this world ... Your name is like empty

It is not a moment of gas to be full of my ear ..., '

"Today, I finally saw your book ..., 'I have always survive the cactus in the endurance legend, solve the role of Kaikaishan, who is the true meaning of Chakra, and now she is close to her, and the tone of the moment can not help but inexplicably precipitated. Big Jane Wood, First, '

(It's also a baked, this really can only rely on everyone's rewards and monthly ticket flowers to put the top of the book)

(Tomorrow gives a complete period of noodle painting, starting a new world).

Crash System Chapter 353 Big Jane Wood Feather (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 353 Big Jane Pad (ask for reward and automatic).

Big simmer ..., '

The opening of the six cactors quickly spit out the name of the six cactors. The blue gods were blunted and the eyes were in front of the eyes. The sky is like a sinking figure, 'World Legends. ... Once ancient times, Humans kill each other, the time of horror, then there has been a monk, he first

Discover the true meaning of Chakra and spread the doctrine of the role in the world, hoping to guide the world to peace, was known as the savior ..., '.

It is called a six cactus by the world.

The legendary world is created by him, and the chaos rumors say that he is the founding god sent by God. It is also said that he is destroying all the destruction, but he has been to save the people by the world as a myth. The six cactors who are in front of the eye. June Sixth "sounds, the tone is far away

Pioneing, somewhat burning, "I originally thought that he had already died like the world. ... Now Zhe is not so ..., '.

Big Jane Wood, ... I have already remembered that I didn't hear this name ..., 'Listen to the moment, the void is in the void, the old animal, the turbine, the middle of the immortality seems to be a bit remember,' I am the founder of the world's peaceful order ... I am all ..., '

Ok, it's really second. ...

Although I have been preparing for my heart, I listened to the sentence and tone of the first six cactors, and I still can't help but shook my head.

Some people in the second yuan are always moving and don't move the words and. I am. , et al. In fact, it is a kind of abuse and misuse of the Chinese characters of the Chinese characters. At this time, she suddenly heard the inevitableness.

'That. ... I think you still speak in normal ways ...,' moment is slightly twitching your mouth, and the sound will be reminded.

'Amount. ... ok. ... "The six cactors heard the moment. It seems that some embarrassment scratched the back of his back, and the look is even more similar to the Naruto,' cough ..., '

Sure enough, and the Naruto is a kind of son of son ... look at the first six cactus, in the heart, I think it is in my heart.

However. The legend of the world is indeed wrong ... I have already died ..., '.

Now I am in the province. ... just after I die, I still drifted in Chakra and silence in the world. In silently guarding the ninja world ..., the six immortal sounds after the normal language will be long, as if the sound Also as a bad smoke.

Your eyes ... I have completely surpassed me and Yun Village ... "The mouth said, the six immortal eyes stared at the bluish eyes of the eyes of the eyes of the blue eyes and his forehead. The round look, it is hard to surprise and shock among the eyes, 'I really didn't expect that the Ninja World will have you.

Such a ninja is coming out of the world. ... reached the point now ..., '.

Originally, I thought it was the end of Dhalo and Ashura to end this war thus change the world ... The mood of the body, the mood of the immortality has passed through the earthquake stage, saves the eyes of the moment, the eyes of the moment, and the eyes of the Naruto. It seems that there is a positive peace, it seems that there is no wave of water in a pool. I didn't expect Yu Village.

The descendant defeated and seals the mother Hui Niki ... The province is not necessary to call other universities from the bliss clean soil ..., '

At this time, the battlefield of the farmity, the battle of the battle is passed to the moment, and the boring of the endurance Joint military and the drug teacher is fighting.

Everyone is still fighting. Sasuke us also help !! "

I heard the battle sound of the battlefield passed, and the Naruto after the moment suddenly tailored, and the turned head looked to the help of the side.

no need……"

Just still don't wait to answer, I will gently reach out and interrupt the movement of the Naruto. The left eye is the blushing of the blue eyes, God prevail meets the things that will happen immediately.

· !!!

Between the words, in the eyes of all people, the six cactors in front of the eyes shouted their sleeves, and there is endless light between the heavens and the earth.

I saw that there were no figurines in the battlefield in the Yuanfang, all of them were surprised to look at their body, and the faint white rays turned out. The whole person's soul seems to be loose, as if it got a release, gradually became a flow of flow. .

'This is ... The body is fighting the endurance of the United Juna, the vicinity of the vicinity, can't help but stop the movements in his hand.

'What happened?! The embarrassment is unlocked by people ?! "On the battlefield, Ningjun is firmly in front of the three generations of fire, and the province of surprising, the whole body gradually broken down the breeze .

'Alternative to the battle has been divided into the results ... The body's three generations of turbid eyes are condensed to the battlefield of the mountains, and they can't say complex and in the eyes.


What would you do.

What will you make the ninja world?