Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 272 of Hueding Crack System

. ...

After the sluggish standing behind the moment, the Naruto is stunned, and the blue eyes of the mouth, the six cactors who have saved their eyes, 'It is so easy to ...,'

'This is the strength of the legendary six cactus.

It is not necessary to know that the printing method can force the debris reincarnation of the mandatory, ' Is the cact really just a crucible of Kra and Huihui?

It doesn't surprise _._ "It seems that the surprise of the eyes of the moment, the six cactors explained: 'Your current power has completely surpassed me and Yuncun .... Even surpass the mother Hui Yiji. . ''

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Crash System Chapter 354, an answer (seeking reward and automatic)

Chapter 354's answer (ask for reward and automatic).

As long as you want. ... now you can do this completely. ..., '

A pair of purple rounds of the simple breath, the eyes of the eyes, the sudden look at the eyes, the six cactors said:. Just these power you get too short. ... temporarily not fully integrated, you need to wait for you to discover ..., '

'I am also in the long long years, I fully master my strength. ... Chakra's real mystery is still waiting for you to unveil ... The six cactus drunk floating in the void, the mouth flows out The faint discourse seems to be deeply sentimental like a burst of Van Fun.


I have just become a tail of the tail, just a short day, the time is not arrived ...

The round of God is also awakening ... Many abilities have not been discovered.

It is indeed necessary to operate.

I heard the words of the six cactors, and the heart is dark, and as the world of the world, the ancestral nature of the world, in the true 28 positive spiritual realm, maybe the six immortals have already surpassed everyone, including his mother Chakra's original ancestors night.

'Last. ... Since you have already a final war ...,' Six cactors seem to contain some kind of esoteric rules and the mutually stalking, "With your current power ... There is no power in this world that can form airtight and threat to you ... less

'And I am just a dead man ...,'.

The future of the Ninja World is going to heaven or destroy ..., 'tone wine, the sound of the six cactors seems to be more and more weak, simple to state the established facts, and waiting for an answer.' Eventually controlled in you Hand ..., '.

So ... day, moment ..., '

I don't know if it is my own illusion, the Naruto and Sasuke after the moment feel that the six immortals in front of the eyes seem to be more and more faint, as if they will dissipate at any time.

Your answer is it? "

I saw that the six immortals asked their final problems. The whole air was inneatred around, and everyone can hear their breathing.

Naruto and Sasuke also couldn't help but hold his breath, and ramped his ear and waited for an answer. They also wanted to know what the answer was in the moment, and what future endurance will change.

Waiting for them to be destroyed or.

Because of now, in an instant now, it has already surpassed anything, and they are very clear that there is no one in this world, which is able to stop and hinder what he wants to do.

This is related to the world of the entire Ninja.

And the fate of all of them ...

'My decision ...,'

Seeing everyone to watch their eyes, save all of their hearts and , feel this feeling of the fate of everyone in their hands, and there is also one in the heart at this moment. The inexplicable motion.

'And Yuxi Boli spheres their extreme pursuit of so-called peace ideas ...,'.

Become this world's ultimate power ... all the strengths of all the world are alone in me. ... Become the words I have said to be the world's law ... The corpse blue deep eyes jumps out the period of all the eyes of each of them and,

, 'This is my goal ...,'

'Perhaps. ... Your people expect a long time for a long time ...,'

At the moment, I said that the tone is gentle and no wave, the blue eyes passed through the six immortals in front of them, as if they call the future, 'will be implemented in my hand.

Say ...

Kill "It is a traveler who is ultraincard from this world.

It is not an extreme thinking of Nights, which is not the extreme thinking.

Since Xiaonan wants to get true peace.

Since the program hopes not to happen ...

Since it has been sleeping in the gas difference in bliss, you don't want war ...

Then I will create a peaceful world that has no war. ...

This is just what you can do if you can do it when you have an idea.

I heard the answer to the moment, I saw the six cactors who were floating in the void, and the old faces of the old face were out of the smile, 'Alternatives did not think that I thought. ... "

After all, I call my own personally shaped ninja world to break the dead ...

This is, even the six cactors are not willing to save

It is so long to die now. ... Your Chakra and obsessment are still refused to let go of the world ..., '

The philosophy seeing the restriction of the six cactors in front of the scene, the faint blue eyes of the sky launched 287 to save the world of the world, as the villain, his horses, and the world's eyes and others are different.

'Everything is too easy to do. ... The fate will be too big ...,' , but the words are like a copper bell, and the heart of the six cactors, 'Even if you don't take it off ... J Nature this world It also still has its own development ..., '.

Six cactors ... Since you have saved the world, you have chosen to have been separated from the world. ... Why bother to hold this obstacle ..., ' I believe that the six immortals in front of you will be able to worry about it, 'This is you. ...

Do true ultra-off?? "

'Everything is too good, it will be too early. ... Shun it is natural ...,' The sound of the flash is falling, I saw the six cactors in front of my eyes, and there were some words whisked to my mouth, and I repeatedly learned from the middle. It has been in a deep and simultaneous truth between the heavens and the earth.

True glory, 'is I am too persistent ... ".

You are really a strange person. ... day, moment ..., '

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Chapter 355 of Crash System (seeking reward and automatic)

Chapter 355's No Road (seeking rewards and automatic)

"Maybe _._. I have long been let go _.

On the other hand, the six immortal faces have a completely relieved smile, and it has gradually discounted a touch of light, and gradually dissipated into virtual eyes in the unbelievable eyes of Naruto and moment.

Ninja world ._. Give you _.

When the sound of the six immortals ended in the air in front of the eyes, it was only possible to feel the traces of the six immortals really disappeared in this world, thoroughly leading to the other side of the unknown.