Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chair Crack System Chapter 273

The six old old, one, one, one, lost _.

The whisper muttered in the mouth, the six immortals who have completely dissatisfied in front of them, and his simple head is completely understood, and why is it so big about the touch of the six immortals.

'._.' '

Until the six cactors completely dissipated in the air, the slight breathing came, and the Sui Zhibo spheres lying on the ground were suddenly awake.

'Is it back to light ?_.' '

I saw the Sui Zhihua spots at the feet quietly wakeful. The moment of moment did not surprising. In fact, the strength has reached today's realm, and there is no thing in this world to surprise him.

"Japan to flash."

I barely opened my eyes, and the province stood in my own figure. Yuxi Bao's mouth was lifted with a bitter smile. At this moment, it seems that it is very difficult, and the last winner of Zhe isoff. _. ''

'Self-righteousness to control the whole world in your own hands _._. I didn't expect that I was just a chessman who was useless. _._.' 'Lying on the ground weakness, Yuxi Bozhu face The province can not clear your face and expression, and there are too many complex colors in the tone, there is a Dang, there is a lonely, and

'This game is you win _. "" _.' '

Listening to the words of the Sui Zhiwei sink, everyone in the field is silent. At this moment they are all witnessed a way to cover the world, and the mood can't be low or pleasant.

'My dream is shattered _._.' '

Unable to lying on the ground and licking the sky, the white clouds in the sky seem to make Yu Zhibo spheres to see the thousand-handles, see Yuxi Boquan, saw the world in his dreams, low voice gradually As the breeze comes from the battlefield, 'But the world is still continuing.

I can't see it _. Factory

"Yu Zhibo spheres ._ You are a nice opponent second _ production

Listening to what is said to Yishihua, I heard his inner regret and unwind, and the moment is open, 'But your eyes will not wait for this world's pattern ._.' '.

No matter how the future world _._ has nothing to do with you "._. ''

Looking at the Yuxi Bo spheres under his feet, the eyes of the blue eyes are slightly affected, and the eyes can't say that it is sad or pity. How long does it take? _._. ''

'Just like this ._. For you from birth to death from birth from the Warring States Period _ should be an insult ._. "The moment is low, the lacquer black mysterious cactus r, The fire is gently swing, and the blue eyes can't say.

'Oh ._ Thank you for two _.' '

I sent a loud laugh in my mouth. In the moment, the two people read the idea of ​​their respective hearts. I saw a smile in his mouth slightly smile, 'If it was not an opponent. _ Maybe we Can be friends two _. ''



The corner of the mouth is a laughter, and there is no sound of shaking his head. The blue eyes and the strange road under his feet have made a silent saying.

The dark cactus custody fagel lifts slightly, in the eyes of the Naruto and Sasuo, the moment is gently point in the Yudong, the Yudong of Yuxi Boss.

At the foot of the foot, Yu Zhibo spheres lying on the ground were gradually dissipated in the air. He didn't leave a small particle, as if he had never appeared in this world.

'He disappears _._. "The Naruto of the Naruto was muttered in front of the emoticon disappeared.

'The existence of the spot was erased by him ._ "Only an indulging Saso-dead stalking, the paint black cactus r gun, the left eye purple reincarnation flashed a deep man,"' '" If this weapon is playing in my body _._. How can I ._. ''

'Good _._. Yuxi Boss is also knotted _._.' '

The province of Yu Zhibo is completely disappeared after his eyes, the moment is slowly exhaled, and the blood of the gods of the blue and the blood will penetrate the sky-curtain of the whole battlefield, 'this The war has been completely over _._ You don't have to follow me again.. ''

'Change anything else by your two power.

After the sound of the moment, the Naruto and Saso help the eyes of the eyes, the whole person disappeared in the original place, and went to the unknown direction.

Among the gravel beaches of the whole battlefield, only two faces of Sasuke and Naruto, and the hearts of a hidden and uneasiness.

At the end, he went to Nai (Zhao) ... I want to do anything ... This is a mystery in their two eyes.

Concealed mountain forest.

Within black caves, the whole body is wrapped in a pocket in the black cloak, and the face is brought to an unbelievable expression.

I feel that I have been forcibly cut by people with all the secrets of the Ninja Army, and a deep shock and surprised appeared in his narrow snake, and the deep hoarse tone filled with shocking tone.

Because everything happened in front of him has completely exceeded his cognitive and understanding, how can someone can do such a thing in the world?!

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The strength of the collapse of the jade system (seeking reward and automatic)

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Just when the pharmacist has been in a deep shock, the powerful perceived ability brings after the dragon caucasian model, let him detect the surrounding heterogeneration.

'Well ?! There is someone discovered here ...,' back the python in the black cloak, the Gongsi in the alternate, the pharmacist's glasses have emitted dangerous light, 'Hey. ... three shares very powerful carat…,'

It is fast.

Just when the drug teacher has just perceived three powerful Chakra, almost a violent explosion has taken place in the entire lacquer cave.

'Found ... Are you a parent? "

The cold voice echoed in the air, filled the fog of the whole space, gradually scattered, three tangible black coats of the coat of the black, and the outline of the people, and it is Xiaojing, white, and Jun Ma Lu.


The whole person is like a flexible snake. It quickly swims that all the explosions have been avoided, and the mouth is spit out of the person's identity. The narrow rays of the drugs under the country-shaped eyeglasses flashed. Why is the people who have taught people to find here, '

Is it.

The guy in the moment has discovered my position. ...

Here, this, the pharmacist has a constant sinking, which is definitely a fatal message for him.

'Is it a day to the moment? Do you come over ...,'

Touching your neighboring snake, the pharmacist has attacked the small south of the top three, and the dangerous breath is swallowed.

Don't talk nonsense with him ... I kill him ..., '

Think of the explanation of the moment before, Xiaoshan face is cold, and there is no chance to give any talk to the pharmacist, and the body broke out.

Dance paper rain !!

The drug teacher before the eyes, the Little Nanshakla was scattered. After Suddenly, a pair of huge white wings were formed, and the countless sheet of paper formed a sharp shape toward him. Shot.