Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 274 of Hueding Crack System

There are countless sharp sheets of paper, cut into the ground under the feet, and surrounded the diffuse dust, and the sharp sheets of the speed shot flew back to Xiaonan with a very fast speed, forming an uninterrupted cycle. The offensive cuts the entire cave in front of them.

'Very sharp tolerance. This woman is not ordinary ninja ...,'

The whole personnel made a flexible python, quickly wandering the countless sharp paper on Xiaonan, the drug teacher's narrow snake faint, and the heart was quickly analyzed with the situation in front of his eyes, 'But just rely on them Why can't I still have me ... now I need to worry about it, I don't know the day.

Is there anything to follow ..., '

The body of the body, the dance of the iron line !!

Suddenly the pharmacist took a double eye, a fierce voice came from the ear, and I saw the front of the front and a sharp white bone whipped the air in front of him, quickly snapped against his cheek.

'Happy action ...,'

The pharmacist is shocked, and Jun Ma Lu's body movement is fast as his imagination. It is almost blinking, and the whole person suddenly was hit by white sharp bones, deeply pierced into his body. Among them, he is firmly bundled in it.

The strongest spear!!

After the sharp bone whip formed by the ridge push bone, after the pharmacist took the pharmacist, Jun Ma Lu was in the hands of a large white skeleton. The whole body.

Blood flower four A. Jun Ma Lu's entire movement quickly became a lot of money, but he didn't have a lot of smile behind his face after piercing the body of the pharmacist.

Be careful. ... is a body of the big snake!

The son of the mouth reminded Xiaonan and white, Jun Ma Lu Bing Green's eyes and four times, looking around the pharmacist, I saw the strongest spear in his hand, gradually became a wet overlay. The human skin and slipped to the ground.

Immortal, voyage !!

'Hey. ... Jun Ma Lu, you will be as cold as before,'

···· ...... seek flowers ·· ......

Pharmacist's low voice came from the four sides of the dark cave, Xiaonan and Jun Ma Lu looked around, I saw that the pharmacist has already quietly appeared behind them, and there is a separate action on their body abdomen. The body is exactly the pharmacist to transplant the nearly left cell.

The media, 'But you have facing it is already from the snake into the dragon second _. I cultivate Xianli to become a cacto I second _.' '

Secrets, bursting ice crystals!!

Just want to print the pharmacist of Xianke, suddenly open his own snake, a very ice-cold crisis suddenly broke out in his heart.

I saw that the film was shining in the air without reason, and the other side has quietly shot.

Under the white control, dozens of huge ice cobras suddenly burst into the sky, which was like a fantasy ice crystal, which was like the entire dark cave, a crystal snow.

This is the second phase of the white ice rudeness, breaking the mirror ice crystals that make itself, and turns the countless crumble fragment, and then in each small piece of frose fragments, as long as it can reflect White figure, white can instantly shuttle free radius between the fragments of the crocink, forming a speed of dripping

Although there is no clear white secret, but I have a bad permeated white snow ice crystal in the air, and a crisis of a housing in the immortal model is formed in the heart of the drug.

Immortal white boom!!

On the occasion of the white horse, the pharmacist took the face of the martial arts, and a white liquid I made a long dragon, holding a Dragon Ball on the dragon.

Among the eyes of Xiaonan and Bai and Jun Ma Lu, the white liquor I did not stop the dragon ball. Then the dragon ball burst into a strong thorn, and all people were here. The strenuous light is temporarily caught in a state of blindness.

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Chapter 357 of the Crash System (seeking reward and automatic)

Chapter 357 Grab a stalk (ask for reward and automatic)


In addition to the endless gantry, Xiao Southern three people also felt a strong vibration in the air of the surrounding air, and the whole people could not be self-suited, and the shocking sound even made them three even ear. Gradually lose.

What is this forbe, '

I feel that my body's bones are rubbing, temporarily lose the visual and hearing small south three people want to think.

White boiler, this trick is one of the immortals that can be used after the pharmacist entered the cactus mode. This effect can make the air in the surrounding area constantly vibrate, so that the attacker feels the bones of the whole body. In rubbing, even leading to the attacker body numb, and is displayed

The strong light and sound will obscure the visual and hearing of the attack "Three Third Three", so that the enemy is completely falling into his own place.

This technique is terrible, directly leading to Sasuke and 0 can't maintain a state, once suppressed and sakura.

And the pharmacist can let the body i liquefied, easy to buffer vibration, the plum in the cactus mode can also cover glare through the snake eye, so in this kind of effect, only the pharmacist can live freely.

"This. You have already unable to resist ..., '

After the cactus mode of launching the dragon cave, the pharmacist took a pair of narrow snakes to the purple eye shadow, and the replication body around him gradually condensed a flute, 'Next ... Just grabbing you can use it. To threaten the day to the body. ... Let you become the bottom card of my life ..., '

Mycobes, early swallow dance!!

Just when the pharmacist wants to show the smashing and white and Jun Ma Lu, when the pilot is to show, the huge bones of countless white, and the pharmacist pilked the pharmacist in the bone's puncture. Liquid I escapes to the bones of the bone.

It turns out that such a difference, I forgot Mun Ma Lu, your skeletal intensity is a normal person. The skeleton sound is gently passed out from the mouth of the pharmacist, and the soft liquid I is slowly moved. It is the hydration surgery from the exhibition of ghost light water monthly cells, and the extent of the air of this air is still not reached.

Limited enough to limit your actions ..., '

The narrow snake looked around the dense white bone forest, the pain of the pharmacist leaned the smile of playing, but it was unfortunately. ... Your physical attack is invalid about the hydration of fog hidden surgery ... '

'Is it ... So this technique ...,'

The voice of Junbai cold voice came, I saw the huge white bones of the pharmacist, Jun Ma Lu's figure quickly drilled out, the palm center also drilled a gray bone, and destroyed Everything is divest, suddenly stabbed the pharmacist in front of him.

My bones and bones !!

The pharmacist has a big name, and the snake skin of his skin is blown from the snake skin of his skin. When you want to show the replication of illusion, you are watching the copy of the skin. He and Jun Ma Lu.


Jun Ma is almost quickly went to the ultimate puncture of the pharmacist's replica. I saw a giant hole in the hands of Mun Ma, who was in the hands of Mun Ma. It's like a piece of debris that is flying as a film.

'This kind of thing is ...,' The exaggeration effect caused by Jun Ma Lu's bones, and the A Kong of the Pharmacist is awkward. 'Never be hit ... Factory.

Hey. ... Hosts just leave you, you are enough ..., '

The heart of the crisis, the heart of the poorer, as one of the best ninja in the world's mind, the heart suddenly came up with new tactics, 'I will kill you two companions. ... "

Immortal · Inorganic Recycling!!

I saw the pharmacist's hands and slammed, under the role of Xianke Chakra, the entire black cave was suddenly tatched out of countless sharp stone thorns, and quickly smashed the small and white in the other side.

This technique is not a simple use of Chakra controlling substances, but can give no life inorganic substances to life, and controlled tolerance, so in this operation, the inorganic act is fast. Incredible ...


Zhe saw the motion target of the pharmacist pockets suddenly turned to the other side of Xiaonan and the white and white, Jun Ma Lu originally cold face, there was no change ..., '

At this time, the scene that happened, but the pharmacist took a sucking smile completely solidified.