Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 275 of Hueding Crack System

The countless sharp stone thorns will immediately thoroughly can't move in Xiaonan and white. Suddenly a paint black sphere suddenly wrapped them two people, and all sharp stone thorns were annihilated into invisible.

'Day to the moment ...,'

It's almost like a poison, I squeezed the name of the people from my mouth, and I am watching the spikes that suddenly appear. The pharmacist is difficult to cover up.

At a white print, countless mysterious black hook jade, the white robe, the silver is full of wind, except for the past, the blue mysterious eyes, only the amount of a bloody monster is still in the eyes of a bloody.

Twelve paint black, jade is drunk in the side of the moment, and there is a 5.6 black cactus that can swallow the starry sky in the hands of the stars.

The six cactors in this form and the legend have no difference. ...

No. It should be said that more terrible than the six cactors.

Because the pharmacist is at this moment, even if it is noticeable to open the immortal mode, it has completely felt that the strength of the moment is deep, as if he has completely entered another life form.

Do you have two? "

Gently recovered the darkness of the jade formed, and the small and white were relaxed, and the moment of the lying in the void in the void. The sound passed his voice into everyone's ear.

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Chapter 358 of the collapse jade system (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 358 7 Nodules (seeking rewards and automatic).


Master !? "

The province has no signs, there is no sign of saving himself, Xiaonan and White are not surreled, and the other, Jun Ma Lu, is not loose.

This is down ..., '

After the emergence of the emergence, the pharmacist pocket is completely sinking into the bottom of the valley, and the mind is already in the back of the mind.

You have not retired ... Pharmacist brocade ..., '

It seems that I am like a god to fight, in the empty animal, the blush of the blue, the blood of the blules, and it seems that the idea and future fate of his heart are therefore. From the moment I appeared. Start. You are dead ..., '

Pulling to resist the shock of mountains like the sea, such as the sea, like the prison, and the pharmacist can't help but sink,. Do you think I still have the original me?! "

28. No ... I have surpassed the big snake pill. ... From the snake into the dragon !! '

Immortal · Inorganic Recycling!!

Almost in the moment, all spaces around the feet were densely covered, and the octrime should be put into sieves.

Given the inorganic inorganic object to life with life of life ..., '

It seems that the monocular tone is full of painted caves. In the face of countless sharp stone thorns in all sides, there is no lifetime of the eyes, and it is predicted that the future of the left eye, but found that the pharmacist has been borrowed. The gap of the cast is quietly evacuated.

It's a smart guy ..., '

I have to say that the pharmacist is indeed a guy, and knows that his progress is almost a sharp step from the beginning of the disease. In just a short year, he not only applied the skin of the embrace to the blue, but also successfully cultivated into ordinary ninja.

The fairy model, this result is undoubtedly royal under the premise of any blood.


The pharmacist who is trying to escape will open his own snake. He sang in the moment, the moment, the moment of the lingering animals, and waving a lacquer in his hand, and put all the stone thorns around the surroundings. Erase out of vent.

... J is lost ... what happened ..., '

Looking at it as if the magic of magic is like, the pharmacist is not able to believe his eyes, 'Xianke disappears ...,'.

With my current realm, even the six cactors are not my opponent. 'J is blue eyes flashed, instantly disappeared in the void, appeared in front of the drug teacher, is in full drunk staring at him,' Pharmacist ... From your choice and Yuxi Boupeter, they stand together to my opposite side ..., '.

No matter what the sky is in the world. There is no living road ..., '.

Hehehe. ... people who have everything like this are can't understand ..., 'I feel the drunk but violent killer, the pharmacist, which seems to be in the body, but the eyes are still struggling. I refuse. 'I just want to become more like myself !! "

It's lost to this level ...

There are too many people like him in the world. There are too many people who have a soul defect ...

The moment is shocked gently in the heart, saving the world's twisted world, it is certainly necessary to change it.

White scales big snake!!

Between the sinking, I saw that the pharmacist in front of the moment suddenly broke out countless white snakes, and quickly poured a giant snake in the middle of the face. Zhang opened the tone to bite I don't want to stop me! ".

Oh. Unnecessary resistance ..., '

At the end of the moment, the corner of the mouth was light. One hand held a cane damaged the god, and the other hand gently lifted the pharmacist in front of him, and the twelve lacquer black, and the jade immediately flew to the front.

Under the horrified eyes of everyone, I saw that the horror white phosphorus big snake slammed from the pharmacist's abdomen did not make a little sound, and it was completely annihilated by the dark-seeking jade sphere formed in front of him.

After annihilating the white phosphorus, the blister jade spheres condensed in front of them did not stop, and they were still in constant inclination.

this is…,'

I will see the white phosphorus big snake released by myself, and the pharmacist will suddenly have their own eyes. In the countless information collected in the big snake pill, he seems to have seen the records on this technique. Legend All of the changing ..., 'is blended in Chakra nature.

It is useless ... no matter where you escape, you can't escape the end of the annihilated.

With the sound of the half-emotion, there is no pupil in the pupil of the pharmacist, and only the dark ball 033 body instant is unlimited, almost all the whole secret caves are all cage.

Next moment.

There are countless glare lighting lights, and they suddenly let Xiaonan and Jun Ma Lu who are somewhat unknone. It is reluctantly opened their eyes, but the whole Nikhole in front of them has completely disappeared, together with the land of the feet. I was suddenly magnified, and the jade, the jade, jade, was destroyed.

Shaped void, revealing the burden of green mountains.

'All over _._.' '

After using the jade, the pharmacist is taking the black cavity to the whole paint black cave, and the moment is gently taken to Xiaonan's body. The blue eyes are deeply intertwined for her, and the arc of the mouth gradually enlarges. " Two together with me.

"Go to change the world.

After the voice falls, the trend of the gods before the flash looks back to the blood, the red light, the pound, a huge giant gravitation suddenly floats, Xiaonan and white and Jun Ma Lu three suddenly feel that she is full of light.

The whole person couldn't help but rushed to the sky, and fate with the distant horizon.

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Chapter 359 of Crash System (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 359 Final Choice (seeking rewards and automatic)

Among the sky, the breeze.