Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 276 of Hueding Crack System

In the moment, with Xiaonan, white and Jun Ma Lu three, quickly flew over the wrapped forestless forest.

'Xiaonan. How is my mission to godes and Didala? "

The four people have flying over the air of the boundless forest, and the blue eyes turned to the small south of the side and asked softly.

'Um. ... After you get out of the illusion of infinite months. ... I have already received the message they sent ...,' I heard the sound of the body, the small nanshi teeth lightly, and stared to face it. It seems that there seems to be a star sea, and the big name and the first brain of the wind and soil are already

Fully controlled in our hands ..., '.

P | Very good. ... This simple task wants to come to them, don't let me down ..., 'I heard the southern answer. The mouth of the moment has hooked a elegant arc, and the deep eyes stare with the endless sky in front of him, as if The whole world is already in the mastery, 'Since the last task they are also


'So ... it's time to tell the world ...,'

Between the voice, the three people floated with the side, silently accelerated their flight speed, and built a long trajectory in the sky.

Take the Goba.

In the eyes, it is a break, full of peg.

Although all the white army have been killed, the anti-rogue army has also been enforced by the six immortals, but the trauma brought by the vast war of battlefield is still in the eye.

It is a dead injury, the endurance of the end of death, the remaining medical troops on the battlefield are trying to cure the survival injured. The prime hand shows the release of batting and the release of countless clams, adsorption is countless The endurance Joint Army is treated with the injuries of everyone.

'The war is finally ended, "II,' A stream of the old voice came from the agency, I saw the three-generation fire symbol, and the steps were also coming to the board.

'Yes. ... I really hope that the war will never come back to this big place ...,' I listen to the words of the three generations, and the chartered beauty is sighing in the mouth, but at this moment, her mind is not here, but It is a moment that is not known where I don't know where I don't know, I don't know where it is now ... less

' ...,' I heard the name of the flashlight, the three generations of the old turbid double eyes are incapacitated, but the tone contains incomparable Xin c, I can't think of the last actually he blocked Yuxi Bao spots ... Save it. The whole ninja world ....

I once wanted to give him the position of the fire. ... prove that my past is not wrong ..., '

The wine is the full provincial boy. ...

After all, there is still no road to the ninja.

Have to say ... this time, the day is indeed saved the hero of the whole world ..., 'Demon I burned the sound came, even if there is some wolf, it still covers the body of the beauty and a beautiful and delicious, I saw her It turns out the inexplicable look among the eyes of the heart. "It is a powerful and perfect

the man…,'.

I really can't think of the Ninja World will be saved by a person who is separated from the ninja system ... The three generations of the three generations are also smile and shake their heads, and they reach out and support the old abdomen that they have been overwhelmed. 'It seems This world is time to give the current young people ... we have these homes

Hide is time to retire ..., '.

Like this time, the Ninja of our five major countries is connected together ... in history, there has never had a precedent ..., 'I only see the pain coming from the back of the back, let the three generations of noodles have some towns, but the victory of the war is still His face showed an open smile. 'It is indeed worthy of people remember ...,'.

Then the next job. Just in the battlefield, it is the case of this. 'This time, the endurance Joint military division is standing from the ground. The face is full of strength, this is after the war Unique bath fire and life.

Just at this time.

Suddenly in the sky, the sound of the essential sounds sounded throughout the battlefield, and all Ninja surprised his head.

To all the Ninja, all five major countries. Tell you a good news and bad news ..., '

Some of the sounds of the world, and in the eyes of everyone looked up, I saw that when I didn't know when I had already appeared in the high sky of their head, I was still drunk. TS, Fu Xiaonan and white and Jun Ma Lu three people.

'' "Good news is. ... Yu Zhibo spots have been killed by me. ... this war has completely dropped ..., '

As a result from the God of Tianshi to the reality, the drunken livestock is booming in the high sky of the battlefield, the blue eyes of the blue gods and the trend of the gods in front of the gods, it is like Sittering all the Ninja on the ground battlefield on your feet.

The bad news is the five major villages of the five major countries. All the big names and villagers have been controlled by me ..., '

The blue and blood of the blood shines with the eyes of the gods that are extremely different, and the reactions of all the ninja in the battlefield under the feet have incorporated their own eyes, and the moment (Li Zhao) will continue to throw a heavyweight. Nuclear bomb.

'So ... you are facing a choice ...,'.

First, accept my dispatch, let me unify the whole ninja world ..., '.

Second, refuse my kindness, then I destroy the whole ninja world, re-create a perfect world ..., '


When I said, I passed into the brain of everyone on the battlefield. Everyone in the heart, the incredible open eyes looked up at the high altitude.

I am crazy?! '

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Crash: Chapter 360 (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 360 (seeking rewards and automatic)

'Destroy the whole ninja world ...

I heard the discourse of the moment, and the agency opened his eyes because of being surprised, biting his silver tooth, so too, it was too much ... . ...

'Opener ...,' j is a blue deep eye-catching, a pair of hand, the mouth is slightly pulling, the top of the mouth is slightly pulling, the round of the gods in front of the forehead, I will send a powerful pupil to interrupted the program. What should you say to me? "

'Ah !! "If you haven't spoken, I only saw the game, and I suddenly became a huge gravitation of the moment. The whole body was not flied in the sky, came to the moment.

The moment you ..., 'Flying to the moment, the apeer has a championship after his other side of Xiaonan, and found that Xiaonan cold look did not change.

"Don't talk ... I believe in me ..., 'I'm the blue eyes directly on the eyes of the board, and the sound said to her.

'I ...,' I don't know why, after the deep eyes of the moment, the agency is not letting their own tight body, I chose to believe what he said -

373- 'My patience is very limited ... Please make your choice as soon as possible ... After you will take your own side, the trend of the gods before the moment will come back to the eyes, and I will issue an endless pupil. The Ning of the battlefield under the foot is all in the sky.

The death ... The day is now in the sky, it is almost stacked in the sky, the old face of the three generations of Si Shadow can't help but frustrate, 'I have already said ... He is with Yuxi Boss. Guys attempt to control the world are all in the hill.

"Yu Zhibo sphere is like this ... The day is also like this ..., the" The Battlefield also has some headache to reach out of the wrist, "whispered in the delicate tone," Why is there The common people have to control the world ... less.

His power is more powerful than the six forms of Yuxi Baozhi ...

At this time, only five generations of style, I love Luo, although it is difficult to cover the color, but the tone is still intoxicated, 'He said that the whole ninja world will never be an empty talk ... I think I think We need to consider the choice he given ..., '

'Considering the choice he gives ?! Do we really have to accept his dominance ?!' Learn my love, the three generations of the shadow almost jumped, "Do you have this compromise to let the entire Ninja World fall into him? Hands ?! "

'Otherwise what to do ?! Let him destroy the whole ninja world ... Are everyone falling together ?! "At this time, the beauty of the beauty has been a little focused, and the tone has lost the past.

'Our entire ninja is almost all here ... I don't believe him alone ... The corpse just wants to defend, the three generations of noodles are interrupted by another abrupt voice.

"It is useless. ... His strength has surpassed the six cactors ..., 'I only saw the people and Sasuke two people I didn't know when I have come to the three generations of Si Shadow, and the left eye of Sasuke turns into the eye. The eyes of Shen Ri.

"Yuxi Bozuo ?! Do you have joined the death organization ?!" Seeing the sudden emergence, the three generations of Dijun raised their own brows, because the Sasukes appeared in front of him, and they could not be a one camp.

'No. ... Sasuo now the goal is the same as us. They are all guarded the entire Ninja world.,' At this point, the Naruto has dispelled the doubts in the three generations of the heart.