Naruto's Jade Crash System

Rigs Crack System Chapter 277

At this time, there is only Sasuke standing on the side. The color of each color flashes only his own look.

Sasuke him ... That is the round to the eye ...

'I don't care what you have two purposes. ... In contrast, the world is absolutely unable to fall into the day of the moment of the moment, there is no other person's reaction, the three generations of Silos stares on the eyes of the high altitude Unresolved.

'What you say ... is because you don't understand his strength ...,' I heard the three generations of Shadow said, Saso help the nose acknowledgment,. Do you don't know when you are in a unlimited month ... What happened in the absence space of Hui's night cite ....

Sasuke ... Don't we don't have a glimpse of the whole ninja world ?! "Naruto surprised his own blue eyes. It seems that it doesn't know the Sashers around you.

'I certainly want to guard against the Ninja World. ... That is a smile of A. ... I feel the surprises of the people, Sasuke's smile seems to be bitter and helpless, but do you think that all of us is adding here. ... is it the opponent in the moment ?! ',

If the Sasuke, it seems to remind the Naruto, and even the natural optimistic nerve strip can not help but silence.

'It seems that you have not summed up the uniform exhaustion ...,'

At this time, the sky in the sky and the heavy sun, it seems that it has consumed that he had a few tolerances left, and the sound of the essential sounds sounded throughout the world.

'Really regret ... Select time to end ...,'

Expansion and jade!!!

In everyone's horror, in the middle of it, the moment of drunk livestock is floating in the sky, and gently reached out his own hand, he is tall, and the six-way Chakra, which is bursting out. Generally stuffed the entire battlefield, making the air around all people shock and resonate.

Suddenly there were no swims to float, and suddenly spinning all the handsome palms, a plenty of lacquered deeply swallowing a huge view of all air, and the speed was unlimited.

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Chapter 361 of the Cashier System (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 361 Decides (seeking rewards and automatic)

The dark expansion of the jade is unlimited in the hands of the moment, and even the bustle of the sky is blocked.

At the beginning of the feet, all the ninjas that looked up at the sky, only felt the entire light of the head, and the entire sky was blocked, and the whole sky was blocked in the hand.

'The second _. The _._._._ "Seeing the sky in the sky, the Naruto looked up, he couldn't help but Zhang Da's mouth I bar. Surprised, said no come out.

'No ... _. He is now more terrible. _ "The left eye immersed round of the eyes and dead stares to the sky in the sky, and the face is full of color. The mouth muttered softly, 'and: ._. He absorbed the ten tail, but only the time I won't be only one day _. It's so fast

Just master the huge power. First. ''

'The volume of the volume ... _. Is it also seeking jade. It turned into a color of the dead ash, and there was no sharpness that was as full.

At a glance, the whole person is like a three-generation noodle, like a fight, which is the same as the three-generations of the face, and the face of the beauty is full of anxious and helpless. 'Can no longer hesitate _._. That kind of size Once the jade broke the second _. ''

'The whole ninja world will not have a copy _.' 'Returned his own horror, I love Luo Sheng went to say that I would like to say it, and I made a difficult decision immediately,' I can't Let our village all the ninja die here...........

The day is now in the middle of the _. I represent the Sandy Village of the Wind to accept your dominance! '. I saw that I took a step forward and looked up and said to the moment in the sky.

'The wind shadow, he actually two _.' 'All the ninja in the entire battlefield is stunned, but the bottom is also understood that this is the current life and death choice.

'I ._. Photo also represents the national fog of water, the village is in the middle of the moment! "Almost at the same time, while the beauty of the beauty, the beauty of the beauty is in a hurry, staring at the sky The moment of the moment said.

'Wind shadow water shadow two _. You are two _._ "I will see my love and photographed the beauty of the beauty.

They represent the five major pointers of the whole ninja world.

Is this compromising in a person's kinky?


After seeing my love and photographed in the sky, I took a dotted in the sky, I took the head, and she took the top of the head to cover the expansion of the sky, the sound of the road: 'sandy and the fog State: ._. The five-generation eyes of the leaves have also been standing on me.. ''

'Yun Yin's four generations of Lei Ying have been killed in the second _. Two-day Scale Wild Wood Now as long as you express _._. I believe that the remaining country will not turn to something big wave. One.' '

The eyes of the blue and blood red, the eyes of the gods stared at the three-generations of the three generations of Si Shadow, such as the prison of prison, as if it was like a mountain, the heart of everyone in the battlefield.

'. ... Do you really plan ...,' This time is a 'by the state, and the ahead suddenly widened his own beauty, and some hesitatedly looked at the moment.

'So. ... two-day scale wild wood ... your decision is ...,'

There is no responsibility to the side of the hand, and the moment is firmly locked. The three generations of the three generations of the people under the feet, 'Don't let the whole ninja world to accompany you ...,'

'I ...,' I heard the words of the moment, the three generations of towns, and I feel that all the ninja eyes next to him are like the rival, and they are just on their faces.

One time, it seems that the burden of the entire Ninja World's future is pressed to him, and all the ninja on the entire battlefield is watching him.

In the air, under the eyes of everyone, I saw that the three generations of Tang Shadow finally made a difficult decision, 'representing the country of the country, the village of Rocky Ninja ... Accept your dispatch ...,'

After that, it seems that I have unloaded a burden, I feel that my whole person is released.

'Very good ... Since the four rigs have been sunshunned ... The remaining opinion has not been ought ... After getting the three-generations of the sure, the arc of the moment is gradually diffused.

Today, the entire Ninja World finally fell into his hands. The only task released by the system was issued one by one, and immediately completed.

'World. Is it true to usher in a true peace ...,'

After listening to the call of the battlefield under the feet, Shu Jing floated in the small south of the moment, and the eyes could not help but flash a excitement and embarrassment. This is the three people from Shekikan from a small wish, finally In the hands of an instance, 'finally waited for this day. ...

The initial commitment is really realistic ..., '

Feeling the sight of the sight of Xiaonan, moment smile. Tone is slowly fluttering with the breeze among the sky. "I said that I said. ... I will become the ultimate individual in this world ... I said Become the law of this world ..., '

'Now. These all have been done !! "

In the middle, the left hand took the small south, and the right hand stopped the agency. The whole world has been in his feet, and even the heart of the heart is also invincible, and the Hungaro will start.

Starting from now! I am the world's only los !! "

The clouds are placed on the world of Ninja, and the words that echoes the sky in the sky, gradually falling to the original clear sky and the sun.

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After the Chapter 362 of the Crane System (ask for reward and automatic)

After chapter 362 (seeking rewards and automatic)

Three months later.

At the time, the final fourth endurance war has passed for three months, and the endurance has changed the earth.

The five major countries, no, now there is no five major countries, there is only one unity of the Ninja Continent.

The five major ninja villages have also become the five ninja villages that have been distributed under the jurisdiction of the National Right. All the Ninja will continue to be engaged. Intid, I've been tolerated, the value of the word has become a common effectiveness for the country. Ninja.

No longer have a big fight between the five major ninja villages in the five major countries, will no longer die in the war disaster, the instant practice, but it is a true peace that is unprecedented.

At this time, on the hills of the huge fire of Hui Yin Village, a huge planet was suspended, and it was an instant to use six-way · explosive star in the spatial space to seal the moon. The moon.

After the end of the end of the end of the battlefield, the Countless magnificent castle palace, enriching a seat hovering island, floating in the air