Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 278 of Hueding Crack System

Grasp, not like the scene.

All the Ninja in the entire endurance know that there is now the palace of the universal people in the highlands of the high-tech, is the Tiangong Temple of the Tiangong, who is over, the five major people in the country.

what did you say?!!"

In the case where everyone did not know, at this moment, this huge moment in the hill sky in the sky, and the sound of a surprised voice almost echoled over the entire luxury palace.

'You. You do you say that red she is pregnant ?! "

I saw the luxury and magnificent Castle Palace, in the room similar to the office, the whole person suddenly jumped from the sofa, and the eyes were buddy, and the eyes of their eyes were shy. Red, surprised, even his tongue I started to knot.

If this time, the ninja outside the time is usually admired in the whole tolerance, the big slaughter. Now, the face of the face on his face, Zhang Da's mouth I bar must put his head.

'Don't I lie to you? You are really a bad guy,'

Before the sofa of the moment, the fun of sex I was mature, the city beauty starred, Tong Yan Jiao's ringtone, Qing Yan Yi's Xiaonan, even the demon I burned it, I became beautiful, five enough The beautiful esteil of the country is surrounded around the middle cheeks I red evening.

'If you don't have a quiet, tell me ... It is estimated that we are still unaware of us now. ... "I saw the aperator forked my own premium, a pair of fringes were slightly stunned, and stared at the eyes. The moment jumped from the sofa, some complained.

But I. We have been three years now ... how could it be. ... "

It seems that the information brought by the ahead, it is difficult to imagine that it will always be inhabited to be inhabited.

'Although it is unclear why red pregnancy response will latency so long ...,' seems to be a little dissatisfaction. It is still a confidential expression. The program is not angry: 'But as a professional judgment of medical ninja I still have something. ... Moreover, your medical tuition has long been surpassed me.

...... You can use yourself for red check ..., '

'Red. ... you ...,' face the attitude of the aperary, the moment is slightly smirk, in fact, it doesn't have to remind it, and the moment is now boring to use God's reincarnation.

In the contest, it does seem to have a weak life that is gently jumped inside, which is not large, but strong and powerful.

'Is it really me ...,' coming to the evening, a little screaming scratched his head, secretly blaming yourself why I never used God to go to the eye to explore.

'Um ...,' Faced with this moment, the face of Jun Xiu, especially in the surroundings of so many people, Mei hidden in her heart, the secret, Xiafei cheeks, the sun The face is so low in my month.

'I ... do you have a child ?!' I heard the red answer. At the moment, I can't help but take a sigh of relief, I can't help but flee a tremble at this moment.

I ... I won't be happy?!

. Red is absolutely not that kind of person.

'. ... Although you are the best man of the whole ninja world. And I also urgently want to get married ...,'

At this time, I stood in the board. I burned it. It's beautiful, I'm gotting, and I stressed my eyes when I was stretched out. I gently reached out my eyes and wiped my own delicate lips. A piece of the fragrant I tongue, 'But if you are this irresponsible slag, I don't mind.

Use my kiss to melt you ..., '

'Amount. How can it be ...,'

I looked at the best of the monsters and smiled and said that this kind of universal words, I can't stop the body, watching a group of beautiful people who smirked in front of him. .

'Hey. ... tonight, come to me and red room. ... Hello to apologize for two,' One hand is gently pulling the clothes. The best of the city beauty doesn't know who is learning At this moment, there is a smile of smiles, if there is anything like there is no, I tease the nerve.

'Of course, of course ...,'

In the face of the might of the eyes, the might of the gentle town is teasing, the moment of ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

She also wants to be a child with me ...

(Tomorrow, there is a baby in the spring tomorrow, then ending through the next world, and how to deal with Hui Yiji, I personally said it.

(It is also a baked, I hope to rely on everyone's rewards and monthly short flowers to put the top of the book).

Chapter 363 of Capaci Yushu (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 363 Order (seeking rewards and automatic)

It seems to hear the meaning among the portraits, standing on the opening of the Jason, and the beauty of the beauty is slightly red. They have not yet smashed the last layer of gauze.

Or you are with this mixed ball to continue to make trouble ..., '

The ape course of the teacher's identity is especially uncomfortable, and the face h red is lightly lighted, pick up the fire coverings next to him, 'I and the United States are five generations of fire shadow and glow shadows Although the entire endure is already fixed now. But we are still going back to the office.

Handling officials ..., '

'Okay. It's trouble ...,'

The provincial prime manager and the beauty of the beauty will want to leave, and there is a bit helpless shrug. The spin is even more than a smile, 'Then you will go back soon. ... don't Too tired, I will feel distressed ..., '

'Know it ...,' seems to feel the hot sight, the aperator and the beauty of the face, and the flee is also like the office.

You still have a lot to accompany you. ... After all, she is now ..., '

The two people have throw a sentence, which is floating in the entire room, but the two of the two mysterious sorrows have disappeared.

Only in the room, only the portrait, Xiaojing, the ringtone and the evening, especially I burn, especially the eyes, the sight of the hot, I can't help but clock your own cheek slightened my head.

The so-called gentle town is a hero home.

Under the Turning Wars of the Four Quality Inji I, even the strength has reached the moment, it is quite tired.

Wooden leaves, high-altitude moon.

The depths of the wilderness, countless rock islands are sinking, sitting on a wide range of buildings.

At the top of a floating island, it is a luxurious magnificent temple that is similar to a sacrifice.

Hui Yi Ji. ... Do you want to be clear? "? '. The depths of the temple altar, the spoken voice of the moment is drunk in the temple.

'There is nothing to consider. ... I am the ancestor of Chakra ... You are all stealing the thief of Chakra ...,' The whole temple is quiet, but the sound of the big simmer, the cold voice is rooted. The brain of the moment. 'As long as I break away this damn seal. ... I will come out to kill you all ...

Let Chakra touched again ..., '

'Is a trace woman ...,'

The body of the moment is drunk in the depths of the temple palace, but the soul is indulging within the spiritual space.

The whole space is buffed over the boundless water surface, and the clothes of the clothes are so drunken, and the water is saved by the shackles of countless Chakra lock chain seals. A fierce expression, dead staring at the moment in front of him.

With my current power ... Even if you come out, I can continue to seal it back ..., 'I don't have a good expression in the night, the big simplicity, and as if I want to shock myself. I am silently shocking ahead. The established fact, 'Since you are still so obsessed with ...,'

'Then you will continue to give me a good reflection here ...,'

Silently speaking, the eyes and generous big simmearis, the province of her pure white eyes is indifferent to the sorrow, and the moment is helpless.

Qing Ben Jia people, Nai's brain disabled.

'Ten years is not enough for a hundred years. One hundred years is not enough, there will always be one day, one day you will be awake,'

After a sudden throwing a sentence, I finally watched the big morning and night in front of you. Silently exited the spirit space back to the world.