Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 279 of Hueding Crack System

'Is it ... I want to take all things that are originally my own. ... Let the whole world returns to the initial ...

What is wrong? "

Is it difficult to wait for the endless loneliness and loneliness?

Under the huge moon in the sky, the wooden hidden village under the bottom is particularly peaceful.

The original woody day is among the races of the family, the House of House.

' ... About the last time, the thing mentioned ...,'

In the mysterious relationship between the courtyard of the House, the daily sufficiency and the young lady sat on the floor, and two cups of hot tea were placed in the middle of the hot tea, and the sun was staring at the young fields. Ask: How do you consider III ?! ".

Father, adult ... I ..., '

I heard the sufficiency in the world, and the character was originally in the hidden young fields that couldn't help but deeply hang their heads. I almost embedded my head in the month of Hung Hung. The majestic is straightforward. in.

Through the hot tea of ​​hot tea, I saw that I have been changing the seventeen-year-old Tiantian.

A beautiful long hair with a shallow purple is cut into a peace of Liu Hai, with her pure white eyes, which look intoxicated, just a pair of prosperous majesty and her pure pretty I face. Form a distinct contrast.

(Li Zhao). ... This thing has no room for refusing ..., '

Looking at the nuts of the eyes before the eyes. The supens is slightly sigh in his own heart. Shen Sheng: 'You have to understand that the big people are now the master of the entire endurance. Beyond the existence of six cactors ...,'

"On the other hand, the blood of the family also needs a guarantee, and the big people have awakened our family, and there is never been able to be awakened.

A pair of white eyes closed his eyes in front of the big daughter. The sun is somedate, 'It used to be a heir of a guest ... If there is an opportunity to combine him. ... that nature is good. ... I believe it will be able to give birth to a strong heir to the day, '

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Crash System Chapter 364 (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 364 (seeking rewards and automatic)

'And the most rare thing is ... Russia can come out from the small start of the big people like you ...,'

Gently drink a hot tea in a cup. The supens will continue to do the ideological work of the young field. 'The big people are now dominated by the whole tolerance. ... It has never been seen in the history of Ninja ... '

'Return 10,000 steps ... In the whole day, you will be necessary to cooperate with this marriage.' It's still a daughter who still bowed silently in front of him. There is a little headache when I have a supper. With a promise, 'So you first,'

'No ... not this ...

'I understand the meaning of my father. ... but. ... but my brother him ...,'

On the pure cheeks of Bai Zhei, the nutama is brought about a plumber, and the sound is almost soon to sit on the sunshine.

Will he like me ... Russia is useless ... and there is no ninja's day ..., 'When you say this, the sound of the young fields is already light.

On the other hand, while bowing, if the mosquito said, two fingers stretched out two fingers, in the moon, gently touched each other.


I have seen the performance of the young fields before the eyes. It is not what he thinking. It's just that I am worried about what he thinks.

Don't worry. ... From a small moment, you have always like you ..., '

Looking at the daughter who is ashamed, we are ashamed, and the sufficient is clear that she has always worshiped the powerful ninja in the moment, but she has always had a strong and unconfident and not good to express my heart. One point everyone is called out, '

'Really. ... I really like me?,' I heard the answer of the sufficiency, and the brain hanging under the young field suddenly buried, and the hands of the hands did not penetrate each other around the circle.

I think that there is a possibility that the pictures generated by the moment, the ropes are almost fast, and they have fallen.

'Self-confidence, a little nita! How to say that you are the princess of our day. Once the day, Miss Has, and the future, the future heirs, a young daughter, and the young daughter, still, is still shy and inside and not confident. When the original old-fashioned face, the flow is full of laughter,

Loen the sound encouraged.

'Good! That's a decision! I will go to the Passeong of the big people and talk about this marriage !!'. It seems that it has already contributed to the marriage of your own daughter. It seems that there is a stone in the heart, suddenly The face is a journey, the whole person is full of strength.

I heard the father's supens to sit in front of my eyes, and I have determined my lifelong events, and the sputum of the young in the pheasant suddenly came out of the moment of Silver, the leader of Silver, the perfect figure.

Two pieces of red sham suddenly spread in the young man in the young field, and the burning breath was also faint, so that the whole people were fainted.

At this time, the whole day of the family, as if they have been caged a level of joy.

Just at this time.

In the Five Distribution Ninja Village, the Wooden Spirit Office ((cjef), suddenly slamming a sneeze.


At the moment, I couldn't touch my mind. I saw him at this moment, sitting at the back of the woods five generations of fire shadow office desk.

The duty is pocketing the hem of our own, ninja, and the door to the fire, the two people carry the most original fierce struggle.

'Uh ._.' '

The flying birds in the woods are ashamed to stick their eyes to cover their eyes, as if they don't dare to see the fight against the fire.

Time doesn't know how long it has been.

'Well! Someone came over _._.' '

In the turning on the agency on the Tang Shadow Office, the blue gods were blocked, and they saw that someone came from the direction of the fire shadow office. He is the martial arts of the master.

'Ming ._h?!'. Snind the sound of the moment, until the half-handed hand finally came back from the other than the two people fighting, and suddenly the face was a wave of red and nor, 'What should I do? : ._. ''.

Reassured second _. Give me _._. '' At the moment, I came up with the countermeasures. I immediately reached out the whole person to take the opportunity to help the help of the Gang Shadow Office and began new activities.

Following the move of the two, the footsteps of the drunken high heels were started outside, which was far from far away.

The knock on the fire office came, paused for a few seconds, the temperament of the temperament was in the pet, the pet pile dolphin held in.


Entering the drunken sound in the air, sitting in the back of the Tang Shadow Office, the face is slight, with a wrong look, 'How is you. Adults? "

I saw the drunken black eyes picked up the gang of the fire, but did not find the figure.

'Amount. That ... just she is with me ...,'

The blue eyes stared at the drunken sound of the entrance, and the look on the face was calm, 'But later she told me that there was a meeting to hoster. ... So the rush is out ...,'

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Chapter 365 of the Crash System (seeking rewards and automatic)