Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 280 of Hueding Crack System

Chapter 365 Happy (seeking rewards and automatic)

'Well ?! Do you have a meeting today ?! "

I heard the answer, drunk looks awkward, and she has been a handful of personal assistant. Why don't you know that the plan is today.

'Amount ... Maybe it is an emergency meeting she is never aware of you ...,'

Feel the strange feelings from the desk, the face is stiff, and the feelings that will continue to pass almost let him go out on his face.

'Is it ...,' I found that my face seems to be a little quirky, but the Shu Yin is thinking about the strength of the moment, I can't think of the body discomfort; brother

There is no punishment with him, and the Shu Yin took a puzzled doubt. Shu Mu quithed from the fire office. 'Then I went out to her ...,'

'She left ... You can come out ...,' Deliver Shuyo left the door to the fire office, and it was pulling out the planner under the air-shadow office.

Actually, when you are drunk, I want to do this with you ... I'm really a non-crux of mix. ... After drilling out of the fire desk, the face has repeatedly reached the peak. The red lotus, and it is sitting in the moment.

'Hey ... I don't know who I just passed on my body. ... Tian We will play the prime moon and Hungnang who is sitting on him, and the face is a smile,' clearly So you are so selling ... You should be a woman who said that you should not be a very honest body? "

'You gave it to death !!'. Calling the bad laugh on the face, and the words he smashed, the planner suddenly face a shy film, reached out, took a shy.

OK OK…,'

After laughing for a while, I was laughed at a while, and my face was lightly held, and my face gradually became serious,. Say really. ... Is this life not what do you want? ".

Is this life now ..., '

Gently rely on the body of the moment, the whole person is like a smashing, the kitten of a rich, 'ending all the war ... The whole endurance has formed uniform ... less

"Almost everyone got the things you pursued ..., 'The apeger gently passed his face in the moment of the moon and Men, and the tone was more and more, now every day and Xiaonan and Ming them together every day to eat ... Joller can also go to the casino to play two ..., '

'The most important thing is ... You can stay with you every day ...,'

'I can't be sure that this is what I really want ...,' I feel that I have a good heartbeat in my body, and the corner of the hand gradually raises a happy smile, 'But. ... at least now Life really makes me feel very happy ..., '

Are you happy.

Feel the realistic voice of the truly on the moon homes, the flash of the blue eyes faintly condensed to the outer evening wooden flaming sky.

Call your own choice. ...

Nothing wrong.

Time to the yellow, the world's situation.

The entire Ninja World has changed the earth in the past ten years.

The hipster of the moment are still unchanging stretch floating on the wooden leaves, while the entire wooden village under the foot has already changed a huge change.

All the high-rise buildings formed by cement, the bustling pedestrians and shops on the streets, and there are occasional floating airships in the sky.

Even the old streets of the mutual foliage, the door of the shop building is also placed on huge TV display, and the continuous loop playback of the latest news.

If it is not a vehicle that does not have a moving vehicle, all of this is almost in the world in the world, the same development is rapid, and the same abstinence.

Unconsciously. I have been in this world, I have been hospitalized in this world.

Standing on the avatar of the huge fire shadow of the wooden leaves, the eyes of the eyes of the eyes, the bustling of the jackfree, and the heart of the bustling village, and I can't help but feel very much in my heart.

Of course, the young Tiantian is now a wife. This world will naturally not have the existence of whirlpool, Sasuke after the end of the fourth endurance battle, I will bid farewell to everyone, leaving the wooden leaves Career for waky travel.

····· ...... Seeking flowers ...

The guy of the Naruto's blood nerve strip was delegated to the relocation of the relocation of the relocation of the relocation. It was unwilling to accept their own dispute. In the case of trying to plan to subvert himself, it was in this ninja world, not willing Guys who see world peace are still big. So love peace

It is a niece that is the force of the sixth roads, is the best hand selection under his hand.

"Just don't know why ..., '

I am standing on the wooden shadow of the woods, and the moment is slightly looked at the top of the sky, and there is a little bit of the look. After the end of the end of the end of the war, the guy of the system was like evaporated in the world. No matter how you call me, you have no news.

"At the beginning, the mission of the current world has been completed ... The system has retained no prompt. ..."

Although the life of these years is satisfied, the beautiful people are surrounded by hibiscus.

But I have been a little inseparable, and the Ninja World is in a large year of controlling, and the long-term ninja career has made him some adapt to this intraunctional life.

At this moment, it is still the original twenty-year-old, and the time is in his body, it seems to lose utility, not only this, and the champion of his husband and wife, there are still maintained the original shape. face.

Perhaps this is the effect of the ten tails like Hui Night ... The corpse looked at the beginning of the sun to the whole village, and the thoughts were a little missed.


Father !! "

At this time, the two crisp children were attached to the back of the moment, pulling back the thoughts of the sky.

(Monthly ticket flowers and rewards, will you love me in the new world?)

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Chapter 366, Chapter 366, Neon and Feather (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 366 Nihang and Feather (seeking rewards and automatic)

Smell. At the moment, I went back to my expectance.

The two powder carved jade is silent, and it is difficult to think that this is the two seven-year-old children can do.

I only saw two children and the same silver white hair like an flash.

The boy's face powder I tender whitez, the look is gentle, and it is a small and scent of the beautiful, but the purple monster is flashing in the eyes, turned into a circle of circles, which is to endure. The reincarnation in the legend.

The girl's face is flawless, but when it is stunned, the face is faint and fascinating, and the blue star is flashing, embellish the shape of the petal, and it is the moment of the moment. Reincarnation before the immersion. "May 8 zero.,

'Neon ... Feather. ... Do you have two schools ...,' The child is here to see the children to come to your side, and the face has a happy smile.

The girl named Neon is a daughter who born the red to the red, and awakened the power of the blind eye from a birth. It was a deep aestled that it was deeply ate.

The boy named the feathers, as the name before the six cactors, is the son of the moment and the portrait. Surprisingly, Ming Ming Xi will pregnant early, but the feather is then sent to this world before grabbing the neon, and because of the moment of Ten

The relationship between the power of the tree, I woke up my eyes.

The two children's starting I can't be said that it is not high. The feathers are faded, and the character is intoxicated, but the neonned belly toxic tongue Lili and stick to her dad's character. It is really unparalleled.

'Um ... I am going to school ... The ahead mother Xiaonan Mother let us make two comes to call you back. ... "Gently walked to the moment, the feather shouted, if it is not his silver, white hair and purple reincarnation At that moment, I saw my little shadow on his body.

"I really don't know what you think. ... With my strength. ..., '