Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 281 of Hueding Crack System

And the other side is straightforward, it is straight into the arms of the moment, and the hands are tightly tickled on the neck of the moment. The whole person gently swayed, the delicate little i is not on the face. Yue's sprinkled the little I mouth, 'actually let us go to the boring ninja school ... harmful

I have to make a blend of deer and Sasena all day ..., '

'Nihang ... You hurry up from your father's body ...,'

At this time, I saw the move, I saw a small i on the side of the feather, I got my own brow, some dissatisfied with the behavior and words. 'Deer and Sasena are all our classmates. ... You should not say they It is a borus of little ghost ..., '.

Also. ... You should call me for my brother ... Less to talking about it, the character is intoxicated, it seems special dissatisfaction with the name of his name.

'... isn't it more than I have been born for a few seconds. ... Just through the brothers, you will be separated by the brothers ...,' I heard what the feathers said, and I don't pay attention to his dissatisfaction. It is a tree bag that hangs in an instant, and it is rushing away from the feather.

I spit my little tongue I made a face.

'You are so rude to the neon ... Mother's usual teachings have been lost after you lost your mind ?! "The people who saw the neck were hanging on the neck of the moment, and they also made a ghost face towards themselves. The feathers have taught her like a little adult.

'Just if you have this fool always seriously listen to my mother's teaching ... Less than the child's story, the elderly is not complete, but also dump his little I mouth, live off a belly black poison Loliol Image,. Woman is trouble ... Also, I will grab my dad all day ... less

'Neon! This time, my mother is too much ...,'

The province's neon is in an instant, the more you say it, the feathers have risen red, and the little face of Bai Zhe, 'Moreover is not a woman ...,'

'Sorry, I am just like you, just like you ...,' I have achieved overwhelming advantages among the mouth of the feathers. I saw the neonity of the whole body body hanging in the neck of the moment. Yang joked his brow ...

'Okay ... I've been a little way. ... "

I heard the mouth of the neon and the feathers, and I had a little headache for one hand, alternative to the power of too powerful power, can't be a good thing for the child's growth.

'Time is not early ... We should go back ... "

After the voice falls, the flash of the moment will take the neon from his own neck, and the other hand stretched out the feathers next to him, and hugged it in his arms.

And the other side, the natural and unparalleled neon is different, and the act of a child's personality seems to be a little uncomfortable for the movement of this relative.

After the small face of Bai Zhe, after all, finally, she still rely on the shoulders of the moment, and the purple rose rendered back to the eyes of the sky. The sky was reflected in the sky.

Holding the neon, holding a feathe in one hand, an immortal of the wind, a cactus in the sky, fluttering in the sky of the wooden 4.6 leaves, flying towards the moonline palace over the head.

'! The system detected the current world "Naruto", the dangerous level S-class, the host successfully dominated the current world, get 1000 points ...,'

Just when I have just resist the moonlight line, the influx of the influx of the influx of the mind has caused the whole person to take the whole person, and the long-lost system finally came to the audio.

'Neon, feathers. You go in both ...,'

Gently fly before the palace of the moon, put down the neon and feathers in the arms, let them first entered their minds into the mind.

(Monthly ticket flowers and reward, will you love me in the new world?).

Crash System Chapter 367 New Journey (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 367 New journey (seeking rewards and automatic).

Hello ?! System ?! Are you dead ?! "

After passing the neon and the feathers into the palace, the moment immediately broke up in his heart, 'For so long, you didn't move ... Russia thought that you have been uninstalled! "

'Hey. ... This is not a system latency,' long-lost system sounds emerge in the bottom of the moment, but not smelling it for many years, but not letting it makes it unfamiliar, 'and this can also avoid disturbing your hosted your happiness ..., '

'Delay in the system?! You are a ten-year year. ... Sure enough, it is still as if it is unprofitable,' 3 inches is the rotten excuse given every time, I have already happened to I often don't vomit, 'then you today Why bother is coming out ?! "

'I came out today to remind you. ... Host. ... we should go to the next world ...,' The voice of the host sounds in the moment, and there is no undulating.

29. Why should I go to the next world ..., 'I heard that he had already expected it when I was getting more and more, he had already expected it, but it is now reminding the system's positive reminder. The mood of the moment is still It is inevitable.

One bit of a drop after coming to this world has been in the heart of the moment. When I arrived in this world, I still have a wife and my child, and I have gradually integrated into the world of Naruto. And life.

'I have other choices? For example, you can choose not to go to the world. ... or say ...,'

After silence, the moment is finally unknown in Xinxin, 'I can't delay the time of the next world ...,'

'Of course, you can. ... no matter how long I will wait for you ...,'

If you know the system's answer, it is true to the humanized humanization. 'Time is concerned about us. ... Just no concept is not angry.

But I clear ... How long will you choose to see and challenge the next world ..., '

The system's voice sounded in the heart of the moment, as if a good demon. 'Because of the people with a collapse system. ... His blood is a battle and burning. ... he will not be willing to be erosive in this world's loneliness Peaceful ..., '

The sound of the system seems to have a sharp sharp knife, a certain thing in the heart of the moment, is indeed that the long-awaited endurance has already made the inner heart without the original boiling blood.

But in the heart of the moment, there are still too many concerns, such as the aperators of this world and Xiaonan Xiangyang, there are their own blood, neon and feather, 'I cross the next world ... What is the world?! "

'I understand your concern. ... But those are not necessary ...,' humanized to the ultimate system seems to be accurate to capture concerns in the heart of the moment, because this is not a branching. ... host you Goal is to become the owner of Wanjie ..., '

'Wanjie's Lord ?! "The moment made his brow slightly.

'The Ninja World has been completely dominated by you. ... In other words, this world has become all of you ...,'

The system is in the bottom of the moment, as if the flow of flowers in the moment is generally explaining his questions, 'Crossing the next world. ... All time and space in this world will freeze your Huizhi ... All all souls and substances will keep The same before you leave. You can choose back at any time.

come here…,'

'And the host your goal is to become the main world of the countless world. There are countless worlds waiting for you to conquer the second, the program given the solution, the problem is unexpected,' So you still Prepare the host. ... We are time to open a new journey ...

The system said, Ignounce the blood of the union in the moon. Since I can freeze my world's freezing, I can come back at any time when I want to come back.

So, why not do it in the next world?!

Slow. ... Why have you given me a pyramid scheme? "Notes that the system seems to have always been aware of the new world, and the moment suddenly drunk,. You can't want to pit me Go to the new world ?! "

'The strength of each world is not the same ...,' , face this unreliable system, you are still careful, 'After the new world ... Russic will not The large naked naked. ... restart the brush toilet ?! "

'Although we have been getting along so long ... But I think the host is still a matter of the rules of the system or not understand ...,'

'Due to the difference in power rules between every world. ... So when you cross the new world ... In addition to the other capabilities other than the host's body, you can't take away ...,'.

But there is no relationship ... The host you can continue to get a lottery 177 after you arrive in the new world. ... you can also use the points that you get after the world you get to redeem the corresponding ability ... The system will help you reap match the original capacity into your goals. The power system of the world ..., '

'That is to say that you can use your own existing points. ... All the powerful powers of your current goes into the new world ...,'.

So neither weaken your power and let you have new upgrades ... this is definitely the most exciting and most reasonable settings ..., '

'Here I can inform the host in advance. ... Your next world hazard is S level ...,'.

So how to use the points of your hand to redeem the appropriate ability ... According to the world's level, it is also a skill and learning ..., '

Detailed explanation that listened to the system passed, and the dark nodded, and the blue eyes flashed a lot of light.

'Before going to the next world. ... I know that you have told you ... So ...,'

'Ready to start a new journey! "