Naruto's Jade Crash System

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Crash system about new world

About new world

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Chapter 1 Silent Sword (ask for reward and automatic)

Chapter 1 Silent Sword (ask for reward and automatic)

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'Province of _._.' '

After listening to all the detailed explanations of the system, the moment is closable to digest all the messages. Crossing the next world potential is imperative ._. ''

'The world conquer that countless is like the number of Ganges sands becomes the owner of Wanjie_. This is my mission. Time to do your host your leisure and buffering two "If the host, you feel that it is already silkworm ni

Enough ... we can start now _._. ''

'Start now ._.' '

Listening to the system's tips, the heart is silent in the heart, 'Indeed for a long time ... _. It is indeed a lot of time to be busy.

'It is time to see the style of other worlds _._. "All all flying thoughts in the heart, the moment is clearly decided, and the blue eyes of the blue god will send out the .


At this time, a crisp sound came, and the lyrics of the moment of the orthodontics of the luxury palace at the door of the temple, and the thoughts in the system dialogue were instantly called back the original reality.

I'm going back to my expectation, I saw the belly black poison tongue Loliti neon neon is stationed in the hall of the gate, and the hands of the hands and drums, a pair of blue stars flashing, and why Where is it still? Mothers are waiting for you !! "

'I'm coming_._.''

Some helplessness was a bitter laughter by Neon, I was silent and the system was silent and the system was explained. I would say goodbye to everyone _._. We will start to go to the new world _. ''

After the system is over, the little Loli, who is running out, holding his hand, dragging towards the palace.

The neon is holding the hand of the moment, dragging him through a magnificent hallway, walking on the magnificent circle of steps, came to the lobby of the lobbies in the evening.

' ._ How is this slow Ming. One.' '

After seeing that Nihang called back, just stepped into the lobby of the evening, one ((cjei) Zhang luxury recurred long-lasting table, the top of the delicious food is delicious, the cutout is complete, all People have already sat in the money table waiting for him.

'We all have waited for you for a long time _._.' '

After seeing an instant, a hand sitting on a long dining table is lightly lightering a transparent high cup slowly swaying, and some complaining in the mouth. Ten years have passed, I saw a couple even more beautiful than the past, and the appearance is like a beautiful girl.

In addition to the hand, the blush of the blue gods will look at the eyes. I saw the beauty of the beauty, Xiaojing, the star, the ring tone, the young field, and even have been released from the sixth and explosive star. Night Ji, all are gathered, all sit in the long table, looking forward to waiting for the moment

's arrival

The eight-in-city is beautiful, and the beautiful scenery that blooms is enough to let anyone in the world, especially if they focus on the kind of mutual love in their eyes, almost letting the moment immediately want to throw away. The next world is willing to stay here with them.

Songs, all over the world.

But the moment of determination has been determined, soon, I am shaking my head in my heart, the system is right, I really belong to fighting and blood, and never stopped fighting and conquest is my ultimate destination and fate.

'Father's adult ...,'

I have already been in the long-dining table, and after the moment I came, I suddenly stood up and greeted.

'Dad. You still sit down ...,'

Compared with the ritual feathers, the neon is more coming, and the small hand is pulling down, and I quietly aimed at the beautiful glow night, I'm going to vomit myself. The petite tongue, 'Let's wait for such a long time, the martial arts is not good,'.

Sorry. Let you wait ..., '

Gently smashed the small head of the neon, and the pheasant contained no apology, not for his own late, but to leave for yourself.

Then a warm and harmonious dinner, ending in the laughter of everyone, after the food, the food, the moment, the moment, put down the cutlery in his hand, the blue eyes stunned stared at all the family. .

'I have to leave for a while ...,'

After the sound of the moment, the whole atmosphere was suddenly drunk, and everyone looked at him strangely.

System. ... You can start! "Just at this time, I immediately called the system in my heart.

Ok, host. '. The sound of the system instantly sounds in the brain.

Suddenly, all the world's time and space in front of the world have been frozen. Everyone's expression on the dining table stays at the moment of being awkward.

The silently slammed the seat, the blue eyes stayed in front of everyone's face, as if they all engraved all into their own heart.

This is a unilateral silent saying.

Which day is new here, everything has not changed, he can return to his position, then it is natural and talking about them, I am joking, then a smile, joy and warm.

Depart the system ... I am ready ..., '

After receiving the eyes of your own love. The look on the face gradually sedimentally, and the blue eyes of the blue god bloom infinite expectations and fight.

The new world is really forward. ...

As the sound of the moment falls in the world of frozen stagnation, it seems that the door of a second period is invisible, and the people in the moment have made a stream, disappearing in the air.

Only in the world of Ninja, all paused scenery, as if the world came from the future, and never gone through everything.

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Chapter 2 System Draw (ask for reward and automatic)

Chapter 2 System Draw (ask for reward and automatic)

The sea is 1500 years.

Zhu Qing Dai Bai, the Sea Birds.

Four, it is a bright blue sea, a huge vastly appointed green vegetation island, a deep man with a huge dense tree that is almost covered with the whole island.

The daylight of the afternoon is placed on the whole sea, so that the whole sparkling sea shines with charming halo, and there is a long-awaited weird sea fish jumped out of the sea, cheerful.

'here it is._.''

Silver white long hair followed the sailing sea breeze, a slender figure was in the beach of the sea, and the eyes were surprised to show their own islands, and the surrounding blue sea.