Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 283 of Hueding Cracks

'! The system detects the current world "One Piece", the risk level S, dominate the current world to get 1000 points. "At the moment, I have been playing the new world in front of the world, the sound of the system is familiar with the system.

'Is it the world of the One Piece ?_.' '

I heard the prompts that the system pushed in my mind was soft and soiled in the flash, and my face gradually raised the look of very interesting.

This is a world-wide world than the world's world, the whole world is almost all endless ocean in addition to a small part of land and islands.

The entire world is not countless, the so-called justice of the so-called justice, which has formed the world's most important force and tone of the world.

'From the power level, ..' '

'Top-level war is temporarily in the world's advantages.

However, the original art of the One Piece is still not finished ._. There are many unknown power have not come out: ._. Overall, the power level of this world is absolutely unweound than the original Nang Shadow world. '' After you know the world where you are in front of it, the moment of moment is quickly analyzed.

In front of the situation.

'Just don't know which sea area you are now ._. There is still an era. Is Rojo have conquered a great route.

I am thinking about the beach, I am really unable to distinguish between the ages and orientations of the appearance of him.

'And my strength ._.' ' .

System ._. In addition to the body strength, do you have any other capabilities?! '. I feel the same feelings from the body, and I immediately called the system in my heart.

'Yes, the host _._. Because the difference between the world law _. In addition to your body's strength _._. Other all the abilities are unable to cross the second _ product system familiar sound in the brain of the moment, The unfamiliar feeling after coming to the new world is eliminated, but now you can start using

Your existing points go to exchange your original ability ... _. Your original capacity system has all helped you back up _._ or you can start a new lottery

'Draw ._ "In addition to just passing through the world, it seems that it has not heard this word for a long time. The face is full of intensive,' It seems that I haven't experienced it for a long time: ._ less

'Given that the host is a member of the Thrigter Club, the system automatically comes with a chance to pass through a lottery, and the prizes include all kinds of secondary skills, props, inheritance, and articles other than the current world. ', The sound of the bottom of the moment falls, and the information is pushed to him.

"Will the host now draw."

The system voice is high, and the brain world of the moment is raised, and the rapid snow is generally scattered. It is arranged in a wall, and the wall is densely arranged in a variety of secondary world skills and items.

At a glance, a rough province has a "dead god", "Naruto" bloody limit, "! " magic, "! " emperor, etc. Thousands of world skills and items, regardless of powerful or chicken ribs, there are all.

····· ...... Ask for flowers ······ ......

'Then the draw! "There is no more thinking, the moment is still decided to make a lottery now. If you have a powerful ability, wait for you to save some points to exchange more than more capabilities.

After the voice of the moment, the wall in the brain world is 2 newly spread into snowflakes, restores the glory of the glow, and finally show a mysterious tense knife that shapes the ancient times in the glory, it seems to be destroyed. Everything is hot.

'Hey! Congratulations to host the "Death" world of the chop of the knife, if you are, do you receive the ability now? "

Ruplex is fired?!

I saw the results of the lottery in my mind, my face was stunned, and I turned over the gods and showed a surprise.

The oldest inflammation in the world of death is the strongest sophisticated knife ?!

When it is found, the flame temperature reaches six thousand degrees such as the temperature of the sun. After the understanding, the flame temperature reaches a thousand five million drapes like the core temperature of the sun.!

What is the concept of one thousand millions of flames ?!

Under a knife, the whole world will be evaporated.

'Accepted. One.' '

At the moment, some stunned stations were at the seaside. He quickly anddd the answering ability. It was originally not expected to have a lot of expectations.

But who is in the system, this is actually so powerful, hard-student from a bunch of chicken ribs and the ability to draw such a fierce ability.

'Yes, the host receives the blade of the knife. '' '

With the sound of the ancient wells, the sound of the ancient wells sounded, and it immediately felt that a strange energy poured into his body. The soul of the body seems to suddenly suddenly.

A great ancient tempting that is made from his own soul is cast, and it appears in the hands of the moment.

(Everyone in the book review, everyone says that the protagonist is weakened, rest assured that it will never be able to).

Chapter 3 Frame Ruple (seeking rewards and automatic)

Too much sharpness of about two meters, the ancient deep knife, seems to be faintly revealing a hot red light, as if it can always destroy everything.

Is this the flow blade is fire ..., '

It is stunned to suddenly appear in his own hand, if it is amazed, it is like a chance to play it with a piece of art. It is much longer than I think. ''

'The chop of the knife is originally a special resistance to the prototype ...,'

It seems that there is a little doubt in the heart. The system is explained by the system for him. 'Because the host, your soul is different from the world of the world, the soul of the country, the soul of the country ... So born from your soul I will have a difference between the sick shape of the knife. '


Your soul and Yamamoto Yuan Liu A. How is the stubborn body?

If the fire is just too handsome in his hands. ...

After listening to the interpretation of the system, I nodded in the moment, and I didn't let go of the fire.

'Skills with the soul, with the soul, died with the soul, even if the host, if the fire is still not beginning, it has not begun, it is definitely more sharp than anyone in the One Piece. tough. "The system is still tired and tireless," After all, "One Piece" is only

It is a world of dangerous levels. And "Death" is the world of dangerous level SS ...

'? How is the level of the world hazard? I remember that the previous Nang Shadow world is the same as the One Piece world ...,' I heard the detailed answer to the system in my mind. At the moment I suddenly started again. New questions.

'Um ... About the risk of the world is basically divided by the world's force ...,'

In the face of the puzzle of the moment, the system raised countless examples in the brain of the moment, '",", "! " "Tokyo Harbin" ... S-class "Naruto" "One Piece" "Fairy" The tail "... SS" Death "" Sky "... SSS level" Dragon Ball "" Box ", etc.

... of course, there are still many worlds that are not exemplified ..., '.

It turns out. ..., 'Listen to the examples and explanations of the system, the moment is in the eyes.

'So how do you use the points I have gained? "After all the somedoms of things, I can't wait to understand the role of points. This ability is really uncomfortable ...,'

'Yes, host ...,'

The system heard the requirements of the Bounce, and suddenly he raised a glory again in the brain world. The rapid snowflakes usually opened, and they arranged a wall, and the wall was densely arranged in a flash in the world. The ability to have it.

God's round of angry 199 points, God's reincarnation eye 199 points, frozen fruit capacity 188 points, ten tails 188 points, god surgery 20 points, extended version of Chakra Scalpels 15 points ..., '

One of the best in the moment is arranged in their own brain world, and suddenly 9 has a brow. "How is the mantissa of these points like the price card among the malls. And the system is too dark. Let's take the ability of the frozen fruit to this world to actually need it.

188 points integration?! To know that the ability of frozen fruits is coming from the Ming Piece World.

"Hey ..." The "system humanized treacherous laugh came into the moment of my mind, there is no way. ... Host you use the collapse of jade system in the world of shadow, break through the bottleneck ... The ability of the frozen fruit and you have increased by you. Another high level of the elevation ..., '.