Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 284, Chapter 284

You must know that the ability to bring another second-year-old world will come to this world. ... It takes a lot of energy. It takes these points to absolutely value. ..., 'Listen to the sound of the system at this moment in the mind, The heart of the moment has been exhausted for its brain into a non-condictable image.

'And the most important thing, these capabilities will help you automatically match the power system of the current world, and will not have any conflicts ..., the' system is tired and tireless to explain the function of these points exchange capabilities ...

"It's really a distress. ... I found 1000 points obtained by the fire world before the control of the control, and the" province's dazzling ability in the minds of the Brain ". Some entangled fringes My own brow, my heart began to think about it. But frank, the king of the One Piece

The force value is not a metamorphosis, some unnecessary abilities I can put it ..., '

'And the lottery has also made the ability to furnish. If the fire is like a fire ... and then pick a few original powerful powers ... I have no difficulty in this world ... less double turning, I have a reasonable in my heart. Plan,. You can also save some points and deal with other hazards higher.


The provincial host has been arranged well. Then let's start to exchange ..., 'I am noticed that I have already told that the system's voice echoed in the mind.

"Guest Bodhi, the round of the god, the heart of the god, the heart of the gods ... powerful eyes can help me quickly master the world ..., '

Looking at the power of your past, it is like a piece of merchandise. This 4.9 gives an instant feeling, 'But these two gods have some ability to be W stacked, choose One is enough, and the life of God is accompanied by my time. I am most familiar.

It's it ..., '

After choosing the redemption, I immediately felt that I was hot, and I suddenly became a kind of universe, the unrequited pound, endless odon, returned to her eyes.

After finding the familiarity of holding everything, the moment will continue to pick other abilities,. God treatment, the powerful treatment of the One Piece world is not very common, the points are not expensive, you can keep ..., '

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Chapter 4 O'Hara (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 4 O'Hara (seeking rewards and automatic).

The ability of frozen fruit is too expensive ?? Although it is very painful but after all, it is a factory that cultivates it to the ultimate ability.

Picking between picking, the blue eyes of the flash flash, if you think about it,. And now there is a temperature of the fire, if the temperature of the fire is 10 million, the temperature of the sun center? Wonderful expressions on the face of green and red dogs?

Among the delusions of the taste, the moment will then pick some other practical capabilities. After you feel the ability to redeem, you return itself. The powerful feeling is unbearable.

"This way, all the abilities come back ?? Also save a lot of points. If you still pass the space in other worlds, it is even more abundant. After the 'all redeemed, the moment is silently exited. System among the brain.

Just at this time.

who are you?!"

A slightly tender voice in the cold is incorporated into the ears of the moment, and I will go back to God.

I saw that the border behind the moment, 29 I didn't know when I had already standing a little girl who had a eight-year-old girl, and the skin is healthy but it seems to be a little nutritious.


After I went back to the little girl after I saw it, I was a bit surprised to raise my brow. This little girl's image he always feels that he seems to have seen, but I can't think of it for a while.

'Are you?

After the province, he had a high-long white long-term man who turned back, a pair of Zhan Lan Xingxing's mysterious double looks to himself, the little girl suddenly shocked, the whole person seems to be a frightened bunny, 'You are an external People ?! "

It's so good.

I have never seen such a person. Such eyes? Thin little girl thinks.

'Well ?? I am a tourist at sea. Because it happened here?,' Little girl's soul is unable to figure out, he can't think about the lie, Jun Xiu's face is slightly smile: "Excuse me Where is this ?! ".

Do you want to have a Shanghai thief?, 'I don't know why, I feel that there is no one who has been so good for myself, and the little girl is slightly flustered. Some panic, This.? This is O'Jara? Less


Wen said that the gods were slightly stunned, and the memories of the mind were memories about this name.

The famous Archaeological Sacred Archaey of O'Jara, which has the world's largest scholars and the most common libraries in the world.

The World Government takes into account the dangers of interpretation of this paper, in fact, in fact, actually I don't want to expose more than 800 years ago. Later, I launched the Tun Maguo to destroy the O'Hara, and cruelly the name of O'Jara. Archaeologists erased from this world.

It turned out that it is the West Sea. _. '' Listen to the little girl's answer, the moment recalled the information about this island, slightly looked up with the blue gods, and the eyes of the whole O'hara Island, the sound of the huge trees clearly All the structures in it, 'I want this is a whole world of trees, two _.' '


I seem to have suddenly remembered what, recover the eyes of God, moving the little girl in front of you, 'Na Piece, two _. Garman. · Roger, have you heard of this name? "

Garman. Roger: ._. '' Silently read the names, the little girl is looking at the moment: 'He conquered the great route that the big sea can conquer.......... Lavdu became the One Piece_._. But in the past, the Navy was surrounded by his own birth.

Township East China Sea is disclosed in _._. ''

Not long ago ._ The left candy does not make a mistake, the time should be ._.

Listening to the little girl's answer, the moment is watching and the thin little girl in front of him. The more you like your memory _._.

'Is it called your name?

At the moment, I just wanted to determine the name of the little girl in front of him. The Yu Guang of God's eyes was slightly moved, and it was observed that there were a large number of ships in the far-reaching sea.

At first glance, it seems that the little girl looks at the eyes, and only the sea surface of the extremely long, and a large Boss is gradually enlarged.

'The one is ._. One pirate !! "The province has clear the black spots that are gradually close, and the top of the color is full of painted banner, and it is a hundred pirates, the little girl can't help but change How can I have a pirates near O'Ala_ and this quantity ~ _. ''.

It doesn't seem to be an ordinary one thief group, and the long-distance coming of the sea, the small girl, the beauty of the little girl, is anxious, 'No Second _ Russia has to go to the notice everyone!!"

'no need_._.''

Stared of the huge pirate boats on the sea from the far and near, several breaths arrived in the shore here, and the moment, the opening 490 stopped the little girl's move, 'You now go to the town Already too late _._. ''.

Is it too late ._. Everyone _._. ''

I heard the stop, the little girl also found that there are more than a dozen huge piolid boats in the distance, and there is a shame on the shore, beautiful little face.

'It is fun? Is this a pirate group.? "

The blue gods were reincarnated with more than a dozen huge pirates that came from the shore of their own, and the moment was interested in the eyes of the hundred pirates before the eyes.

'Haha? The captain is O'Jara?,'

On the largest pirate ship in the middle of the sea, the bow of a pirates in the bowl of the boat and said that the head of the head is said to the man who is a burly and strong man: 'I heard that this island is all a group of hands. Archaeologists and scholars, '

'Hey? This time you use the way to the road, you will give you a part from the treasure of the island! "The viking of the coast, the captain of the pirate captain, 3 out of the face Smile.

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Chapter 5 Nicole Robin (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 5 Nick Robin (ask for reward and automatic)

'Hey ._. The captain has two people in your province! "

The pirates listened to the reward of their own captain, and the face suddenly made a happy brilliance, suddenly discovered the moment and little girl standing on the sea.