Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 285 of Hueding Crack System

'Um? Mouth. _ A thin little girl is nothing fun ". _.' 'Run, the fingers of the one, the burly rough pirate, also clearly clear the figure of the coast and little girl, 'But that little white face is like it seems very good ._

'Feeding ._.' '

I heard the words of my captain, all the thieves on the whole pirate suddenly laughed.

'Borrowing a pirate is not all like a simple dreamist and, dangerous home ._. "Allain the distance, the moment is clear, the murry of this group of pirates, face It has a little smile.

Just like the Ninja of the Ninja World, it is a dark profession that is an executive mission murder, not like the perspective of the Naruto, the Ninja is a simple chase of blood and dream.

The pirates in the One Piece World are also the same, saying that most of the murderer and firing are invincible, rather than like a way of walking, the pirate is a simple pursuit of dreams and freedom.

Get a mouth? _.

The sound of changing the anchor came, I saw more than a dozen huge pirates close to the shore. Dozens of pirates quickly leaped from their own sea thief boat, a province is a light car ripe. thief.

' captain _._ The two guys in your province have not been able to move _._.' '

The midfill of the face, is smiling at the head of their own burly and rough pirates, and the face has gradually walked towards the moment and little girl.

'We _._. Why don't you run? "' _. ''

The province of a large group of gods came towards themselves, and the little girls next to the moment can not help but stretch the rag.

"There is no need ._. They are no evil pirates......................................

Don't you do any good people?

I heard the inexplicable words of the Pain, the little girl gang.

'Hey.? Xiaobai face ?? All the things on the body !! "

There are dozens of men's thieves, the burly and strong pirates are step by step towards the moment and little girls, and the rough screamers hang a tyrannical smile, almost three meters high is in the past. In the world, it is hard to see, 'Take your clothes and drill into the beach.

we are?,'

'Don't say it?,'

The blue gods have been born, and the pirates that are more approaching in front of them, and the mouth of the mouth is inexplicably smiling, but even the eyelids are to lift it. 'Because I am not interested, you know that you are humble. first name,'

A piece of drunken.

'That. What is the kid ?! "

I was shocked by the attitude of turningant. I saw the burly and rough pirates, and suddenly scared and laughed. 'It is scared that the spirit is disrupted?!

However, there is no leisurely with their nonsense, and the blood of the blue gods broke out, and the first time in this One of this One of the mystery is originally not the mystery that does not belong to this world.

Rotation of eyes, repulsive V !!!

In the side of the little girl and the pirates in front of the pirates, the inevitable looks like a light written in front of her eyes.

Suddenly, the entire beach didn't seem to have a natural disaster that had occurred. A split outbreak suddenly broke out, and the power of the power was even more than the room in front of the ficeps, and all of them were Boom, along with the beaches standing in front of the original pirates

They have been bent into distorted shapes in this huge repulsive force, forming a huge deep pit, let the surrounding seawate floods.

The remaining pirates on the sea, the remaining hundreds of pirates on the sea, shocked on the beach, all the companions, including the captain, fly a few tens of meters from this unspeakable, and fell into it. I don't know life and death.

'It seems that the power of the system can be matched. The power of God can play completely in this world?,' Gently hit all the pirates in front of you, the moment is self-speaking. Wear sleeves.

What is III?! Is the ability of the devil fruit ?! "

Seeing that the moment of painting and writing a sleeper is caused by this disaster, there is a short shock of scenes, and all the thiefs on the thief boat suddenly appear, immediately twitch your ship's anchor attempt to escape.

Renovation, Vientiane!!!

There are a few pirates in more than a dozen pirates, and they are blocked by the eyes of the gods, and they are gently moving toward them.

Among the eyes of all people who were shocked, they were pulled out of the shocking gravitation, and only the more than a dozen pirate ships stranded in front of the sea.

The palm of the moment suddenly held, and more than a dozen a few piolids that were pulled into the half-air were hit by a row, and the embarrassment was completed.

Broken vessel parts mix (Norde) mixed with flesh and blood, and the shocking rain is brought down, and the whole sea is dyed.

It seems that the disaster scenes that occur before the dementia, and the little girl has a big mouth, this is the scene that she didn't expect in her life.

Yes? What is your name? "

A light, the voice, finally called back the little girl has become a blank thoughts. After seeing a pirates, the blue-blue double eye drunk is looked at her.

Ni? Nicole Robin?, '

From the boundless shock, I was pulled back to the soul. The little girl's lanes were in the heart of Zhan Lan. Since the whisper:. My name is Nik Robin?, '

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Chapter 6 Devil's Son (ask for reward and automatic)

Chapter 6, the son of the devil (ask for reward and automatic)

Nicole Rob?

Sure enough, she said that the little girl with her body said her own name, and the moment of the brain suddenly turned out to be high. Icy wise shadow.

It seems that the future of the devil is still a small loli. Factory

Looking at the body in front of him, there is a little bit of malnutrition, and I am sighed in my heart. I really don't know how she will develop the original neutral I and the body is not lost. .

'You. What is your name? "

Robin looked up a pair of dark flashing big eyes, staring at the flash, the moment, I just destroyed a shocking force of the entire One Piece, so she would not help but panic.

So good-looking person?

Why is it so horrible?

'My name? "

The blue-blue eyes stared at Robin who had a good night's feelings, and the face of Jun Xiu smiled slightly, 'I called the moment?

At the moment? 'I heard the name of the Pasta, Robin is dark in his heart, and firmly remembers this name, and the small face floates a wonderful and happiness.

'That.? Uncle ?? Why do you come to O'Jara? "I saw Robin some of the hearts of Robbiness.

After the shocking force that is now displayed, Robin, who is now, will never believe in the moment of the hamper to come to the sky??

Big? Uncle?!

After listening to Robin, I saw that my face was in the original place. The original Junxiu perfect face seems to be equitable with the stool.