Also have never been called me like this?

Brunette big eyes capture the weird look on the flash, Robin is a bit confused. "What happened? Uncle?

'That.? Isn't it called my brother?' Robin once again called another hit into the moment of the moment, I saw some speechless slightly twitching my mouth.

With the appearance of the eternal ninety-twenty-year-old, what is the age gap between the two people?

'How do you call it?,' But very quickly, I am relieved, some helpless shrugs, anyway, with the true age of their own soul, call yourself is not uncle.

'Sorry. In addition to Dr. Kloba, everyone doesn't like me.,' Pertes to his words seem to violate the moment in front of him, Robin's eyes, some lost, and some lost his head.

There is no experience in contact with others.

Father was dead early, so there was no impression on his father.

The mother is the wanted criminal chased by the world government. Robin's childhood is very lonely. When the mother is two years old, she explores her history, and she alive in the hometown of O'Ja, I will pay my brother.

Robin under the fence is not only disliked by relatives and neighbors, but also because of the ability of demon, making her as a monster. Later, I would like to accept the archaeological studies with Dr. Kloba and O'hara scholars. At the age of 8, I participated in the "Doctoral Exam" and became a full score.


Because archaeologists have to be proven after a strict review. Dr. Kloba also admired that she was a genius who was a rare to Niki Orea, but because the investigation history is a violation of the law, Dr. Kloba misses Robin wants to seek historical ideas, possibly Will be her own

The dismissal of killing, so he will prohibit her investigation and historical things related to this article.

The awareness of Robin is stunned and lost, and she saves her almost almost crying. The heart is slightly sigh.

God is on her. It is a matter of it.

'Okay ?? Do you like to call me? Do you have a little gently stick your palm, knead the small head of the Robin, the soft sound slowly said:' I also have a future O'Jara.? Take me to save the province?

'Well?,' Feel the warm feelings that are passed from the hand palm, Robin suddenly felt that his nose is acid, from the small to the big, never have someone has such intimate actions.

· Ask for flowers ····· ??

This world is beautiful, especially here.

If you think that the world is thinking is the most beautiful forest, then the pihydrate is the most beautiful in the world.

Some people are looking forward to it. Can save a blue sea, O'Jara is like a green gemstone, the whole tree is standing there.

Under the road of Robin, the moment and her two people gradually cross the surrounding beaches, then walked through the boundless green grass, finally came to the town on the island.

The world's true beauty of the two brilliance has appreciated the surrounding sea, sand beach, and grassland, and came to the town.

Unlike the architectural style in the nigned world, all the buildings in the Ming Pirace are basically the style of the medieval Western style, gorgeous and no defective.

On this way, the moment is clearly felt that many people seem to have some people in the town, and they can be heard. Monsters, what, moment,

The small Robb is pale, secretly aiming at the look of a flash, see him wrinkled, and his heart is extremely bitter.?

He heard it ?? What should I do. He will not care about me ?? Little Robin thinks.

Walking on the short street, Robin feels extremely long.

Seeing the moment, there is no life, there is no life, and there is a lot of things in the sides of the streets around the town.

'I heard it. '. The moment is not going back.

They said that I am a monster. The voice of Shaobobin has become a bit trembled.

( . "

(New World New Wonderful, please give me to reward the monthly ticket flowers (inch one 3) mouth).

Chapter 7 Night (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 7 Night (seeking rewards and automatic)

'You should pay attention to them, is it? The ignorant floor ant will soon comfortably comfort the small Robin next to him.

'No. What they said?,'

Xiaobin slightly shakes slightly, and then launched the ability of the flower fruit, from her thin hand, there were several placards.

Xiao Luobin closed his eyes. Face is pale, waiting for the eyes of abandoning.


Seeing Robin's goal to see the general expression. There is no good way, this is the ability of the devil fruit? How is it a monster?, '

Xiao Luobin opened his eyes: "Demon fruit?"

'Yes? On this big sea. Is there many people like you like you? Seven nine zero "magic abilities?,' , suddenly, gently reach out in Robin's ear I made a thoughts and launched my ability to reach the god-level frozen fruit.

Occlasting, when the Little Robin returned to God, she had more clusters in front of her eyes, and the crystal clear bouquet formed by Ice, and I appeared in the guro of Ohara.

It's so beautiful !! Little Robin surprised his own eyes, saves the ice sculpture bouquet in the hands of the moment, and the eyes are reflected in the hustletteen.

Get it to you? "There is a big eye of the surrounding star, and the moment is slightly smile, and the bouquet of the ice sculpture in his hand is in the past two this way? Russia is also like you?? Yes. Monster spoon? "

Little Robin's reached out of the ice sculpture bouquet in the hands of the moment, the heart was a loose, the bien was actually sour, and the eyes were red.

Thank you?, 'Robin puts his own nose of your sour, and I have a little fog in my eyes. "This is my first time I received someone's gift?,'

The province of Robin is going to cry, and the moment is not hurt in the bottom, and gently reached out of the small head of Robin, and the hair of Robin is black.

The first time I met someone and I said so much, I also sent yourself so beautiful gift. Robin felt that I have never been like today.


Suddenly, Robin's small belly seems to have out of the same sound, and the whole person suddenly appeared.

The hands immediately killed his hungry little belly, and saw Robin rose his own little face, and some hands were sudden when they were suddenly turned.

'You should haven't eaten it for a long time?

In the moment, there is a little bit of a small little girl Robin, which is also suffering from the hometown of the hometown, and immediately lifting the sunset, the province is about to fall. Road: 'The sky is dark ?? I have to find a place to fall. You come with me.

I heard the proposal of the moment, Robin was a little bit. But I think of myself nowhere, so silently turned into a drunk with the butt.

With Robin, I walked out of the town of Ojara. I finally on the boundless grass outside, I found a huge treasure of the building of the island, facing a good place in the blue sea, stopped my footsteps. .

The second yuan world is magical.

The side of the road can pick up beautiful little Loli. When I turned it, I was a little bit of Xiaobin after myself. I thought it was dark.

In the eyes of Robin, the blush of the blules of the blue gods, the eyes of the eyes were focused on the grass in front of them, and the pounds of the pounds were out.