Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 287, Chapter 287

In Robin incredible eyes, a luxurious and delicate small villa is built, and it is located on the grass in front of the original empty.

'Take me? Have a reincarnation of God who exceeds the ultimate spiritual power ?? Can create a substance from the virtual unity.? Sure enough, it is a collection and destruction of it.? It's so convenient.? "I feel the eyes of my eyes. There is not much smashing, and the face is full of smiles. 'Unfortunately, the United States is not very good at the construction of the building. This house is reluctant to live,'

'Brake? Uncle?,'

In the moment, I saw it. I saw Xiao Luobin's little mouth has been surprised to Zhang Cheng 0 type, but I don't close,.?.? Are you God ?! ',


God's reincarnation of this kind of spiritual power is ultraphon. At any time, you can create a material from the virtual, from some kind of tanguo to see and God have no.?

'Shen? The corpse is slightly frowned, and it seems that serious thinking about Robin,' From some field ?? Is it?, '

'Good, don't stay _._. Go in: ._ less

The opening call back Robin's thoughts, and the moment has entered the door of luxury and delicate small villas in front of him. The gods of the gods in the lobby have grown into the large trick, and the A force among the bits once again.

When the Lobby walked into the house created by a surprise, the surprise found that the surprise was found in the middle of the big meal on the hall, from the past , From the dessert to the staple food, not enough.

'This ._. So much delicious food !! "

From Xiaoman, the hungry, a 5.3-color Robin, and suddenly I saw that there were so many full-numbered cuisine before you, and suddenly I felt that I didn't seem to be so unhappy.

Quick Robin. The cute look of the mouth of the guest mouth, and I can't help but smile.

Almost everyone in the world of the One Piece is a big stomach. It's like Robin that has already had a little girl who has already had a long time. After listening to the moment, the petite body immediately rushed to the big trick in front of him, and the wolf swallowed.

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Chapter 8 Tu Magura (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 8 Tu Magic Order (seeking rewards and automatic)

'Well ?? I have never eaten such a delicious food so much. Less I only see the smoky beef in my hand with my little mouth, while talking about two All is true. How did you change it? The big out?

That big out?!

The small Robin wolf on the big dining table is saved, and it is unclear, and there is a bit of a laughter that I can't help but laugh.

However, it seems to be thinking about. At the moment, I wrinkled my brow.

From the understanding of the understanding, Roger has just been in the East China Sea, and Robin is eight years old. It is time that O'Jara is willing to be destroyed.

'Robin?,' Is in a drunk, suddenly opens.

'Well?' Robin is constantly moving to yourself, the action of the delicious thing is not from 31,

'Do you know a giant called Saard?'. I asked softly.

'Don't know? What happened? The little head is trying to think, Robin did not think of any memory of the name mentioned in the moment.

'Robin.? The sea is unlimited?

I don't know why Saurong has said to Robin before death, and there will be a lot of companions in the mouth before death. There will be a good companion.? Born in this world, it will never be forever Lonely one person?, '

"My companion?, 'I heard the whisper Robin in the Past, but at this moment, she still can't understand the true meaning among the moment, and continue to smash the food in front of her, and the mouth began to say ambiguous , 'I can encounter an instant uncle is very happy ?? I think I will follow it every day.

Kill "The side of the uncle?, '.

Ha ha?, "Robin, which is still a naive little girl, not the son of the cold drunkenness in the future, and I can't help but smile.

'Zhe has not started yet? "I heard the answer of Robin. In the heart, I started silently calculating the silence. The blue eyes were in the night sky outside the door," But if you want the World Government's tuning? " Should I start soon?, '

The Tu Magura is a very call by the World Government to form a very call. There is no differential devastating attack on the regions of the signal. It is the killing of the world government's military power, which is used to completely clear the rule of the world government. Loss and people on the region.

In general, the Navy's dispatching is the configuration of the Magic Magic, and the five naval headquarters will, ten major generals, nearly 10,000 naval elites, as well as ten top naval warships.

Regardless of anyone and forces, in front of the powerful power of the Navy, usually only one end, that is, the breeze.

Sitting gently on the sofa next to it, looking at Robin on the countless food on the table before looking at the eyes, there is a slight god of gods.

If your own memories have not been wrong, the O'Hara event World Government issued the Tu Magui, of which the navy's general level combine should be Kucan, Saskaski, Ruth, Storeli and fire mountain this Five people.

Among them, the Caskaski, which is the top three major leaders of the future, the top of the top three major, natural, demon fruit, frozen fruit and natural demon fruit rock paddles, this The Demon of the Second Navy's dispatch is undoubtedly unprecedented.

'What is the red and red dog?,'

Sitting on the sofa sitting next to the table, a flash is gently wing with his own chin, and some playing is thinking.

I don't know how to break the boundary breakthrough bottleneck to the god-level frozen fruit ability, how will the bruises on the face of green and red dogs ??

Moreover, the World Government has detected that O'Jara's historian and scholars attempted to explore the world's historical truth. In order to cover up the truth, the truth launched the Tu Maguo is already an inevitable fact, so O'hara's destruction is inevitable.

But no matter what.

Since you come to this world, the first person I met is Robin.?

This poor little girl is protected ??

Thinking of the World Government is about to launch the Magic Order, the moment is slightly tailed, and the blue eyes of the blue eyes have made it difficult to see the sharp light.

'And there is still a fire.? "

I am sitting in the sofa, I am sitting in the sofa, I have a good time in my hand, I haven't awakened the beginning of the knife, but this does not affect the flash of the moment that I feel from this knife. Amazing power. , 'Since it comes to the world of the One Piece. If you don't get a peerless sword

How is it to get this destroyed a knife ?? "

'Hey. I have a good color, armed color gas and crystal king colored gas? I believe any ability to help the jade system ?? I can master it quickly and then 467 beyond the limit?,'

Between the heart, the world gradually expects to look forward to the world in front of you. "I don't know if I have controlled the cat king e gas that I am awakened after the entire nignown world. What is the amazing effect?, '

The psychological activity in the sofa is unable to detect, and now she has destroyed most of the food on the table. The little belly is supported by the country. I only see that she is finally taking some of the big dining table, not satisfying. Relying on the side of the moment.

It's so full! I have never eaten so much delicious food! '. Gently w with your own small belly, Robin finally felt that all this happened today is not a dream, delicate The little face is out of happiness.

'Robin ._. Today you met me ._The fate should not be displaced like the original one.......................................................... The face is silent, and the thoughts in my heart are constantly flying.

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Chapter 9 Destroying Day (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 9 Destroying Day (seeking rewards and automatic)

In O'Jara, a short period of time is not short.

In the beautiful islands of this bush, the moment is using this time to experience the unique beautiful scenery of the One Piece.

Usually Robin will run to the moment from time to time, sometimes it will take a moment to go to the tree in the tree to learn the text of the One Piece.

Occasionally, there will be Robin to take the sea, see a variety of ocean in the world, such as the sea.