Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 288, Chapter 288

For Robin. Every day after I know the moment is the time she is most expected. In addition to the moment, I can change the various foods directly, in the life outside Robin, I also I have never treated her like an instant.

Finally this day.

The blind eye of the moment in O'Jara found a lot of trails, these people are like a general. The province is aiming to walk in the O'Jara, and the difference is carefully searching here. Every inch land seems to be explored.

'Haha? Uncle?,'

Just when I thought I thought, Robin outside the door ran in all the way, and I said that I said today. Today, my seaside has encountered a giant ?? His body is really than the mountain Be big.? We also chatted?, '

Does the giant will be Saurong?

I heard the news brought about Robin who ran into the house, and I immediately reacted it immediately.

'It seems to start ?? O'Hara destroyed days?,'

At the moment, I went back to the god and whispered, and the blue eyes broke out in the eyes of the end of the world, the "World Government's Tun Maguue. What kind of scale is there?, '

' ? You?,'

It seems that I feel a slight fluctuation of the moment, Robin lifted the expression of my face, I couldn't understand, 'How did you "?" "?"


The moment of moving the eyes of Robin is the eyes of Robin. Stretching gently smashed her small head, and the eyes were in vitious: 'If there is a day in the future.? O'Hara destroyed?,'

'Where will you go? "

'Ha?! O'Jara destroyed?' Listening to the moment, the innocent Robin is unable to understand the complex eyes of the moment. How can O'Sara destroy?, '

But I don't know why, the complex eyes of the moment have made Robin in their hearts.

Sudden Robben stretched out his own little hands tightly snorted the clothes, it seems that I am afraid that the whole person will dissipate the next second. 'No matter what happens.? I want to follow my uncle,'

Want to follow me?

Somehow, in the heart of the moment, I suddenly gave birth to a feeling of abducting little Loli, and a subtle sin was almost ever.

'Don't worry. As long as I am there?,'

Promoting his palm and gently Mo W, the lacquer, the pain of the flash, the fascination of the blus, is a sure tone, 'Even if the world is destroyed ?? Don't you have anything? '

This is his incomparable confidence and determination of his own strength.?

A few days later, the nirvanic O'hara seems to have no difference in the same year.

But the Tu Maguo finally launched.

On the O'Jara Island, the originally drunk sea is coming, and there are ten huge naval warships.

Each battleship is the most robust and upstaked representative of the Navy, all of which are created by the seven water of the Royal Shipyard, and its quality is unquestionable, and it is not a problem with the sea king.

There are about thousands of elite navys in each battleship, which is more stronger than those of ordinary pirates who are only for politics.

In addition to the five powerful naval normings, each warship is also equipped with at least a Major and the governance level of Navy fighting elites.

The World Government is undoubtedly a bloody, even if you don't have all the price, you have to destroy this help to study the world's historical truth.

The ruthless gunfire sounded.

Being drunk in front of the tree in the whole tree, in addition to the high tree crown behind the moment, the remaining people are panicked, some scholars, archaeologists, and residents.

O'Jara. Soon we will usher in destruction.

The moment of drunk is there, and the scenes around you are inconsistent, as if the whole people are generally in this time and space.

The anti-depth of the gods of the blue eyes, the whole non-dead sight, cover the entire O'Hala, and will incorporate your own fundamentals throughout the island.

I saw the island behind, the coast side along a huge giant, a giant, which is crazy, surrounded by the Navy battleship.

"Order. Saurong! Are you crazy ?!"

Wearing a white suit vest with a dark blue shirt, which is covered in the jacket uniforms in the navy, behind, justice. The two words are in the wind, the future of the three major people will be unbelieved in front of themselves. Saurong.

Kutzan. You don't have the philosophy of the Navy to kill those hands-in-iron historians.

While using your own giant destroyed the warships, the original naval giant said loudly in Sarand: 'Sorry, I got the justice of the Navy. I can't hold (Zhao) to stay in the Navy, '.

And this little girl?, '

Saar, a large body, borrowed Robin on the side of the beach, saying that the sound and his friend, the Qing Dynasty, said: 'She is innocent?,'.

No. This little girl is already the historian of O'Jara?, '

Although it is unrecognizable that the World Government and the Navy's approach, the green is still unable to violate the mission of the Navy's department, the "World Government and the Navy will not let her!"

'Robin! You escape !! "

After listening to the Qing Dynasty, the giant Salon suddenly turned over a warship around him and screamed toward Robin on the beach of the beach.

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Chapter 10, Difficulties (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 10 Qing is difficult (seeking rewards and automatic).

Solver Saurong?, '

The giant Saon attempt to cover the intention of the surrounding, and the bloody eyes suddenly broke out when the young and difficult eyes suddenly broke out.

Frozen time capsule

After the ability to launch a frozen fruit, only the strong frost is burst on the body, reaching out the giant Sarane, the giant, Saurong reached out.

The five cold airborne pills were quickly played in the hands of a short distance, and all the beaches and the water surfaces were frozen.

In the blink of an eye, the big giant Saon is suddenly frozen on a thick layer of ice, falling in the sea, and splashed countless spray.

Saurong !! "

Looking at the giant Saranda who fled himself in front of his eyes, he fell in the attack in this horrible naval, Robin shouted.

The province is in front of you, the closer, the closer, the small face of Robin, has become paleward.

where are you?

Uncle in the moment??

In this critical moment, the fashionable figure in the moment is the first 250 times in Robin's mind.