Give up Robin?

Moving his own slender double i legs toward the sea Robin stepped by step, and the face of the green and struggles on the face of the green and struggles. Is the Navy? Is it true that what he is pursuing?

Today, you are destined to die with O'Jara. Is this impossible to change?, 'Go to Robin, the thick body shape of the green Robin placed a gray shadow. .

Is it true today? I still have a lot of things.

And uncle's uncle ._ a strong desperation and unsatisfied with Robin's heart.

'No: ._. This is the _._.' '

Just in the shadow of the green and strong shadows in Robin and Saraine, a plain voice has not sighed into all people's ear.

'What are you afraid that the whole world is destroyed _._. Robin will not destroy _._.' '

I heard this familiar voice, I heard the familiar words, Robin is happy to have a bright eyes, (dbfg) 'uncle !! "

Uncle in the moment?! Walking with Robin, the green and Saaron look back at the same time.

This guy_._.

very young._.

With the white long hair of the sea breeze, the perfect Junxiu is inlaid, and it has been in a pair of blue mysterious eyes. After passing through the One Piece World, it has been pulled a lot of great shape. All this has made some people present in the end. .

'This group of two _.' The 'Is also O'Jara ?_.' '

This momentum _._.

Empty or handsome and Warring States general may not have such a strong momentum.

'I want to be awesome, I want to think about it.' '

Such an idea and the idea have just been produced, and the green is a self-deprecating in his own heart.

'Do you also have a task of the Navy?' '

The red dog is still on the other side of the island, the coast is covered with an escapeful O'Hara, and the green is lost at this time, and there is a powerful ice power when he suddenly broke out, 'and everything related to O'Jara. It must be destroyed! This is the command of the world government _. ''


After the voice falls, the green is immediately released from the palm of the palm to the moment. In the case of the original future, he can ice.

However, the face is in the face at this time, it is the existence that this world is originally not there.

Reincarnation !!

Eyes should have been banned into a snocker throughout the brake, and the moment is lost in the eyes of everyone.


Between the greenness of the green, almost no time, there is no time, and the brain is over the extremely strong wind.


I saw that when I didn't know when I had already appeared in the back of the green, I gently bounce him into a broken ice.

'The province is really necessary to master the A temptation of this world?,'

The province of the green feng in front of him is under his own attack, and it has turned his familiar ice, and the mouth of the moment gradually raised a taste. The ability of the frozen fruit? level?,'

In the eyes of Sarandong and Robin, the young difficulties before the moment were re-condensed out of their own shape, but how did the color on the face can not erase, what happened just now ?! More than Huang Is Luasolino still have to be fast ?! "

And this power?

I feel that I have just been in the opportunity of almost the attack on the attack, and the body is forced to make an element. I save my eyes in front of the moment, and you can't say the color of the dignity.

'This guy. Isn't a simple enemy?,'

After receiving all the psychology of all the small turbines, all the strengths of all the power were burst, and the ability of the frozen fruit was originally launched in an instant.

Ice cubes · violent mouth!!

Gathering the frost in his right arm, a huge icebird instantly slammed from the hands of the green, and the sandy beaches between the two are suddenly condensed.


The gods of God have predicted all the movements of the green and difficulty, borrowing the huge icebirds released by yourself, I don't know why, the mouth of the moment, there is a smile.

Diamond star dust !!!

In the pupil that is suddenly enlarged in the green, the moment is like him, and all the air condense. Star, like the fragment of the sky, instant

That is him.


The freezing of the diaacie has sounded, and everything in front of you has dyed the white glory. The green and huge icebirds crafted and broken. It has made a frogged crocink.

(Reprimating Monthly Tickets Flowers, don't stop, small A will go back to provincial provinces earlier, can no longer be sent to everyone).

Chapter 11 Rolling the green and difficult (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 11 rushing to crush the blueness (ask for reward and automatic).

that is?!"

The white momentum will be hit by the moment. When you use it, you will freeze the huge icebird who released himself. The eyes of the young difficulties are unbelievable. I have to swallow my tongue almost, 'I The frozen fruit ability ?? was frozen by him? "

Feel the temperature contained in the white Aurora. It is as if you can freeze all the things in the world.

When you are young, you feel that your frozen fruit abilities are in front of the moment, as if it is a baby's infant.

Is there a second frozen fruit in the world?!

"No.? This is definitely impossible. This world does not have two models of exactly the same devil fruit at the same time, it will overthrow your mind, 'and his freezing power is better than my ability. How much is it too?

Ice military knife!!

After seeing the diamond star frozen in the moment, after the macroblus, the young bite is biting. It is gently reached, and it will condense a sharp ice knife.

'Since the freezing force is not his opponent. Then you can take another means?,' The eyes of the green are suddenly condensed, and the sharp ice knife in the hand quickly lights the general killing to the moment.

In the two years of the major events in the original, it was also able to fight in Ponkhar Said and Red Dogs for ten days and ten nights in the fruit capabilities. The body of the green is undoubtedly the top. The presence.

Cold flying.

However, it is impossible to think that he has just killed his knife, and he didn't have to have a pain.

The whole wrist is instantly kicking, and the sharp and unparalleled ice army flew out, quickly rotating a subtle curvature in the air, inserted into the beach.