Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 290 of the Crash System

'Your action is not fast enough? The body of the corpse is coming, and the tone is not ridiculed, but it seems that he has commented on his vital action and tale.

Some somewhat awkward, the green is in the flash of the mysterious God. Suddenly, the whole body is cold, as if I feel that my body is under the bones, there is no secret, there is no secret.

His eyes?

Can human beings grow such eyes.

Among the deep eyes, there is a circle of octaves around the pupil in the pupil, as if the vast stars are in the same, the god of the moment is in advance, in advance, insight into all the actions of Qingxiong.

In the eyes of the green and big eyes, the moment has once again stabbed him again, and he has not arrived at his face, and it took a breeze that brought a heart-hearted spirit. Asphyxia.

The head of the green is once again turned into a broken ice cube. I saw him just wanted to shoot the fist in the moment, but found that it was expected to be expected in advance early, and the fist in his hand was only a virtual move. Running an legs on his face.

'The action is too fast _._. It is difficult to imagine that this is the speed and force that humans can make ._.' 'It was once again being made into the chain of chain, and the feeling of the body of the body, and this feeling _. _.

It seems that all the movements are predicted by him in advance_._.

Fortunately, he did not use armed colors 0 gas_._.

This is the only thing that is now in the heart, after all, he will not believe that the power of this level is still not learned to armed color A gas _._.

'Kuzan him _.' '

At this time, the giant Saurong, which was poured by the blue fever in the sea, and the unbelievable province had everything you see in front of him, 'It was pressed to this point of this point.' '

As a young and hard friend, of course, the heart is very clear, the power of the newly difficult, the ability of the natural diaper fruit, plus the top body skills, and the finers will soon be able to win the strongest battle of the Navy. The throne.

I didn't expect to be suppressed by a young man who has never heard of it in O'Jara.

'This is impossible._.''

In the sorghum splash, I saw that the whole person of the Qing Dynasty was obedient to see the tares, if the body of lightning, the body of the lightning, even almost can't do effectively, 'This level of power is in large How can it be obscured in the sea ?! "

'Although I don't know why he doesn't use armed colors.

Once again, I was bombed into a broken ice cube, and there were some helplessness in the heart, 'But if it was not a natural elemental power, it was already defeated by him ~ _. '' '

'No Second _. Can't go on like this _._.' '

I barely raised my hands to resist a bombardment of the moment. The huge force of steel casting was in an instant, and the Qing Xiong was repelled. After dragging a long trajectory on the beach, a long trajectory was dragged, a long trajectory was traveled. When the frozen force suddenly broke out from the Qing Dynasty.

'._. Want to make the ice river era _._.' '

If the left eye, the god of the left eye will be in front of any moves that can be made in advance, in the eyes, and there is some disdainful rising, even the corner of his mouth, the blue eyes A force is slightly launched.

Reincarnation !!

I just want to launch yourself to kill the Qingqi's era of ice, I found my own eyes, suddenly lost the trail of the moment, and suddenly a strong crisis broke out in his heart.

'Now the reaction is too late _._. Your level I have fully understood _._.' '

At the moment, the sound suddenly sounded behind him. When the green is suddenly turned back, it finds that a palm of the moment is aligned with his body.

Ice spirit !!!

The endless frozen force broke out, in all people horrified, the whole person was frozen in a huge ice, so like a flies were frozen in a crystal clear glass. Within, it is not possible.

As the frozen fruit of the frozen fruit, it is even in the ice.

(Reprimant monthly spending flowers don't stop, today small A broke out six more).

Chapter 12 Red Dog (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 12 Bisan (seeking rewards and automatic).

The density of this ice must be higher than diamonds?

Using the Ice Posen to frozen the blue fears within the huge ice of the eye, it seems that you have a good masterpiece like an artwork, saying softly: 'In the case where there is no external force help Your current strength wants to break away from it. ''

I saw that Qingxiong's entire man was blone in the huge ice, after listening to what I said, I couldn't move my lips. But the horror of the face is still paused to freeze it in the moment.

There is no down hand in an instant, and it is difficult to freeze the cyan.

No matter how the giant Saurong in front of the green and the eyes is, it is the number of the naval in the number of people in their hearts. In the original, he also took Robin to let her escape O'hara. .

Library? Kuchan is actually frozen?

The giant Saurong, which was thrown by the whole body, Saurong, the horror of Zhang Da, who had the same huge mouth as the cave, and even the sea around him did not know his mouth.

'What are you calling Saurong? "

After making the Qing Dynasty, the flash of the flash moved to the seaside as a giant, the giant Saranda, saving his full body orange hair slight smile, 'Can adhere to the people in his heart in this world Not much?, '

Between speaking, in front of Saurong, put his hand gently bonded his body slightly, and then saw that Sarane's ice, the ice, the ice, but it was blocked, but Sarandon's wounds have been spread out of the frostbite.

God surgery!!

In Saranda and Robin, including the frozen frozen eyes in the huge ice of the huge ice, the flash is suddenly blooming a golden shining light, and the moment of Saurong is full.

In the blink of an eye, all the big and small wounds of the whole body under the whole body are all restored.

'That ability is? Less individual people have been inserted in the ice, the green, the green, in the Ice, but this does not affect his shock and surprises in the heart.

'Too good ?? Robin doesn't have to die! "

The giant Saranda after being completely cured, suddenly like a child, got a trend, causing a dramatic vibration in the ground.

'O'Jara actually has a guy like you!? "

The giant Saon is happy, and the incredible philosophy is only to his feet. It was originally planned to fight Today, but also to save the Robin, Robin, Robin, Robin, and suddenly. Kill it.

In less than half a minute, I packed the Navy's naval demon fruit capabilities.

'Drop Leong?,'

I heard the unique laughter of Salon, and there were some helpless hand stroring their forehead. The guys in the One Piece almost normally.

'Good, don't laugh? Sarandon?,'

In the moment, I broke the laughter of the giant Saard. The Jun Xiu's face was placed on a face of a niche. 'You protect Robin here.? I deal with other naval?,'

'.? Uncle !!' Robin seems to be a little loubbly, I want to call in the moment, I am afraid that he just appear will suddenly disappear, but it still wants to say.

Rest assured Robin.? I said that even if you destroy it, don't you have anything?

The voice falls, and the moment is slightly smile in Robin, and gently reached the huge ice of the frozen ice, and immediately launched a blue feat. It disappeared in the same space.

Boom! Boom! Boom!