Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 291 of Hueding Crack System

The entire O'Jara is all the firefighting and smoke of the sky.

Under the 10th Naval Demon, the gunfire attacks of the top battleship, the whole island is shaking.

"Hey. What is the guy in Kutz? What is the action so slow?

After flying behind a white naval coat coat, the future of the Navy's three major red dogs Saskask holds the moon hit a huge naval warship head.?

Olympicing the O'Jara, which is being destroyed before, looks like an ancient bronchite.

Report Saskaski in the nine o'clock in front of the front, a few boats from O'Jara fleeted! 'This time, a soldier wearing a naval warship, a soldier wearing a naval uniform, and loudly after the baggage. Report.

Should be the escape boat in the residents of O'Hara Island? Probably have hundreds of O'Jara people?, "Province's strong dog, the strong face, no change, the naval soldiers seem to have a little loubbing, replenish again Tao.

"Open, blow up them. '. The low and thick voice of the red dog sounded, and the order of the order did not hesitate.

'However,' I heard the command of the red dog, and the naval soldiers next to it are shocked. The look is stunned: 'Those escaping boats are all the ordinary people in O'Jara.? And many of our ships are also Those vessels near?, '.

This is the order! Any boat may have a historian and criminals of O'Jara !! The naval justice does not allow half-point gap !! 'I heard the report of the naval soldiers, the red dog 5.8 engraved face More hard, there is no slight emotional wave in the eyes under the hat.


'Is it? Less as little as the command of the red dog is shocked, but the first military rule as a navy is to follow the superior order, this naval soldier immediately a trip.

How can you do this?!

Those people who are just the escape? And our colleagues are there.

For the first time, this naval soldier symbolizes the absolutely justified naval uniforms to herself, and has produced a problem.

No. Don't use guns?, 'Just at this time, the red dog standing in the naval battleship is suddenly awkward.

(Reprimant monthly spending flowers don't stop, today small A broke out six more).

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Chapter 13 hits (ask for reward and automatic)


Suddenly heard the red dog, this naval soldier smashed, and the next conservation thought he had to recover his own order in front of him.

'No need to shoot? The warship is too slow?

I saw the red dog standing in the naval battleship, suddenly stopped his move, and his body shaped slightly stretch and unloaded the naval jacket on his body.

Does this naval soldiers have widened their eyes.

'I want to personally take two eliminates sin?,' With the deep voice, the red-white naval jacket is lighter on the deck of the Navy's battleship, and the eyes are dead, and the number of escapes in the far-faced ship.

Flower LIJ !!

I saw a high-temperature hot breath suddenly broke out from the red dog. The whole person's hands and hot rods were bombarded by the dark red-black hot rods. He hit the violent palm of the sky in a blue sky. .

The whole sky over the top of the crowd has dyed the red color, and the huge lava, the huge lava, 31 rock, is like the rock of the fire flow, and the rock of the rain is constantly falling toward the disturbance vessel.


The continuous explosion loudly rushed to the entire coast around Ohara, and saw the power of the red dog rock, all the sea was treated with a lava sea, and the ship was originally around. Number of naval boats shine in a moment, dissipated in the sea.

'Actually together with your own colleagues?

All the ordinary naval soldiers around them are stagnant to land in the far-sea, the escape vessel and the naval bike, and the behavior of the red dog and the power of the power are shocked.

'This is the absolute justice of the Navy. Never allow a sin to exist?

Without igniting the idea of ​​all naval soldiers, the red dog fake voice spread throughout the huge naval warship. 'Next, just wait for the guy to come back.? Destroy the entire O'Hara Island.? This time The mission is completed?

After solving the vessels with all O'hara escape, the red dog picked up the naval jacket that dropped on the deck, this time his mission has been completed.

'Sa. Saskasky,'

At this time, all the naval soldiers on the entire huge naval war ship deck, there was a shock expression. If you have a complete, you can't say it. Heaven. Is there someone in the sky?, '

Someone in the sky?!

I watched the red dog suddenly turned back, I saw a body shape in the sky in the sky, and it was constantly brushing towards their huge naval warship.

A black and deep coat, the silver white long hair is mad, and a pair of blue gods reflows in the eyes as if she is indifferent to the eyes, and there is also a master of transparent ice.

It will fly ?! "

The province's moment is flying across the sky, and the red dog is shocked when the red dog is shocked. The face gradually floats the look, someone wants to challenge the Navy's majesty ?! "

But when the moment is getting closer to the huge naval warship under the foot of the red dog, the red dog finally said that the moment in the moment of holding the big ice, and could not help but slammed the pupil.

That is.? Kuzang ?! ',

The green feminine that is a frozen fruit power is actually frozen into ice, which is just the best laughter under the sky, but the red dog is now smiling now.

As with him, as the Navy, I will naturally become the blue afterstead of the devil's ability. At this moment, it is actually ice into ice, and the other party is absolutely not an ordinary enemy.

Although Qingxiong this guy usually does not have a long way, but the red dog is clear about his strength, the factors of the fruit ability, the power of the two people is absolutely different, and now they will fly this. Mysterious man uniform.

Is this guy Is Redu Saskkki?

The future of the Navy will be one of the three major events. The Navy Marshal after the big event.

All the naval in the huge naval warship under the feet is in the sky in the sky, and the blue eyes are also playing them.

Ten Navy's most attacked top battleships. Five Navy Headquarters will include red dogs and Qingxiong, two natural demon fruits, and ten generals and nearly 10,000 naval elites.

The province came to cover the truth of the world history. The World Government and the Navy have been a bloody.?

Suddenly, I found that there were countless hot lava sea in the far sea, as well as the wreckage of several broken melted escape vessels, and the blue eyes of the flash were slightly smashed.

This guys are in the ridiculous people in the slaughter.

There are also some understandings about the generic dogs in the original, and the character is just straight but the means is cruel, and it is never allowed to allow a trace. Sin.

In order to complete the task, it can be annihilated as a goal. For example, 930 this O'Jara incident, he uses a parachaologist who may nest, destroying all the Austrian ships.

Even in the original Malin Fan Due in the event. He shot personally performed the naval soldiers who intended to escape because they were afraid of death.

For the character and practice such as the red dog, I can't say that I can't say that I can't say hate, and I have just passed through the world, and the people of Ohara have nothing to do with him.

But in order to achieve the purpose and beliefs in his heart, the laughter unarmed people and their own naval colleagues, and finally hang on the name of Justice. This makes it unrecognizable.

The huge sound of the huge naval warship has passed a huge sound. When you look at the naval battleship, you will lose the hidden ice of the frozen yourself in your hands to them, and squatted in the deck of the Navy's battleship. The countless fence and mast were broken up.

, Kugan will !! "