Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 292 of Hueding Crack System

At this time, all the naval soldiers on the huge naval war ship deck also saved the huge objects that were thrown down in the hands of them, and they exclaimed.

(Reprimant monthly spending flowers don't stop, today small A broke out six more).

Chapter 14 Shocking (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 14 Shocking (seeking rewards and automatic)

I looked at the hidden ice of the huge naval battles in the hands of their huge naval battles. The province clearly cleared the frozen Qingxiong, and all the naval soldiers around the deck were quickly surrounded.

Can be evil ... What is this ..., '

As a result, all the naval soldiers on the entire deck were frightened. No matter how they knocked, they couldn't let it burn this hive, and they can't let it produce a single crack, let alone rescue the inside.

'I didn't kill him ...,' Quickly close, the sound of the indifferent E-spirited sound of the whole sea, passed into the feet every navy's ear.

But O'Jara today can't be destroyed ... The corpse is followed, the sound of the moment will sound again, and the corner of the mouth will pull a subtle curve, 'Because I can't just come here ... less

'Hey. What is the sinner of the Navy ...,'

I heard the arrogance of the sky in the sky, and the red tapkock is headed down, and the whole body has burst out the amazing high temperature calories of magma fruit, and the whole arm has made a huge high temperature lava.

'It's a big saying ... and O'Jara is destroyed !! "

Big fire!!

With the sorrow of the red dog, I saw that he only turned into a high-temperature hot lava arm rapidly wondering in the sky.

The dish time a huge incomparable lava fist in a moment, illuminating the entire sky above the Navy battleship, reaching 1300 degrees of burning high temperature evaporates all the air around the surroundings, with a rolling smoke and the unpassive power towards Skyblocks are bombarded over.

This is the rocky fruit that is capable of caught the flame in the Pirace world. "

In the foot of the navy battleship, the red dog suddenly fell towards the huge lava fists they slammed, and the blush of the blue God reflected the eyes.

'Just try my other capabilities to redeem to this world. There is no perfect match for this world of this world ....

When you bombard your bare dog, you have already illuminated the entire flawless face, and it's only to recover your thoughts.

I saw the flash of the sky floating in the high-altitude. A pair of Zhan-blue gods bluffled in the eyes of the mysterious light, and there was a lot of breath that was originally not belonging to this world. It is huge at the feet. The naval warship will shoot.

I don't know why, I am watching the flash of fasting in the air, an unpredictable crisis feels suddenly cage in the heart of the red dog.

Eighty god air hit !!!

There is no significant vacuum in the air between the tremendous naval battleship between the moment, the huge naval warship under the moment, and every trick is like a king of God of Heaven.

Among all the naval shocking eyes, every punch that she bombards, with a shaking of the heavens A Da Li, forming a perfect pattern of all living machines, huge high temperature lava fists with red dog bombardment The eighty gods of the moment were blown away.

The deafening giant sounded the sea area around the O'hara Islands, in the surrounding sea, the other navy, and only see the huge naval warship where the red dog is located, and there is countless air between the moment. The head is destroyed to the ancient rupture.

'Sakasky is over there. - What happened ?! "

Several other huge naval warsers around others

It is to know that every naval warship from the Tu Magui is the most attacked top warship among the Navy. Each ship is built by the shipyard of the seven waterfront. Even if the ordinary shells cannot destroy more To be destroyed, and each navy battleship is a big thing for a few hundred meters, now

The person was shreddle in a moment.

Fast! Rely on the past to support Saskaski !! '. Dressed in a striped suit immediately reacted, immediately shouted with all the Navy around me.

I heard the command of the A mouse, and the naval soldiers in all navy battleships were suddenly waking up, and they immediately drove at the feet, and they went towards the position where the red dog is located.

'Order. It doesn't have to use Chakra to make all the ability to make all your ability..' '

Full of the 80s of the 80th God blows the effect, the moment is slightly raising, and it seems that the subsystem does match all the capabilities of the current world.

'The death of the death _. What is it? What is the second body ?! "

The wolf is in a broken warship wreck, floating on the sea, the red dog comes with an incredible expression, just now hit the countless vacuum fist who destroyed the earth, leaving it in his mind. Impression implications.

'Is it almost killed by even the magma, the body is almost killed.

The low-shocked province is unable to release the half of the elevation (Li Zhao Zhao) in the half-day, and the red dog is very happy with the crisis of his own, and the edge of the naval warship is not attracted. One hit into the boundless seabed, or the power of the devil fruit

If you are blown into the submarine, you will be dead.

This is the power of the Nang Shadow World, the power of the Eighty, an alignment of the 19th gods, even if this pirates surpassing the human physical strength limit is simply.

'Escape the reaction, it is very fast ...,'

In the half-air floating on the sea, the blue-deep eyes of the moment will look at the red dog on the wreckage of the warship, and the whole is hit by oneself and the soldier and soldiers who have a slightly. Inexplicable radians.

(Reprimant monthly spending flowers don't stop, today small A broke out six more).

Chapter 15 is not natural (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 15 is not natural (seeking rewards and automatic)

The province comes to this Tun Magura, all of the navals come come over, ..., '

The vast gods of God have incorporated all the treasures around the sea, and it has naturally discovered all the huge naval wars boys around.

Just. ... can solve it without paying abundance ...

Looking at the huge naval warships around the feet, accompanied the rain curtain formed by countless powerful shells that were broken by themselves, 3 out of the mouth of the mouth.

The countless powerful shells surrounded by the naval warships around the province formed a lid of the lid of the lid, and the long strangeness in the air was shared towards the moment.

In this situation, I changed someone else, even if it is now a flies, it is difficult to fly, but for the moment that has been dominated by a world, this level of offensive has made him lifted his eyelids. .

In the foot of the navy, all the naval shocking in the sea, only the moment of the animal is lifted in the air, and the slightly smashed a little bit, suddenly a white ray flashing blinks all the shells of all the shells in front of him. on.

Some of the frozen sounds sounded on a 267-, as if the whole space in front of him was freeze the entire time and space, I saw that there were countless rain in the air, and they were frozen into the rain. The brilliant ice crystal. Sparkling glory in the sun in the sun in the evening of Ohara.


I saw all the strong shells that were frozen. The guns inside the shells were completely frozen. They suddenly felted on the sea. It broke into the powder-shaped ice crystal particles, as if to give the whole O'hara's sea surface coverage I got a dazzling crystal and appeared in the US.

But it is apparent that this beautiful dream scene can only bring incomparable horror and acknowledgment to all the Navy on the sea, just blowing a breath. ...

Is the strong shelling of the naval warship can't play a role?

Just when everyone was shocked in the moment, I saw a drunken floating floating in the horrible, with a inexplicable smile, a pair of blue gods suddenly sent out the eyes. Guanghua, endless , in all navy, some unexplained eyes

Graded your hands up.

Sky inserting the stars !!!

All the Navy on the sea horrified the eyes of their eyes, and they only provoked the summons of the ostrich. The temperature in the atmosphere began to become boiling, the sky in the high sky I started to have a flush color.