Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 293 of Hueding Crack System

Countless white clouds are rolled away from the air waves, and a huge too tantal meteorite burns the burning flame in the atmosphere. After burning red whole sky, there seems to be a spirituality. All the positions of all naval battleships in the sea are locked in the foot.


'This is two _.' '

When I saw the sky in the sky, the face of the red dog finally lost it, because he never heard that someone can summon so many huge meteorites in this world, even in the future The gravity fruit of the Navy's generals can't do it, not to mention the moment to control such a precise

Therapeutic gravity locks all the tracks of all meteorite flights in their navy battleship.

'Say the second _. The first time I use this power in this world _._.' '

It is a good-time, the livestock system is floating in the sky. The hands are gently hugged before his moon and Hungar. He looked at all the faces of the feet, and the tone of the taste and the smile on the face. The end of the falling day of falling (DBAA) has formed a transduction conflict but

Aesthetic scroll.

'Is this the power of God?

'We should die today, you will die.' '

At the beginning of the feet, many of the naval soldiers on the sea, and even shocked a butt sat on the deck of the warship. Looking up at the sky in the sky, every meteorite has a volume of 100 meters, which seems to be At the end of the day, the scene of the natural disasters, let them have completely lost their eyes!


'Rumoring China Big Piece White Beard Edward New Gate can destroy the power of the world.

In a few years ago, I used to follow the sea with Kapu, I took the sea, I took the red dog in the At Walhai War, and I couldn't believe everything I saw in front of my eyes. 'The guy ~ _. Why never heard of the big sea?' '.

Fast! Fast! All jump into the sea !! "

At first sight, this shocking scene, the mouse and fire mountain a few Navy's winning face became green, and immediately reacted came over to all the navy around me.

In the face of the same attack like the world, only the entire navy sneaked into the sea, and it is possible to see a line of life, even the chance is very embarrassing.

As for the power of the devil fruit, it can only be self-satisfied _._.

Boom! Boom! Boom! _._.

As all the navals abandon the boat jumped into the sea, they did not come to the eye.

I saw a huge meteorite in the sky with a hot burning flame, as if the end of the natural disaster, she bombards all the Tun Maguo's naval warships, under such volume and quantity of meteorite, all Navy and battleships are fundamentally avoided.

Almost shocking the sharp bombardment sound of the entire West Sea, all the huge naval warships were smashed by this countless meteorite, even if the naval soldiers hide into the sea, most of them can't escape this uncomfortable bombardment.

The huge waves set off almost flooded the entire O'Hara's island, and the huge meteorite rains that were summoned in the whole sea were smashed.

The blood of thousands of naval soldiers. Dyeing the entire sea area around O'hara ...

(Reprimating the flowers for the monthly ticket, don't stop, today Xiao A broke out, I feel that the kidneys have fallen.

Chapter 16 Amazing Messages (ask for rewards and automatic)

Chapter 16 amazing news (ask for reward and automatic)

'Suck. ... There are so many people survive ...,'

Shu Pu's floating in the sea is half-face, the blind eye in the moment can be very clear, and some of the naval sneak into the sea.

Of course, this time is more fortunately, those who have been sent to O'hara Islands, at this moment they are hysteresisted by all the Tun Maguo, the Navy Warship is destroyed. Shocking scene.

All of them can't help all the depths of O'hara Islands, still rushing from countless huge meteorites, shivering on your body.

'O'Hara This time it saves ... "3 tickets are muttered in the moment of half air.

Just, I don't know if there is so lucky next time.

However, it doesn't turn it off. After recovering your eyes, the moment is slowly floating toward the depths of O'hara.

'... ...,'

Standing in another seaside of O'Jara Island, Robin has opened his brunette's big eyes to gradually floating from the sky, and the shocking tag can't say it.

Kill "The uncle is really God.

Um ... Russia knows ... There is already silently identified in the Robinish mind.

"This time, O'Jara is over here ..., '

'Saragon ... Robin is given to me ... Russia will protect her ...,'

Gently fell to the eyes of Robin and Sarand, the sight of the blue double-shaped line fell to the side of the giant Saard, 'You hurry away ... I will appear again in the future ...,'.

Because the world government and the navy will not let you go ..., '

After the voice falls, there is no time to pay attention to the shocking expression in front of you, and gently reach out of your hand on the shoulders of Robin, the blue eyes are falling in the world.

The launch of the launch, and the twists of Robin disappeared in front of the giant Saard.

Only a person who is still in Saraine is standing in the sea of ​​Ohara, and there is a group of naval soldiers in the island Central Committee.

Just at this time.

At the edge of the O'hara Island, this moment was reddish in the sea.

It is a huge meteorite deep pit, and countless naval warships are covered in the sea with the wave fluttering.

In the evening of the evening, I saw a huge object on the sea. I was sparkling, the crystal clear ice, the green face was still the expression of the moment that was frozen at that moment, just at the moment he could not scroll The frozen look of the eyes is no longer able to describe words in words.

Because everything just happened, he saved in his eyes.

Suddenly, in the sea, the sea is frozen, and the silkworm has been drilled with a arm, and the dead buckle is on the floating ice.

'Cough! Cough! ...,'

The sharp cough, I saw the red dog struggled to play his face out of the sea, and the face was full of robbery, and there was no breath in his mouth. 'Waished ... Lost…,'

He is a natural devil's fruit power, and it is soaked in the sea in the sea. There is almost no strength in the whole body.

Only with all the strength of all the strength of the dead, the ice-free frozen, which is frozen. This is the only life-saving straw at this time.

It's terrible ... Just now, the guy is originally unchanged if the bronchie face, the only expression in this moment is only horrified and shocking, "such a guy ... how can this big sea? No name ... less

no matter what.

Be sure to bring this news to the Navy Headquarters.

Navy, Marin Ford.