Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 294, Chapter 294

Cap! Your guy! "

Among the office, Zhe saw the Kapu's hangs and lang in the sofa, the Warring States could not help but risen.

Alu ...

In the face of the roaring Warring States, Capsca placed down his high-tech feet, replaced it with a rare expression. 'You said that this world government launched the Tun Maguue ...

· ... seeking flowers

'Do you say about this navy launched the Tun Maguo to go to O'Jara ...,' The Warring States thought that Kapu was concerned about the actions of this navy, and said: Don't worry. ... . ... This is equivalent to the Navy is a region where it is not guarded. ... Do you want to be very easy ... less

"Moreover, the five parties sent in this time ... There is also two kinds of green and red dog ..., 'The Warring States continued to talk, there is no image on the head with a seagull.

'I can't understand this is this! "

I saw that the card was blown up his beard. Some indignant interrupted the Warring States. "Is the World Government at this time, don't hesitate to dispatch the Tun Maguue. ... is the slaughter of the O'Jara helper unsterent historian scholar ?! "

"Don't say Kapu ... Although I can't agree with the process of the world government. ..."

Understand this Navy's unarmed historian, a group of unarmed historians, has touched the inner heart of Kapapa, and the Warring States said helplessly: 'But you have to understand ... this is the higher level of the Navy. command.…"


Just between the Warring States and Kapu, this time the golden phone in the office rang.

"Here is the Navy's department ..., 'The Warring States reach out and picked up the phone.

Drilling Ge National University will ... I am Sucaski ..., 'The arms have come to a somewhat weak voice.

'Saskaski ?! You ...,' Warring States eyebrows slightly _9, did he not perform a task at O'Hara at the moment? "Is this O'Jara action to complete?"

"No. General

The head of the phone, the voice of the red dog is somewhat intermittent, and the sound is difficult, "" This is the tune. Failure ...

'What ?!' I heard the report of the red dog in the phone. The Warring States almost threw out the phone in his hand, 'Tu Maguo failed ?! Do you know what you are saying what Sakaski ?! "

Chapter 17 Navy Vibration (ask for reward and automatic)

Chapter 17 Navy Vibration (ask for reward and automatic)

Navy, Marin Ford.

The Tu Magu is a failure ?! What is the Sakaski ?! '. The Warring States Office came out of the Warring States incredible roar,' How could the Tu Maguo failure !? "

Is the Tu Magua fail?!

I heard the Warring States uneasy roaring roaring in the office, and the side of the sofa was in the sofa, and the appearance of the sofa was also harvested, and the expression on the face gradually lifted.

Ten Navy's top most attacked battleships, five skilled in the middle of the system of the qi and naval six body, even including the Castles of the Castle and Reduce Saskaski A natural devil's ability.

Other Major General Allowed, and nearly 10,000 Navy elite soldiers.

Under such a power to destroy dozen islands, go to the O'Jara, which is all the unarmed historians, actually failed ??

There must be an unusual thing to have this happen ... Capuli thoughtful stretches with the beard of 31 hemps.

What happened in Saskaski ..., '

After the shock of just now, the Warring States finally drunk, and resumed the natural color, the natural color, and said.

With his understanding of the red dog, although the style is too cold and iron blood, but the red dog is absolutely one of the three people, it is absolutely impossible to perform the most secure of the three people. Unlike.

'In addition to our several, it will be injured.

The head of the phone, the original low noise of the red dog is now bitter and weak, "" This time, all the other navy soldiers died thousands. Ten navy battleships were destroyed ..., '

The naval soldiers died thousands of people?!

All Navy battleships are all destroyed?!

I heard the news from the red dog, the whole person suddenly felt a black, and asked: "What did you encounter ?! Why are you encountered ?! Why do you have encountered ?! Who is you?! Golden Lion's Flying One Piece ?! "

In the past, the Battle Country had a moment of guess, but all he overturned all.

In this Roger, the Timentarius announced the dispersion, the pirate Kondo. Roger has voluntarily been arrested by the Navy. The shortage of punishment, and the people who can think of this in the Broken Brain can think of those people who can do this. There is almost the above characters.

The Tu Maguo destroys O'Jara's actions to be a secret mission appointed by the World Government, and white beards and Golden leaves have always been in the new world, and it is impossible to suddenly appear in West Haoyara.

'No Second _ Russia met a person in Ohara _._.' '

The red dog in the phone denied all the guesses of the Warring States, even if they were not far from the Warring States, they can listen to the shock and horror in the red dog, 'We have almost no resistance to the ability of the second _. All Navy Warship All is destroyed. Thousands of navy elite soldiers were killed. One. ''

A person?!

The whole office is drunk, and the suffocating atmosphere can be seen on the ground.

The faint approving is from the phone, and the two of the two people in the army and the Warring States are deeply opposed to each other. They have seen each other in the eyes of the opponent.

He seems to have left the O'Jara _._. '' The voice of 'red dog seems to be, carefully organized his own language, said that they are now,' Well _ Kuzan intention The ice is in the _._. All warships are destroyed _. We need the Navy to send new vessels _. ''

The green is frozen?!

As a natural diaper, it is naturally a frozen.!

Haha, I really laugh: But the Warring States and Kapu didn't laugh at all. I saw that the Fruits on the face of the Warring States were gloomy as if they were able to drop the water. "No matter how you come back first. _ Russian now If you send people to O'Jara, pick you up: ._. ''

'Well ._. About the news of the person, the two is difficult to know is more than me more _.' 'After the end, the arm of the phone is cut off.

After the end of the red dog, the entire man's office is in a silence of death.

I only have the breathing sound between the Warring States and Kapu's two people, and the eyes of the opposite eyes.

A few days later.

Navy's part of Marinford.

Is Duzhao not wake up? "Kapu asked.

Has awake ... he is not hurt ..., '

The red dog bundled a white bandage hanging on his neck, and he compared with his poor iron blood. There is a matter of a little defeated between the look. The liberation of the library is a one-way It seems that there is no down hand, and he will recover after it is open.

Between speaking, several people have gradually entered the ward of the Navy's wounded, and the people accompanying the 680 countries and Kapu and other naval, there is still a strong body, and the chin is long. M beard. Hair combing Moss dry hairstyle. Behind the same is the same as the naval coat. Justice,

Two words.

It is the current naval marshal, known as the empty, the future of the future, and the Warring States promotion, he is the general master of the world government.

Kozan. ... Have you got? "After entering the room, as a direct superior leader of the green, the Warring States will first ask.