Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 295 of Hueding Crack System

Well ... I am nothing ..., 'I was lying in the bed, I saw a group of naval generals came in, and suddenly I sat up from the bed, and there was no obvious injury on the body, but it seems that there is still some sluggish.

Who is the guy ?! "

It is no more important, and this time, the morality of the body is so angry, and it will destroy our Navy's Tun Magura. ... Is the ace?! Or ..., '

As the Navy Marshal, this launching the Tu Maguo was destroyed, did not complete the mission of the World Government, which made him unable to share the upper level.

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Chapter 18 Publishing Rewards (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 18 Publishing Rewards (seeking rewards and automatic)

'I only know that he is called the moment ...,'

I heard the question of the chief, the young and the young is suddenly recalled, and it is a painful crushing, which is a faster speed than the light ... Sports hand is unbelievable ... "

'There is also a more frozen ability than me ... I didn't support him with his battle. I was defeated by him ...,' said that it is the way to spend myself. The ice-frozen fruit has all the ability to freeze, and the lazy eyes flashed deeply, 'Unable to determine him is

Does it work? But it can be determined. The guy is unbelievable ..., '

A faster speed than light?!

More frozen than frozen fruits ?!

It's been defeated less than half a minute?!

After listening to the young memories, all the Navy in the field will have a series of incredible question marks when the head is suddenly turned into a series of incredible question marks.

Does this people really exist??

' ... ...,' and this time next to it, after listening to the Qing Dynasty, the deep repetition of the mouth is in the mouth, as if you have to deeply inscribe it into your heart.

His body is really unbelievable ..., '

With the discourse, the red dog on the side seems to be caught in the scene before and the moment, and the moment of the sky is full of huge vacuum. The whole space is full of space, and hundreds of meters of naval warships are in an instant Smash, this is not the effect of the human body can achieve, even if you know beyond

Sports naval six forms of human physical energy is also compared to it.

'When I fight with him ... He only took the palm of his body to smash our entire naval warship ... but if not I fled quickly. "' Second, 'Thinking here, the red dog feels Go to your own half of your body.

'In addition to the ability to float the fruit to float the flight ... He also summoned countless huge meteorite from the sky ...

On the other hand, it seems that there seems to reflect the countless huge meteorite to cover the sky, and the end of the world is destroyed by him. "Almost all the naval warships and soldiers are destroyed by him. '

If the red dog said, it seems that I have a heavy punch, and the hits have entered the hearts of all people.

After Roger opened the ages of the Grade, there was such a horror guy that was an enemy, non-friend, which is undoubtedly a hit of a snow.

'And the Navy we sent to survey has also passed the news back ...,'

At this time, I stood in the crane between the Warring States and Kapu, and I also said that the eyes blinkled in the eyes, 'The results did nothing ... this person seems to appear in O'Hara.,'

'It has never heard of this guy in the sea ... Less listening to the intelligence of the crane, there is a little in the face, and he seems not to be a pirate ....

'I don't care about the pirates! "At this time, the guilty of Yuan Shuai directly interrupted the Qing's words, and the strong face was filled with iron blood and fruit, and the navy destroyed ten navy's top battleship ... kill thousands of navy Soldier. ... Watts the World Government very calling the Tu Maguo ..., '

'In the history of the Navy. Also have never been committed to such a heil !!'

, The emitting sound is like the outer number of himself, it is like a golden iron, "There is also the historian who flee O'Jara, Nicole Robin. It is the world government ordered the arrest. .

Zhango Guo ... This is handed over to you ... Accountability.

Be sure to arrest these two guys !! "

After the guilty left the room, he stayed in the face of the people, the atmosphere, and the atmosphere was a terrible, because each of them had already felt the anger contained in Yuan Shuai emblems.

In the history of the Navy, there have been never dare to block the tagmad, not to mention the one-time killing of the naval elite, destroying the top ten warships of the Navy.

'Crane ... You will release it now ...,'

Among the silences of death, the Warring States will turn their sight to the cranes next to the side. Shen Yun published the order. Put the moment, Nicole Robin, and the original Navy of the Ni Navy, Saurong The reward order is made ..., '

'As for the crime ..., let you come to Russen ...,'

In the face of the chicken peel crane, the spirit of the spirit, the spirit of the spirit, staring at her wisdom, the tone of the Warring States is deep and firm, 'After the one of the One Piece. ... this time. ... we can't allow anyone to have a provocative Navy's majesty !! ".

Yes. After listening to the command of the Warring States, the crane nodded slightly and sheds his own footsteps.

After the special crane, the Warring States glanced at the many naval elite generals in the room, and the heart couldn't help but sigh. I didn't know why his heart suddenly sounded a pioline. · Roger (Li Zhao) The last words before the sentence.

'Want my treasure? If you want, you can give you all! Go, let's put all the treasures !! "

This sentence called out before Roger died, undoubtedly changed the situation of the whole world in front of him, so that everyone turned into the sea, making countless falsam to start building collapse in order to compete for the final big secret treasure onepiece. It is very competitive, thus forming the whole big patency era, which is undoubtedly

The World Government and their navy bring an unprecedented devastating impact.

And now, this installment of mystery ...

What is his ultimate goal ...

What changes will thereon bring to this world?

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Chapter 19 Shocked World (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 19 Shocked World (seeking rewards and automatic)

Next day.

A newspaper and rewards brought by the news bird shocked the whole world.

Old! Come to the province in! Go big things !! "

The new world is in the sea, the huge majestic Mobik is destroyed in front of all the waves, a gold punk head, with a dagger. The Yunnanese has a young man with a white beard. The people called.

Kulara ... Factory

White Beard Edward's unique laughter spread throughout the Mobik, this is known as the world's strongest man moved his big foot, and the huge borders of the burly bodies almost shock.

What happened to make you shocked ... Malco ..., 'drill ran with a newspaper and shocked to the front of Marco, white beard took a newspaper in his hand, see the content on the newspaper. Surprisingly blown up the moon-like beard, 'Well ?! Ohara. Someone destroyed the sea

The army of the army ?! "

I saw a new newspaper on the new newspaper, and the eye-catching photos almost covered the entire newspaper.

Among them, a perfect Jun Xiu's face occupied the whole picture, the silver-filled long hair, a pair of blue imitation of the stars of the stars, as if to take all the eyes of the eyes, the whole person It reveals that a 310 has a temperament that cannot be met, it seems that the whole person is not

Cliffs are in front of this world.