Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 296, Chapter 296


Rewarding 400 million Bailey

A crime: attacking the Navy, destroying the Navy Tun Magura alone in the West Haijara Islands, killing thousands of elite naval, destroying ten top naval warships, and is extremely dangerous.

, Devil's son. Nicole Robin

Rewarding 79 million Bailei

A crime: intention to resurrect the ancient weapon to destroy the world of O'hara.

Simply a few words. However, it passed a shocking message. After this newspaper, people in the White Beard One Piece can't help but pour a cold.

Trouns ordered to! Ten Navy's top battleship, the Navy's part of the Ministry of Naval, nearly 10,000 Navy elite soldiers.

No one is more clear than those of these all ages and the naval, what is more clear ...

Now, it is destroyed by a person alone in a single horses.!

This world is not known that it is crazy to this 7?

Kill "that ?! Never heard the name of this guy. ... It seems to be a young little white face ..., '

A pair of !! ',

Although the high and low of the bounty is not necessarily proportional, from a certain point of view, the bounty represents a pirate position, representing a pirate in this large sea reputation and influence.

Although, it is not a pirate.

It's fun ..., '

Even the sound of the white beard is still like a stuffy, it is like a righteousness. I didn't expect Roger that guys killed. ... This world becomes more exciting ... Kurara ..., '.

Is there a chance? I really want to hand together with this guy ..., '

Unlike the height of the white beard, other young pirates on the Mobik number, such as Malco and Bissta, etc., are all kinds of tricks, and striving for strong victory, all of them are all of them. .

After all, in this triumphant, white beard Edward, Golden Little History, the three gods, the three gods, the three gods, have become a myth, and some people can achieve such a height of this age. It is completely unimaginable.

The other side is another side.

Soaring the skyline of the sky.

Kill "?! Never heard of the name ..., '

The newspaper is thrown in the boat, and the golden children's history is mad, and the long hair of the golden general color will not be in these world news.

What is Roger guy?! How can I be caught by the harvest of the harvested waste ?! "

I saw a disturbed A gas on the face of history, and some fierce eyes were full of anger. This branch ... I said with him at the beginning. ... Just use my troops and I have developed. Plan. Plus what the weapon he knows. Two people have to control the whole world

In our hands ..., '

It seems that the situation in the Alte Walhai war three years ago, the anger of the Golden Lion's History, almost ignited the entire cabin of the flying hundred pirates, so that all the pirates around 09 were cold, did not dare.

"It's not to open what big pirate era ..., '.

However ..., 'Shen Wine in the past and the pirate Wang Luo Jie recalls the history of the nature of the real back,' I will not believe that the waste navy can catch Roger that guy ..., '

'Everyone gives me speed! Target Malin Fan !! I want to kill the entire navy! "

The loudly opened all the pirates around him, the fierce eyes of the fierce eyes stalking the clouds, and the Golden lion history founded a king of the king of unsuccessful criticism.

The harvest of the Navy's part ... I want to call them to kill Luo

Just the whole world, when you are shocked, you have destroyed the deeds of the slaughter and the bounty of the reward.

At this moment, it took Robin, two people in the islands of the Navy's nature.

'Is it rewarded. ... 400 million Bailey ..., "province's newspapers in your hands, in the top of the photo of yourself and Robin, and the moment is loudly of the above content and numbers.


In the back of the moment, I took the newspaper in my hand into a group, thrown into the garbage blew next to the street.

Rewards 400 million Bailee, almost everyone in this world is a highly uncomfortable number, but there is no significance for the figures of these numbers.

(About Golden Lion Offense Naval's information is shown in Luo Jie soon, but here is due to the arrival of the moment).

Chapter 20 Shampoo Islands (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 20 Shampoo Islands (seeking rewards and automatic)

Because the power of the moment is definitely not light to this several numbers.

' ! You fast! All bubbles !! "At this time, Robin around us made a surprised voice, reach out of the small finger to build a house on the bubble on both sides, a pair of big eyes stars flash, as if to live Among a magical world.

Indeed, it is a magical sight in front of Robin to his eyes. The heart is also a sincere sigh.

Because this is the scene he has never seen, it is more even more and more quite, more than the original world.

The shampoo is also known as the soap bubble, located near the Navy's department Marion Ford, there is a world's largest red tree, Alezchong 'zero zero "tree, because the roots are all revealed in the water On, there is a shampooland archipelago.

The largest feature of the shampoo is the largest features of the Alecus roots, which secretes special natural resins due to breathing, and the resin is expanded to form a bubble because the air is inflated, and then fly to the sky.

Bubble car, bubble ferris wheel, building a house on the bubble ". _. In short, the bubble culture penetrates every corner of the shampoo.

Here is the territory of Tianlong people rule, because due to the relationship of the new world, there are many hundred pirates, businessmen and bounty hunters, so there is often a chaotic chaotic situation. place.

Looking back to the look of the Robin, I am sighing in my heart in my heart, she has been displacing and bumpy, so she will play for a long time on the soap toilet.

Stone Robin sat on the ferrous wheel formed by the bubble, and the moment slowed his own sympathy sneaked into the bottom of the system.

'Hello ._. System ._.' 'Attack in the heart of the heart.

'At the host. 'This system sounds very well, immediately appeared in the mind of the moment.

'My flow blade, when can I get it? "When I played the ancient deep-dark dragonfly, I was in the heart of the system.

'Host _ .... The awakening city in the dead world is required for decades or even hundreds of years, two _.' 'The sound of the sound of the ancient wells is explained,' and the host you have a system Break through the bottleneck breaking the boundaries.

Can achieve the second _. '' Of awakening.

"Do you need to use the chopped knife to fight often ... _. '' Hear the interpretation of the system, the heart is secretly nod, but since the world's lottery is fired, it has never used it to fight.

'And the host _. ... Has a help of the system _. I believe that the understanding of the knife is not your limit ._.' 'The system immediately throws a fatal temptation.