Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 297, Chapter 297

Is it the extent to which the knife broke through the understanding.

I heard the words of the system moment, my heart, my heart was indeed, I was in the system, and I have reached a thousand and five million degrees of the sun center temperature. If it breaks through the understanding, what will I reach? What is the point??

' ! This is fun !! "

Between the moment, Robin has ran down from the bubble ferrous wheel, because the pretty small face is excited and some Whong, the surprises have attracted the attention of all people.

The province of Robin is very exciting, and it is also unable to smile. Suddenly the blue eyes of the flash are slightly flashing, and I am noticed that I have a drunk around yourself.

Fast a girl !! She is not ..., '

Surprised voice came, and the moment of ignorant look, a dozen clothing weird thorn pirates around the soap bubble playground, deadly deeply at the Robin around the moment.

"Bounty for seven thousand nine millions of Bailey ... Little Devil's Son. Nicole Rob ..., '

I saw a reward list in the pirates in the Pirates in the Piè of Pirates, and the photo of the car was shocked. "It's really her ..., '.

Such a small girl's bounty is actually reached 79 million Bailey ..., 'I saw the first one of the thieves sounded, and I suddenly attracted some sight if there was no line of sight. ...

I heard this group of pirates broke the identity of Robin, and I felt the wings of the waves of the surroundings, and the slightly smashed the soul.

Will you meet some of the bridges of some dog blood?!

Hahaha ... Such a small girl is actually rewarded by the Navy's group of guys, the group of 7,9 million Bailei! "

Just when the thought of this moment is just now. A strong thief suddenly dials the pirates of the original speech, bringing a bunch of pirates from the crowd from the crowd.

Join our volcanic pirates! Start with me to go to the new world! Don't worry about the navy's gang ... It is full of deep malicious, and the smile is hung on the face.

"Come to Nik Robin! Join our One Pirates! Our boss will make you satisfied ..., 'At this time, the thief next to the volcanic pirates suddenly followed, normal words with them The tough tone has a kind of R breath, and suddenly makes everyone maliciously laughs.

stand up.


Why is the world in the second year? Will not lack this kind of dragon set without eye.

Listening not to the sound of this so-called volcanic pirates, the sound of Robin, which is already afraid to avoid his body, and there is a bit helpless and shook his head, just laughing on his face. Dipedus has gradually wound.

'Waiting for the captain. One.' '

At this time, a thief in the volcanic pirate seems to suddenly discovered anything. He looked at the moment. He suddenly wanted his eyes and immediately reached out in his own clothes, took a newspaper today, 'that guy is not it_.''

(Reprimating Monthly Flowers Don't stop, the new world of small A needs to consolidate score).

Chapter 21 Tianlong People (ask for reward and automatic)

Chapter 21 Tianlong people (seeking rewards and automatic)

'Kill "._. That two _.' '

I saw the pirates of the volcanic thieves, looking at the figure in front of the eyes, carefully contracted photos on their newspapers, looked at the series of bounty numbers above the newspaper, and suddenly spoke, started the buse,. Four _._ '4 million: ._.' '.

What is 400 million _._. ''

I saw the thief of my hand almost lost the newspapers in my hand. When the volcanic pirates, the brow had been wrinkled with a newspaper, and saw the news from the newspaper and the appearance of the moment. I have been surprised together, and this little face is the a few

God destroyed the guy of the Navy Tun Maguo ?! "

'I ._. "Let's run the captain." The production has fully confirmed the identity of the moment, and the thief next to the Volcanic One Pirates will start exaggerated jitter. Those deeds, the face has been 31 began to be happy, 'that is a reward of 400 billion

Wan 's guy. One.' '

'Hey ._ "Seeing his one's one-legged, I saw the captain of the volcanic pirates of the volcanic thieves, and they were covered in his head. I am afraid! The guy is only a person! We have so many people !! ".

But _._. But two _. ''

However, the guy destroyed the Navy's Tu Maguo killed thousands of navy and only one person Ming Dynasty _. But looking at the captain of his own furious, the thief around him is still talking.

'Hey! You are called the moment. _. Do you want to consider _._.' '

Looking at the moment in front of the eyes, this strong volcanic pirates came to say half, but suddenly opened his eyes, as if I saw any incredible things happened in front of him.

I saw him alone, I haven't finished all the people, I suddenly flicked a bright knife, as if it was a little sparkling in the dark, fleeting.

'._ Sure enough, it is a flow blade, Ruible _._.' '

A large drunken voice seems to be self-speaking, in the eyes of everyone, I saw I didn't know when I had already appeared in the air of the volcanic pirates, and the whole gods were conscientous. Slowly insert it into the sword sheath.

Some slight sounds sounded, only after the moment of flashing and his pair of ships standing back, there was a bright red blood line, and then rapidly spread the blood fog, the whole The person seems to be touched by the bones.

The captain !! '. The movement of the volcanic pirates next to the volcanic pirates did not have Zheqing, and he saw his captain in an instant, suddenly exclaimed.

We can evil. ... we ..., '

Zhe saw that the captain of their captain was suddenly killed, and the thief around the volcanic pirates suddenly became irritated. Just just want to talk, he felt that his throat seems to be a little air, and the deadweight reached the neck, suddenly The fresh red blood is not curbed from the fingers to the ground.

Amazing and unparalleled eyes, the neck was slow, and the philosophic had already quietly quietly quietly quietly quietly, and the hands were still in the hands of the old darkness. .

This is. Is this a million strength ..., '

In the mind, the thief of such a unwilling, all the thieves of all volcanic pirates fell on the ground, and all the breathing was lost between the nose.

Even a little bit of blood did not leave:. Sure enough, even if you don't have the degree of initial solution ..., '

Some amazed in the hands of their own hands, looking at its ancient slender knife, in the sun, the sun shot, "The fire is more sharp than the world's unparalleled" ... '

Regarding the sword, there is a hunting in the world of the original Naruto, and after controlling the world, he has also counted the three boats to the country of the Tie, and it is also a sword master.

Although the current swordsman now in the moment may be better than the eyes of this One Piece in this One of the pirates, it will be the power of swordsmanship in the world, and the swordsmanship of the exhibition may be better than the big sword in this world. To be more scary.

In fact, this moment is here to come here, on the one hand, in order to learn AN gas, and another aspect is to learn this world's sword.

I believe that if the system breaks through the bottleneck to break the boundaries, the swordsmanship reaches the level of the big sword and even surpassing the big sword, and the power of the flow blade is burned to the power, the power of the moment must reach an unprecedented new height.

So cultivate an angry and swordsmanship, and the burning of the fire is the short-term goal of the moment after the world.

The philosophy gave a pirates that were dead, and the bright red blood was spread throughout the ground. All 677 tourists in the soap bubble playground began to flee chaos.

Just in the entire confusion, there is a middle-aged man wearing black sunglasses. When the guards around the bodyguards, the eyes under the sunglasses are dead, they are slowing down. The moment of the knife.

I saw this ink juncture middle-aged man long face, and there was a ridiculous bubble on the head, but wearing a luxurious dress.

'Rhodesvad Saint ...,'

The middle-aged man whoever spotted in front of the spot seems to be staring at the moment, the bodyguard guard immediately asked: 'It seems to be a low spirits in battle. ... we want to leave ...,'

'The knife ...,' 3 inch bodyguards reminded this middle-aged man in the middle of the sunglasses, but the eyes under the eyes were staring at the pain in the hands of the moment, 'I Want that knife! "

Tianlong people ...