Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 298, Chapter 298

The blue eyes of the flash were slightly. At this time, he also worried about the strange middle-aged man wearing a strange middle-aged man, suddenly recognized his identity.

(The new world of small A needs to consolidate the results, I adjusted the state and then burst into everyone).

Chapter 22 World Aristocrat (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 22 World Aristocrat (seeking rewards and automatic)

Tianlong people.

At a glance, I recognized the identity of the distant middle-aged middle-aged man.

Tianlong people are the world's aristocrats in the Shengdi Marie, which is the descendant of the 20 king of the World Government in 800 years ago.

Originally, the descendants of the Creators, hosted by this, because of this, because you don't breathe the same air, the head is in the same air, and the tares take the other race as a slave.

With all the privileges in the world, once they are occupied, even the generals of the Navy must have to maintain all military power, it is a bunch of great guys who are secretly known as the biggest garbage, but they can't help but sake.

Usually men's Tianlong people will add one after the name. St. word, and female Tianlong people will add an official behind the name. Word, to show their greatness.


Like this whole day, a bubble head is active, it is really good ...

The Tianlong people who stared in the distance, there were some helpless spits in the bottom of the heart, and the top ten fingers in the world of the pirates can come over, but it is clear that the Tianlong people in front of this are not within this category.

'Look at my flow blade, is it hot ...

I feel that the burning gaze passed from the Tianlong people in the distance, and there is some taste of the taste that has raised their mouths, 'The eyes are good ...,'

'Go to my knife to get me ...,'

After running the head outside of the head, Rhodesvad is guarded with the bodyguards around him. The eyes under the sunglasses have taken a closer to the blushing of the blules of the blue eyes and the silver, which is his body. I have never seen it, 'my eyes and eyes are so beautiful. ... if there is such a slave record.

Muscarrudar San and Charma Keheng will definitely . ... hahaha ..., one side, say that there seems to be imaginated in the Rhodesvad's mind, and the expression of other Tianlong people. I can't help but laugh.

Yes, Rhodesvad Saint. 'Hearing Rhodesvad's order, all the bodyguards around me immediately rushed to the moment, and the movements were fast.

'... ...,' province's own bodyguards, all of them rushed into the moment, Rhodeswad's mouth has been arrived at the ear of earn, as the world's aristocrat, enjoy all the privileges in this world, never Can define the requirements and orders of the dragon people.

'Now I finally feel that I have the protagonist of the protagonist ...,'

The blue-blue eyes stared at the eyes of a group of Tianlong people, the guards and guards. The moment did not put them on them. The dragon people really made the world are their high rights and background, not just in front of this. Point force two walks to Nai will have fatty flies to fly ..., '

If there is no eye-catching gaze around the entire bubble playground, only the A group of all Dragon people bodyguards.

Some of the freezing sounds sounded, as if the whole space in front of the eyes paused, I saw all the eyes of the Qing Dynasty, and the bodyguard guards were all put on a white glory. Everyone was instantly Ice. The frozen ice sculptures were frozen, in the sun in the sun, the sun


Call. ...

Suddenly a soft breeze broke into a chain bubble playground, I saw that all frozen ice sculs in front of the moment suddenly fell on the ground to break into powder-shaped ice crystal particles, giving moment and Tianlong people Rhodesvad On the ground, a layer of crystal bright flaming is laid.

After witnessing this scene, in addition to the Tianlong people Rhodesvaw, in front of the moment, all the other owners around the eyes did not help but suck a cold.

Home. Actually, just blowing a breath, all ...

I saw the power of the far on the moment, I was frozen all your bodyguards and frozen all the bodyguards. Rhodeswaid was surprised to retreat. Since birth to this world, he has never felt that some people dare to do this. Do not take him with the ft, 'You are a humble people. ... actually dare to resist, default

Big world noble ..., '

Between speaking, Rhodesvad suddenly lifted his cane in an instant, hiding the firearm in the cane, playing a bullet.

'Order. Oh ...,'

I disdainful smile, the speed of the firearms in this moment is not much better than the turtle, and the child is suddenly brushed from his hair.

Renovation of eyes, Vientiane!!

After hiding the bullets shot from Rhodesvad, there was a laughter of the smile on his face, and the blood of the blue god sent a slight brought a bit of A force, and Rhodeswaid, which was flattened, gently reached. trick.

Sudden Rhodeswaid only felt his whole body, under the traction of a huge gravitation that could not resist, with a frightened expression, the whole person, like a row, the head of the heart.

At the moment, I held the neck of Rhodesvad, and he raised his entire man in the air. The blue-blue eyes stared at Rhodeswaid, and sharp eyes seemed to penetrate the bubble head (good The black sunglasses saw the fear in his eyes.

Dragon people are right ?! "

The drunkenness of the Rhodeswa, who was smashed by himself, and the face of the greeting of the beard had become the same color as the pig liver, and the tone of the moment was gentle and no ups. Although I am not very It is clear what is supporting you, this help, you can do whatever you want ..., '.

But I may have a little different from other people in this world ..., '

It seems like a whisper with his friends, it is generally said that the bright blue eyes are gradually turned cold, 'If the monarchy people who have called the creation of the master is just like you, "'

'That is not necessary to waste the air is necessary ...,'

(Reprimating Monthly Flowers Don't stop, the new world of small A needs to consolidate score).

Chapter 23 Huang Chi (ask for reward and automatic)

Chapter 23, Huangbo (ask for reward and automatic)

'That is not necessary to waste air, _._.' '

The cold and murdered language spit out from the moment of the moment, at this time, the God of the left eye suddenly predicted that the new scene was suddenly turned to the empty side of the other side.

'I am talking about the second Barurasolino ._.' '

With the sudden sound of the flash, the Robin next to him is looking at his eyes, and only the other side of the ground is placed on the ground that is originally empty, and gradually condenses a person. Mage.

It is the first time to reward for the first time, the mutton, the mutin of the mulldot, I am in an instant, I feel my traces.. ''

I saw a black curly hair wearing yellow white striped suit, and a circle on his face with a pair of light sunglasses, the thin middle-aged man appeared in the air, the tone was full of surprises. , 'No wonder Guosan and Sashkaski are lost in your hand ~ _.' '

The speed of the navy is so fast.

The province should be the other Tianlong people to protect the use of the phone insects.

'Just one 037 one person? Borino ._.' '

In the moment, the blue eyes seem to have a lot of the entire bubble playground. In addition to the continuous rushing naval soldiers, they did not find other powerful figures. Let the Warring States Capa have come over and have almost _2 You still don't have a sweet kick _. ''.

No one, who makes my speed, the fastest, second _. ''

I heard the moment, the tone of the yellow ok is a strange, with his kind and beautiful uncle, it is really unable to speculate on his true heart. Let the empty yuan handsome Warring States general also have a card Mr. Pu comed over? ... You are really no madness of Hui, two _. ''

Is it arrogant? I heard the words of the yellow ok, and the mouth of the moment is slightly San. It is obvious that he doesn't think so, this is just a fact that it is a fact.

With an inside between the flash and the dialogue, countless naval soldiers surrounded by countless naval soldiers.