Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 299, Chapter 299

The second release of Rhodesvad, the second release of Rhodesvad. '

Actually, countless naval soldiers groups will flash in the middle, and the yellow gossy is still the unwilling weird tone, 'If the dragon people have three long two short .... Then you are completely enemies with the world government _ The whole world is your enemy _._. ''

'Is the whole world be my enemy? Don't see it. Factory

I heard the words of the yellow gobloo not threatening, and the moment understands what he is talking is true, but it is not placed in the heart, and ... strict.

If you can be enemy with the whole world. ... that is really interesting?

With the illusory voice of the moment, all the Navy, including the yellow ok, widened their eyes.

Some crisp sounds sounded, and I saw that I didn't hesitate to do a slight force in my hand, and I immediately cut off the neck of Tianlong Rhodeswad.

I have a born, and then I put the body of Rhodesvad in the trash can in the distance like a shell.

Can't lose garbage anywhere ... Do you have a male morality? The corpse patted his palm, the blue eyes looked at all the front of the gods, and the flash was a relaxed smile.

He ... he actually killed Tianlong people?!

He actually killed the world's nobles in all the naval faces ... The descendants of the Creators?!

Not only the Navy soldiers of these general (DBAG), but even the face of the yellow goblin changed, he didn't hesitate to kill Rhodesvad without hesitation, and pushed the whole thing. There is no rounding place.

Fast! Kill him! "

The provisional moment is actually killing the Tianlong people in all the navy's faces. The surrounding naval soldiers suddenly showed the color of the dead ash, and it seems that he has foreseen the next tragic situation. Otherwise, all of us must end. !! "


Countless guns sounded, and countless naval soldiers surrounded, all bullets formed a bullet, rainstorm, sprinkled to the moment and Robin.

Although these ordinary firearms bullets can't make a threat to the moment, after all, there is Robin with Robin.

Feeling that countless bullets in the four sides were broken, the air was stunned, and the hips were disdainful, and the blue mysterious god broke out of the eyes of endless pounds.

It is always dead to lock the yellow goblue of the moment. I will see the infinite light from the moment of my eyes, and I suddenly swear.

Renovation of eye Luo Tian Major!!!

A big shock, suddenly broke out, suddenly broke out in an instant and Robin, instantly, all of the bullets, ground, and countless naval soldiers all the objects all bombarded.

Moreover, this powerful repulsive force is still crazy with the speed of the naked eye, and the entire bubble playground is completely destroyed, and the entire shampoo in the shampoo in the entire shampoo is is isrth to flat.

If this time it looks down from the sky, you can. See the 33stown of the entire shampoo island started a huge flower from the middle of the invisible force, and destroy all the buildings above the entire island. Outstanding, leaving only a huge unparalleled national deep pit.

' ... _.

After the dust settled, standing in the huge deep pit, Robin, had his own little mouth. Everything happened in front of him, lifting his own small head, and a little looking at the moment, 'You put the entire bubble Island I can't get it _._. ''

'Sorry, Little Robin 2 _.' '

Feeling the somewhere of the Bobbin, I had some helpless shrugs, but there is no more apology, 'I have a little hard, and I have a little hard. _._.' '

(Reprimating Monthly Flowers Don't stop, the new world of small A needs to consolidate score).

Chapter 24 is faster than Guang (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 24 is faster than Guang (seeking rewards and automatic)

'The whole island. ... All is destroyed ...,' The happiness sounds from the endless dust mist.

'Is really incredible for ...,'

At the moment of flash and Robin, a golden glory flashed, and the body shape of the yellow ok was gradually condensed, but there was no slack look at this time, 'is a devil. Is the ability of fruit. ... or ..., '

It is no wonder that he can destroy the Tu Maguo with him.

No wonder the red dogs and green fears are in his hands ...

Light-colored sun glasses, the yellow and a pair of original Charached eyes are not comparative to the moment of staring at the eyes. Just in the moment, only the terrain here is completely changed, this power has not been allowed by anyone in this world. Do not pay attention.

At the same time, at the same time, it is also good to save the yellow oyster in front of the moment.

Unlike other two future Navy, the three generals of the Navy, the green and red dogs, the Huangqi Pu Saleno has no emotional hesitation, there is no entanglement to justice, the whole person does not have anything to treat anything. Determine to follow the imitation, just responsible for the implementation of the task, character is the three generals

One of the most exciting.

And the ability of flash fruit is in power or morphological plasticity, and it is also the top capability in all natural demon fruits.

You can turn any part of the body into light, immunize any physical attack, unlike the frozen fruits, and there is also limitations.

At the same time, it has the speed of light, and the speed attack can be performed and the speed movement. It can be applied to a rapid attack, causing powerful attacks.

The body can make a strong flash, which can cause the enemy to temporarily blindness, and can also compress the photopaterials to emit lasers, and the laser that can produce a wide range of explosions.

It seems that the gesture of the hand has bought the hand, and the odd oppressed feelings have brought the shackles of the shackles of the breeze on the whole island that is destroyed by the whole. .

The bright blue eyes of the blue eyes are slightly flashing. It seems like the starry sky, the mysterious, the blind eye, reflects the future of the whole world in the future.

Are you playing in the speed of speed?! ',

In the blink of an eye, I suddenly came from the ears of the moment. I saw that when I didn't know when the Chinese people had already appeared after the brain, it is not a speed!

A leg is high as if a shared circle is condensed, condenses the golden rays. The ability to flash the flash in an instant to the extreme.

Speed ​​kick!!

The speed is the force, and the Huanghuo will accumulate the photons to kick the legs on the calf, and the power is enough to destroy a huge red tree.

"No ... No ._. ''

Feeling the infinite wind from his own brain, the face of the flash has no change, and the corner of the mouth has hooked a dangerous smile, the left-eyed God has already caught the pain in advance. In the eyes.

Reincarnation !!!

"Because I _. I am faster than light !!"

The yellow goblin only felt that he had a moment in front of him. When the sound of the sentence was sounded, the whole person had appeared in the body of the yellow.

Huang Hua gathered to the ultimate speed of light and suddenly attack on the ground in front of him, and suddenly slammed the ground a huge deep pit, and countless splashes were can't cover the horror of the yellow face.

A strong heart gothergium and a heartbreaking force from the brain of the yellow gob, I saw a punch in the moment, and I smashed the whole head of the yellow and the whole head, scattered as a star point. Golden light is spread in the air.

Jade !!