Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chair of the Crash System Chapter 300

After the elemental brain, the elemental brain was blown into a crushing, in a strong sense of crisis, it was drifted to the mole to immediately coagulating the strong laser, and an instant formed a continuous refractive light in an instant in front of the void.

'Hey: ._ Want to use the optical channel formed by the Jetan to get out of the second _.' '

Two fresh flowers ...

All the moves of the yellow gob have been in the bottom of the eye. The mouth is disdainful, the right eye's gods have issued a bright ray, and the vitamous pupils are poured.


Under the endless pupil of the blind eye, the whole void is suddenly turned back to the time, all of which returned to the hand of the yellow glow.

Just used the jewel to form a yellow goblue, the light passage of the light passage, I haven't come yet, I feel that all the golden bright light of myself released in front of myself disappeared. The whole person is unable to force the rules of the law. I pulled back to the place.

Just used the god of the god to return the yellow god to the original place, the surrounding air begins to continue to boil, and there is a black airflow surrounded by countless paint, and there is a darkness between the eyes. Dragon, with the destroying all the breath covered in the body

, The strong gentle will fly all the objects around them, roll up the dust and ashes.

'what is that?!"

I haven't responded yet, what happened just now, I saw it in the moment. At this moment, I was covered by a dark-awaited last day. The pupil in my eyes suddenly contracted, and the whole piece of grievances were not banned. A layer name is desperate color.

Is the black dragon? Is it armed?! "I would like to have a lot of gas streams formed by countless airflow around the moment, and the shackles of the shackles have thought of armed colors," "Armed color weng gas can reach This effect ?? "


Time will not stop because of the thinking of the yellow gob, I saw that all the air around the moment suddenly bled, and the whole personnel made a last day dragon, instantly sparring the space between the two.

'What is this speed ?! "

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Chapter 25 Tiequap (ask for reward and automatic)

Chapter 25, Tiequarium (ask for reward and automatic)

The dead is a big eyes.

Huang Jie is very frightened to appear in front of his eyes, and immediately reacts to the ability to launch the flash fruit. The speed is out of light, but it is stunned to discover the entire space and light around himself. And the power is distorted, 'The whole space and light ._. It's turning

Quick _._. ''

As if there is thousands of bombs, the sound of detonating, the lacquer, the paint of the paint, and the destruction of all the temperament, instantly, in front of the impersonated yellow bodies, directly swallowing him throughout the whole person .


The land of the entire shampoo island is began to collapse.

It was originally attached to the Ping. The islands of Zi Tian Ziyu were flat. The islands of eight or three have been completely heavy, and the big islands almost have been in this hit throughout, and there is a black and deep pothole. Under the foot of Robin.

With Robin, I was drunk in half air. At the moment, the blue eyes were inkilled, and they were soaring that they were constantly collapsed. He even saw a fragrant pothole in the foot, and some of the sea water .

'It is a bit heavy in _._. The entire island collapses _._.' '

The whole thing that starts to collapse at the foot. If you think about your own hands, you will feel the strength of your filling, as if your body is hidden, you have a huge behemoth from the flood, 'I didn't expect to rise to this end. The oysterism is also perfect in this world.

'Huang Hao._J's chance to take it down should be very embarrassing. ._.' '

Staring at the huge sprinkle pit at your feet, a moment of flashing in an instant, and finally recovered his profound gaze.

'Let's go Robin.

The sound of the moment said, because his gods have seen the surroundings around the island, there are several powerful breaths that are constantly picking them here.

Just in the moment, the sound just fell, a burst of incredible blank sound.

The Robin we all of Robin, surprised to see as if there is such a big rock in an island, is flying toward her and the moment.

Hey. It's really a big strength ... less

The province is like a small island. The huge rock is coming towards himself and Robin. It is gently snoring. The blue eyes have just seen the earth's earth slowly collapsed, and one must be unparalleled. Middle-aged and old man, "Navy Hero, a sink, Cap

This face.

It is a young in it than yourself. ...

There is a slight sigh. The mysterious light of the mysterious light is flashing in the flash of the blue eyes. It is slightly overflow.

Renovation of eyes, repulsive!!!

I saw suddenly between the moment, and the cards on the earth were suddenly bombarded. A sputum in the air could not be 0, as if formed in the space between the two people. An invisible channel.

The whole small island is suddenly smashing, along with the fantastic air of the emperor, is bent into a distorted shape, and it is not only crushed to the Kapu in the earth.

Be good !! "

I saw a punch in the moment, I crushed the huge rock you thrown, and I felt that this fist in the moment, and the cards in the earth were in the ground. X out of a strong battle. , In the eyes of the eyes.

Armed colored gas, hardening!!

I saw that the whole land under the card was started to be twisted by the flash of it. However, the whole body of Kapu suddenly covered a lacquer-black material, and the inexplicable luster was flashing in the air. The whole body of the whole person The stretch is the ultimate.

Box, iron!!

Kapu opened the second phase of armed colored gas, all over the body covered with solid cloth, and felt double boxing in the moment of bombardment

As a small hydrogen-bomb, the impact of a small hydrogen, I saw the double punch that Kapu's strength, suddenly slammed, and suddenly hit the stunning of the moment, as if the same intangible airflow as if it was in an instant broken card Two rocks on the entire ground

'Is there such a power?

After finalizing the stunning punch of the moment, the card is full of surprises and exciting. This feeling seems to have no feelings in the One Piece. 'Think of Luo Jie after death: ._. There will be such a powerful person. ''.

Actually, it is: ._. ''

The blue-blue double-sham drunk stares at the foot black armed colored gas M cover the whole body's card, and it is also a little surprised to raise his own brows. With this just blowing, but I really didn't think Some people in this world can pick up, this is the legendary

Naval heroes who have been mowered ._. 'T. · Kapu's strength.

The province came to this world.

Not so boring.

Pluto !!

It seems to capture some slight gods in the middle of the hollow, a big high-temperature hot lava fist instantly lights up the entire space around the moment, constantly turning into the burning temperature.

In the original, this trick, a half-faced face of the white beard was ruined 2.2, and a boxing worried about the Yunhuang, Mun.