Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 301 of Hueding Crack System

I saw a smile of the mouth of the mouth, and the hole wearing the whole space of the whole space was reincarnating. How can he be attacked in advance? How can he be attacked? Ming ._. ._. ''

Red dog ?!

When the red dog is slightly surprised, when the flash is called by his own call, a dangerous feeling is poured out from the bottom, and he suddenly reflects some familiar scenes again.

Eighty god air hit !!!

One moment I saw that I have already saved the best forces in the hands of the flash to suddenly hit.

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Chapter 26 Buddha Warring States (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 26 Buddhist Warring States (seeking rewards and automatic)

All the air between the whole space between the moment and the red dog is excluded, and there are countless vacuum heads between the space between tangible and invisible space.

Each of the moment is like a fist of the king of heaven, in an instant, put the red dog in front of all the lava.

It seems that the sound of the whole sea is sound, and the Cap is shocked for his own eyes, and there is a lot of huge void. If you turn your eyes, you can't put the red dog. .

'Saskaski Koni_. Factory

Shijing was in front of the bottomless pit, and the Cap Pu had a struggling to swallow his own saliva. He can't determine that the red dog is born. "Will n't die ._. ''

Although it is not very appreciative of the child's character, but as a camp's comrades, Kapu naturally does not want the red dog to be attacked.

'What can human beings really can show this body? _.' '' '' '' '' '' '' Card eyes are unparalleled by half air.

He is also a master of specialty products and body to achieve this world 02 peak, and the card is of course very clear. If you only use human flesh to play, what kind of concept is like just now.

This kid seems to be twenty years old _ two how can be strong to this extent ._. '' Capu is unbelievable staring at the moment in the air, saving him seem to be easy to die. Little girl Robin next to him, a pair of freezers.

'The two natural demon fruits will also have the naval hero card..' '

The moment of drunk floating in the air, as if it is just a small thing to tell a slightly insignificant thing, 'I don't think of a killer who killed a dragon.

Kill a Tianlong people.................

I heard the words of the Pasta, I stand on the foot of the earth, some speechless slight pigeons, my mouth.

Although I have never seen the Tianlong people in the world, I have never seen some people who have never seen such a Dragon person, killing a world government, who is trying to maintain the world's aristocrats. .

Especially in the face of their navy, this undoubtedly has pushed the entire navy to an extremely embarrassing point. If you can't catch the moment or kill him, then you will don't want to lift your own in front of the World Government. Head.

400 million in the second day, there is still 79 million Nicole Robin.. '

'You are gain a world aristocrat! You! ".

Sin is no fought !! "

Along with a roar roaring with a shock, the entire space around the moment is full of countless golden light.


A strong game. The golden shock wave is shocked in an instant, and the huge ripples visible in the air are floated out of the air.

'Hey ._. Buddha's Warring States.

The bright blue eyes were slightly glanced. He immediately saw a huge Buddha, a whole body into a whole body, and the huge Buddha statue was coming towards himself, and the spin took the Robin around him. The eyes of the eyes of the eyes. Pass away.

Reincarnation !!.


The huge golden shock wave is a conversation, the fighting country of the huge Buddha statue is slightly smashed, and the sloppy is searching for the flash.

'In your head! Warring States! "Ka Pu standing on the earth, the first time I found out the whereabouts of the moment, and immediately broke the old comrades of the Warring States in the country.

That kind of no signless movement: ._.

what happened._.

Looking at the sky in the sky in the sky, Kapu is secretly improving alert in his heart.

'Buddha's Warring States.

One hand, the Robin around him, floating in the sky, the blue deep eyes of the bluishawful stunned the Warring States and Kapu at the foot, and there was no fluctuation in the tone, 'I just passed the shampoo today. Island two _. Not to come to hand with you: ._. ''

Passing through the Shampoo Islands ?!

Then his purpose is to hear what the words heard, the Warring States and Kapu immediately thinking about his purpose in his own heart. After all, the power and danger of the moment, any movement is already enough to affect them. Tight nerve.

'I want to go ... There is no one in this world to block me two,'

The flash floating in the sky, there are two facts in the sky, and the tone is in a trip, "More ...

'I feel compared with me. Saskaski and Busasolino II,'

The mouth seems to be reminded to remind the Warring States and Kapu. The blind eye in the moment, but I penetrated the countless broken earth, and I would like to see the dying yellow and 550 red dogs in the island gap. 'Two seems to be swallowed by the sea ...,'

Saskaski and Pu Saleno?!

The death ..., 'I heard the words that I waited as a reminder, the Warring States and the two people immediately responded, and they could not help but also went to sweat.

However, the movements in the hands did not stop, and the two immediately jumped into the huge pit in front of her eyes, and they got a countless broken rock.

The two people and other naval navies will be different.

As two natural devil's fruit power, it is endless, it is the top-level force and medium-sized pillars of the entire navy, and it is absolutely unable to let them die here.

Zhano Guo ... Kapu. We will have a day after a day.

The province see the Warring States and Kapu journey into the feet out of the deep pit to rescue the dying yellow and red dog, there is no hand stopping, floating in the void, whispered in the deep eyes I can't afford it.

'But not today ...,'

God's reincarnation is slightly turned. The moment is like Robin like a light smoke in the sky.

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Chapter 27 Amazing 5th Star (ask for reward and automatic)

Chapter 27 surprises five old stars (seeking rewards and automatic)

Navy, Marin Ford.