Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 302 of the Capaci Yushu System

I heard the phone on the table, the Navy's monks held a little headache, but she had to pick up the phone in front of him.

Because the other party is five old stars, it is the highest leader of the World Government, and the level is still on the world government, and the status is second only to the world's aristocrat.

'Take the fear of two is the harmony of the Navy...............................

What is you doing ?! "

Sure enough, the phonetic question of the phonetic star, 'The two of the two, destroyed the Shu Maguer, rescued the survivors of O'J, Robin ._.' '

'Now I kill the Dragon people under the shampoo in the shampoo, your navy !! Do you know how big is this impact on the World Government ?! "

The head of the phone, the voice of the Five Star contains the boundless anger, and it must have a great public opinion and pressure, 'Your navy is not wanting to be ?! ".

Of course I know!!"

I heard the responsibility of the five old stars of the phone.

Base, two of them are still seriously injured in coma

Empty anger seems to be ignited, unconsciously improved his tone, we must know that he is the most public opinion and pressure in these two incidents, 'But the power of the other party is expected. Strong two Busasolino and Sazza

'Even after the Warring States and Kapu arrived, he took his hand without: ._.' '

The empty sinks are not a series of events that have occurred in these two days. The whole shackles are unable to escape. 'The islands of the entire shampoo island are being destroyed by him. Nearly thousands of navy are killed. '._.' '

After listening to the anger contained in the empty tone, the five old stars on the side of the phone were also silent. I understood that the empty said is indeed a truth, and it seems that it seems that it is sinking, 'I don't care what it is using ~. This moment must solve it quickly _ death do not on _._. ''.

Although he is still not a pirate ._. However, the only survivor of the O'Jara incident Nicole Rob will walk together with him _. '' The five old stars on the phone, continue to say, ' It is still not possible to determine his ultimate goal _._. However, it is undoubtedly a sure ~ _. ''.

This person has a great threat to the entire world government. 'Two you second _.' '

'I know what to do ._.' 'Silently listening to the five old stars in the phone, the empty tiger flashed with the bruises,' The only way to increase the hunt of the Navy Beyond the fight.

"In addition, I will reappear his bounty ... This other pirates and the bounty of the hunter can also cause some blow to him ..., 'empty, if the phone is insects to the five old stars Describe your handling and arrangements for this shampooland Tiantong people.


The five old stars of the phone, the empty handling and arrangement of the empty handling and arrangement are indeed the most appropriate, 'then do it. ... we are waiting for your good news. ... "

After the end and the words of Five Star, the air did not help but distinguish a turbidity, but he was on the seat behind him, and he gave a higher martial beard of the marty.

The eyes are watching the sky, but the look can not be depressed.


It's a tricky guy.

Next day.

The entire navy, no, it should be said that the whole world is shocked.

In the morning, all news birds passed on the newspaper, they are over the same content.

The entire No. 33 island is destroyed throughout the 33stown, thousands of navys and people, and a world aristocratic Tianlong people were killed, and the specific casualties were still counting, and the Navy's part will be coma. I didn't wake up.

However, only two people are only two people who have destroyed the Navy Tun Magura to be in the moment of the Navy to reward 400 million Bailei, and there are only the only survivors in the O'hal event. Demon. Nicole Robin.

On the top of the newspaper, the picture was pasted on the shackles of the shampoo. The number of pictures after being destroyed. It can be saved. The whole island is completely completed by a large island, and the whole photo is everywhere. Flooded a piece of ruins gravel.

Of course, the final newspaper has also updated the Navy and the World Government's new rewards in the moment and Robin.


Rewarding 150 million Bailei

Crime: Attack Navy. In the West Haihara Islands, one person destroyed the Navy Tun Magura, killing thousands of elite naval, destroying ten top naval warships, killing the world's aristocratic dragon people to destroy the entire top 33 island, at least at least 33 Double the two naval levels of war,

Extremely dangerous emphasis.

Demon, Nicole Robin

Reward nine thousand nine millions of Bailey

Crime: It is a huer, ancient werace destroys the world, is a companion who is committed to the same time.

When I got to the news on the news newspaper, all the existence of the whole world, whether the Pirate Navy is a bounty and ordinary people, and the gods of the grades of the white beard are new to the newcomers The small pirate, all (Li Zhao) department is like this earthquake

Move someone

Zhe came to kill the dragon people ... this has made the whole world government shocked ..., '

Holding the latest news newspaper on the same day, with all the deeds related to him, the mouth is slightly San,. I don't know if the five old stars have already paid attention to me ..., '

At this moment, on the endless blue sea from the shampo, it is brought by Robin around, floating in the ocean of this world's great route.

'15 billion Baili. Suker ...,'

After all the content on the news newspaper, the moment is gently forcefully to break the newspaper to break the newspaper into crocink, and the sea is sprinkled into the sea.

(Reprimating Monthly Flowers Don't stop, the new world of small A needs to consolidate score).

Chapter 28 One Piece Fleet (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 28 One Piece Fleet (ask for reward and automatic)

Great route.

The boundless blue sea, with a slightly salty sea breeze.

Looking at the sunny day and the sea under the top of the feet, it is a kind of easy and pleasant feelings that can't be said to be a blue tone, the mood of the two people.

There are all kinds of wonderful climate in the world, and there is still a variety of magical islands have to say that it is really a god.

In fact, in the shampooland archipelago and the Warring States and Kapu said that there is no way, the purpose of the moment of the shampoo is the top of the island, in order to appreciate the scenery of the bubble islands with Robin tour, and the other hand is for After going to the last half of the new world, the new world saw it.

And in fact, general people want to reach a total of two roads to the new world, one is to ask the World Government, and then directly cross the Shengdi Marie Joa, which is located in the peak of the Red Soil, is safe, but it takes a lot of money to apply for it. time.

Another one is first, with the Alleginal cranberry resin, dive 10,000 meters, then crossing a giant hole located below the Red Soil mainland, after the submarine route, the fish island to the new world, 597, But this is very risky, and there are countless pirates every year in the deep sea.

But in an instant, he can choose the simplest and fastest way, directly from the Shengdi Mari Ya Ya, where the red soil mainland is located.

'Robin ...,'

The blue eyes glanced at Robin who was drunk by drunk from himself, and the mouth hung and smiled. 'After leaving O'Jara. ... I feel happy ...,'

Because of his involvement, Robin avoids the obedience of the midst of the original, there is a smaller and indifference on his face, but it is more nice.

I don't know what Robin will become. ...