Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 303 of Hueding Crack System

Will it be the icy and wise beauty history scholar? ...

Maybe it will not, but Robin is the first person who came to this world. If you want to have a bunch of hands to let her go in the world government and the navy's war and force, the wolf is escaping, even in many times. 1C (ACEE) betrayed, he could not do it.

Since I have the power now, I will do what I want to do now, when it is fast and fast.

'And uncle's uncle is willing to be happy ...,'

Hearing a little surprised voice, Robin turned to the moment, the eyes were slightly bright, but then quickly faint, 'Although O'Jara was still destroyed ... Dr. Kloba did not Can escape ..., '.

But as long as you can work with the uncle of the moment. ... Robin has never been like this now ... less, Robin a pair of brunette's big eyes and bitten the bright gods again, but there is a starry sea.

I heard the words of Robin Tian's true words, and I suddenly smiled and gently went to her hair.

Of course he heard that Robin said that there is no men and women, and it has nothing to do with the windy. It is just a little girl from a small life to the dependence.

Just in the moment, the laughter between the two people between the Robin sprinkled between the whole sea under the foot.

At this time, countless small black dots in the sea in front of the eyes are almost a straight line, and the direction of their two is gradually close to the direction of their two.

'that is…,'

I have aware of the situation on the sea, and I am slightly smashing my blue-blue eyes. The reincarnation of God is surpassing the situation of countless times of common people. The situation is clear.

'All is a pirate boat. ... This number is the most ... After you know the black spots on the sea, you can't help but have a surprised expression on your face.

I saw that there were countless finely spread black spots on the sea in the far away, and they were all a hundred pirates of the body. Although every hundred pirates were all fluttering different pirates, but The light is a rough number of hundreds of vessels.

This number of the pirate boat is obviously an incredible shocking number for the entire Pirace world.

'The pithi flag is ...,'

At the distance from the sea, the blind eye in the moment is called to clear the huge vessels in hundreds of piolid boats. The piracy flats fluttered above gave an instance of the moment. feel.

'Golden Lion Schiki's Flying One Piece ..., , At the moment, I have passed through all my memories in my mind and finally identified information about this One Pirate.

'Strange. The golden lion history of the original crew ...

After recognizing the pirates on the sea, the slight smashing 9 plays his own brows. The doubts of his heart becomes more thicker. 'Not in the pirates, Wang Luo Jie was arrested, the big shocks the Navy. ... Warring States and Kappe teamed up to defeat and entered the deep sea big prison to promote the city ..., '

Because of my arrival ... is there a butterfly effect of this world? ...

I thought here, I suddenly remembered what, my face revealed a good look. 'In the past, I will not know ...,'

'Said. ... After coming to this world ...,'

In the low voice, the mouth of the moment gradually hooks a little inexplicable smile, 'I haven't really visible the big one's thief in the legend _._.' '.

Let's take Robin _._. Let me see the pirates in the legend and the big piceps of White Beard Edward

The sound of the moment, pulled the Robin who appeared in the side of the mist, and the mysterious vast light of the mysterious vastness was flashing in the eyes of the mysterious vastness, and it was disappeared in the sea.

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Chapter 29 Golden Lion History (ask for reward and automatic)

Chapter 29 Golden Lion History (seeking rewards and automatic)

'Rack hahaha ...,'

The entire flying hundred thief group huge vessels ride the wind and waves, led hundreds of hundreds of pirates in the ends of the trumpet, and the unique laughter of the Golden lion is spread throughout the thief.

As the flying thief group of the four seas in the whole pirate world, the Golden Lion History is known as the one, the fleet of the fleet, the flying one, O

In this era with the pirates. Roger and White Bearded Edward New Gaten, the name of the original, the naval deep sea big prison promoted the first fled in the history of the city, with this large sea number is also the most fearful one Fleet.

Golden lion sister and the One Piece Luojie has a decades of sex, and a few years ago, he is a whole world, he wants to join hands throughout the world, but he is refused by Roger, after the Golden Lion History is angry, the sea of ​​two The thief group and therefore broke out, this fierce battle that comparable to war was historically called 'At Wall

naval battle,.

At that time, the Golden Lion Schikiji took a moment of troops even forced the One Piece to the end of the road, but the Roger Haijun was later saved by a sudden storm, but most of the fleet of the flying pirates was mostly The sudden storm has entered the bottom of the sea.

This is the case, the Golden Lion History is now reserved in the number of hundreds of pirates, which can be seen that the big pirates mentioned as the fleet of the pirates have alternative power at the time.

'Hey. ... you will have to reach Malin Fan more ...,'

I saw a disturbed look of Zhang Ming's face, and some fierce eyes were dead. 'Just rely on the Navy's waste. ... I really want to borrow what they can kill. Roger ..., '

Since the thief Wang Luo Jie shocked the entire world after his birth of the city Donghai Roggue Town was shocked throughout the world, it was always angry for this East China Sea as the most weak place. He thought that it was Roger's death insulted before him.

He must destroy the entire Navy's department to prove that Roger's original choice is wrong.

"Golden lion history is the right thing ..., '

A strange voice of a light empty voice is a bit surprised behind the history of history, and the histori is shocked, and his thoughts have returned to the reality in front of you.

First time ... I called the moment ..., '

The Golden Lion Siki suddenly turned his tall and fortunate body. He seved a strange young man in the province quietly appeared on the boat, and there was a beautiful little girl with a petite.


The blue mysterious doubles shot a feeling of sinking, and the white sparkling long hair flew into the sea breeze and felt the sudden appearance of this strange Jun Xiu man brought himself an unprecedented gas field, gold The lion history foundation, the madness, the face, I appeared slightly.

But he heard that he quickly responded, after all, after all, he used to force the One Piece Luo Jie to the end of the road. I saw the expression of Golden Lion's historic face. 'You are recently passed on the sea recently The moment of boiling Yang Yang ?! "

How did he suddenly appear on the boat.

Is it the ability of the devil fruit ... or

Histori !! ".

What is the death. How is this kid ...

At this time, I came out, and all other one of the other pirates on the entire flying taipher group also found a sudden appearance, and immediately took out the weapons in their hands.

Give me a hand !! "

I will see yourself from the movement of my thief. I saw the Golden Lion's historic smell. I was ah of all my thiefs in an instant. "You are very strange to make me lose your face !!".

It's really unexpected young face. ... "

After drinking all the one's thief on the boat, the Golden Lion's History of the Golden Lion is interested, and it is interested to focus on the perfect Junxiu in front of him. I heard that you killed the dragon in the past few days.! Not bad ... really is good ... corpse.

Rong Hahaha ..., 'said that the Golden lion siki unconsciously laughing, the fierce eyes are full of flowers, the color of the gods,. Although the navy's gang is a group of waste, but Can kill Tianlong people in their eyelids

Two fresh flowers ···· .......

More than 150 million buddies. ...................