Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 304 of the Crash System

In the face of the appreciation of the Golden Lion's history, the expression of the flash did not change. The Golden lion hit the old city of Hung Hung in this month. The idiots flew in the embassy, ​​and the moment would not be simply believe in what he said.

The blue eyes of the blue eyes, the legend of this legend, the whole sea, the whole sea, the sea M, I saw him seem to be scattered with a golden mad hair, there is a kind of king that is generally inviolable, the eyes are deep 9 The lion is ambushes and courage to swallow the world.

A brunette's rudder pen is straight in his head, that is because an exhausted brewing is unfortunately inserted on his head. Because it is hard to pull the rudder, there will be life danger, so this rudder is now It has been inlaid on his head.

On both sides of the waist, Sakura, and Mu Gumu, that is the name of the two big fast knife twenty-one work, except for the quality and fruit capabilities, the golden lion history is also a sword. wrap.

How ?! Do you want to consider joining my flying ace ?! "

I looked at the moment in front of myself, I didn't speak myself, the Golden lion history didn't think I exhausted, but laughed to throw olive branches in the mouth.

After all, it is a strong person who is in the power of this strength, and the strong person who is wanted by the Navy and the World Government is all the goals of all the pirates.

'No. I have no interest in joining your flying fice delegation ...,'

In the face of the olive branch thrown in front of the Golden Lion History, the moment, if you want to shake his head, I didn't want to open the opening, 'Of course ... left mouth, you are willing to give me the position of my fleet tentiele ... Can you think about ..., '

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Chapter 30 is a panic at a glance (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 30 is a glimpse of the cold (seeking rewards and automatic)

After the sound of the moment, the atmosphere of the entire flying flying torquatus was in a silence.

Austria !! It's really mad !? "

'History adult !! Let me take this kid to throw it into the sea ?! "

After listening to the discourseless words of the moment, the entire flying hundred pirates were suddenly blown up, and all the pirates around the moment were filled with anger.

Looking at the olive branch you thrown out, but also understood this kind of arrogance, and the smile on the face of the Golden Lion is gradually solidified.

I saw the pirates headed in the pirates around the moment, and the first anger, he was the captain of the Golden Lion's History's One Piece, and the boy _._. Don't use "Liuqi" Seven "is a reward for the Navy and the World Government, you will make your tail on the sky !!"

"You haven't born yet when the big name of the Golden Lion" !! "

Armed color, wind, wind!!

Between the anger, I saw the big knife in his hand, and I watched a black matter in my hand. He is the armed color of the world that is resistant to the devil's ability to compete with the devil's ability.

Like the eyes, the armed colors can be used to cultivate and improve the quality of the day, and the A kings who come from the innate or inheritance are different.

People with armed colors can enhance individual defense and attack power, which will fight against demon fruit power, and even touch the entity of natural devil's fruit capabilities.

Nice strength _._

The blue eyes stared at the pirates in the hands of the Golden Lion History. At the moment, he judged his strength. 'If you put it in the naval, it is almost the level of the middle.

One of the captains has this strength

Sure enough, the legend of the legend ._. Do not deserve the name of the thief fleet

The pirates in front of you have been instantly clicked, and the big knives in the black armed colored rumored big knives are in the air.

This Golden lion history did not speak again, because the madness of the madness just mentioned in the moment was a provocative for himself.

Moreover, the golden son of the son is now only wants to go to the Navy to destroy the entire navy, and there is no extra leisure time to go and open the ink.

Either join.

Either roll.

Either you die now. ... this is the most straightforward portrayal of the Golden Lion Siki now.

I saw the big knife in front of the pirates in front of the pirates in front of the paint black, the big knife quickly scored the air and sent a sharp hairy.

Suddenly, he suddenly came to the eyes of the flash, a pair of blooming eyes of the blue mysterious light.

In the paralysis, he felt that he was like a battlefield of the blood sea, the sky was bloody, the earth was black, and the bones were all overjoyed, and the front of his face was in front of it. Long.

All the bodies around it are snacks behind it. They are alone in front of it, and they are once again. Until countless kill swallowed.

Moka! Moka! You are fine ?!! "

Suddenly there are many familiar sounds around, and the awareness of his consciousness is gradually recalled.

Looking up with a familiar voice, it is a favorite of all my companions. I saw them with their faces and doubts.

I still have the province to save my own body. I saw that I had already been in the ground, and the big knife in my hand had already been thrown out of the deck, alone lying on the deck.

In addition to this. There is also a unknown liquid on the floor under his own, which is exudes a buzzing sour odor.

'Mok you guys! When is the courage to become so small ?! "

'As?! Your guy actually scared the urine?! I said that the captain's position should be taken here !! "

A group surrounded by the pirates around Mokka, the flying hundred pirate team. The mouth is unrecognizable in his mouth and mock up with him, but the eyes are hidden with a concern and worry.

'Good. Signant ...,'

This kill Mok finally reacted, and the face was covered with a frightened look. Even the eyes did not dare to look forward to the moment, 'Just just casually saw me ... I actually produced myself. Kill the illusion of countless times ..., '

'There is such a power and murderous ...,' Zhe saw that I just glanced at Moka, let him fall into the ability of the illusion that can unable to pull the resistance. The Golden Lion History after seeing this scene has also thoroughly changing his face. The eyes are full of gods that are not comparative lifting.

As the captain of the flying one's thieves in his hand, History is naturally clear, not only can use armed chromativity, but also follow his own pirates countlessly fight, there is Unparalleled experience and will.

However, now it is a glimpse of it in an instant, and the whole person is completely scared. This is undoubtedly incredible.

The appearance of the appearance is so young.

What is the amazing power?

4.6 Attached to the deck of the femidth group, see all the hundred thiefs around him, have made a fighting gesture, feel the Golden lion, the Golden Lion, whoever, the eyes of the mouth, the corner of the mouth Moth.

God's reincarnation exceeds the extreme spiritual power, and then cooperate with the power of one world and murderous, completely enough to destroy a person's spirit will.

"Golden lion. ... I am not going to fight with you ..., '

Ignore all the eyes around all the pirates, the blue eyes of the bluish eyes, the Golden lion, the Golden Lion, who is in front of the eyes, the sound of the sound:. Instead, there is a thing that needs to be pleased ..., '

(Reprimating Monthly Flowers Don't stop, the new world of small A needs to consolidate score).

Chapter 31 gambling (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 31 gambling (seeking rewards and automatic)

'Is there something need to be pleased? "

I heard that I was quotted. I saw the Golden Lion's hometick of his brow. He is now the most urgent thing to do now is to go to Marlin Vantra Navy's navy to destroy the entire navy, to prove that the One Piece is wrong. Decide.