Naruto's Jade Crash System

Take the Crash System Chapter 305

No matter what sudden appears in front of you want to ask your own things, you don't have the extra thoughtful mind.

'I just want to go to Ma Lin Fan Dod to destroy the entire Navy's part ...,'

There is almost no one to hesitate, the Golden lion history is immediately opened, and it will refuse to say: 'So no matter what you want to please, what is it ... I am not empty now ...,'

I heard the Golden Lion History found that he did not hesitate to reject himself, and the moment was a little surprised to raise his own brows. It was not he refused to refuse himself, but what he said.

I didn't expect the One Piece to die. ...

Is the Golden Lion still plan to hit the Navy?

'You don't want to think about it again ...,' I heard the rejection of the Golden Lion Sistory, and the moment is not intention, but the mouth is slightly smile.

02 'Considering? Nothing to consider ...,'

I heard the thirty question in front of my eyes, and the brow of History was tight. Is there anyone to force him not to do?

'That's okay. Since this is. ... "

In the face of the golden lion hit, the gods of the golden lion could not be revenue, and the face of the moment was 3 out of a taste smile, "Not as good. ... What is we gambling ?!

'Betting ?!' I heard the inexplicable words, the brow of the Golden lion schi's crumples began to be more tight, and the look on the face was somewhat unclear.

'We two play a game ... If I cooked. You have to promise me a request ...,'

At the moment, I didn't turn around, I took it directly in my heart, 'If you are tired ... I can join your femto minister unconditional ...,'

'Youyan me ?! "

In the moment, I finished the words, I heard the history of Siki, and then laughed, 'Lehahahaha ...,'.

Tell 9 me ?! This world does not dare to say this in this world. ...

In the speech, the whole body has issued a unparalleled crystal gas throughout the whole body. It is the liony, the liony, four seas, swallowed the world, and the liony, four-sea Zhizhi. 'I will rely on a stinky boy ?!',

'More. Laozi is not available to you now !! "

After that, the golden lion history found a pair of fierce eyes suddenly, and there was a full momentum of the whole body, as if the whole person became an angry lion, and it was able to choose people at any time.

Although he did not have the best of the other two legendary rivals and white beards, the nature of the king is qualified, but he is the same as the mighty momentum that is smelted in countless life and death. Unable to defend.

'Oh. Don't reject it first ...,'

In the face of the momentum of the golden lion, the momentum of the Golden lion is shocked. It seems that there is no feeling of general, and the face is shocked with a little inexplicable smile, and the mouth throws a history of history. The message, 'The ancient weapon of the ancient weapon, who has mastered. I have it in my hand.

Ancient weapon?!

I heard the shocking message in the moment, I saw the Golden Lion Schiki, who was in front of him, was suddenly widened, and the eyes were dead and stared at the moment.

That was what he took the One Piece Luo Jie to the end of the road.

Do you have the drop of the weapon ?! '

How does History is not a matter of death, how is this young guy on the ancient weapon?

and so…,'

Feeling the burning sight of the Golden Lion History seems to be able to burn his own cheeks, but there is no need to go to front to answer his question, just loudly look at him: 'Do you pick up this gambling? "

'Gambling ?! rack hahaha ...,'

I heard the words heard in the moment, I saw the Golden Lion Siki once again laughed, as long as I waited for the ancient weapon, waited until he was again assembled to more the 100 pirates again, conquering the entire world refers to the day.

'Good. In this case. ...,'

The wild laughter gradually woven, staring at the blue eyes in front of the blush, the golden lion siki, the junior eyes of the Golden lion, "So, then destroy the Navy's part, I will put it first. _. ''

'I accept this gambling! "

The province came to ancient weapons to be inevitable for his temptation.

After listening to the Golden Lion Schiki, after the gamble of himself, the face gradually got a smile, followed by a smile in the blue Shuanglong.

In all of the surrounding eyes, under the traction of the gravity, the Robin next to the moment is gradually double-footed 820 to leave the ground, slowly floating into the high altitude.

this is._.

I saw the ability of the moment, and the buddhism of History was slightly narrow.

In the moment, this ability is similar to his clothing fruit. It is only, although his clothes can be drifted with the object to get rid of the resistance to the air, but it can control the touchless non-life float, but can't do it. Like the life of ourselves float except for yourself.

'Good _._. Then we _. Factory

The province to the front of the Golden Lion, after receiving the gambling of his own, there was a sharp momentum, and the handsome and innocent face gradually emerged as a smile, and the blue-blue eyes were emitted. A sleeping power.

Rotation of the eyes · Let !!

'Get start ._. "The voice of the moment is still in place, and the whole person has disappeared in the air.

So fast !! The rumor of the Golden lion siki suddenly shrinks. He has never reacted that the moment in front of him suddenly broke the spatial distance between the two people.

A palm suddenly pressed his face and launched his entire man's ship in an instant.

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Chapter 32! Ask for reward and automatic)

Chapter 32! Ask for reward and automatic)

The Golden Lion Tesque only felt a flower in front of him.

In an instant, I took out the distance between the two people. One palm was pressed on his face, and he launched his entire person on the ship's boat.

The sound of the shells like the shells in the long-distance sea, all the pirates all the pirates all the flying thieves, the moment is like a gold lion hit, which is like a detachment, like a detachment. There are no people in the sea.

I saw that the mountains in the unmanned islands began to collapse, and the dust of the sky, the endless gravel dropped.

History !! "


The provincial Golden Lion was burned into the distance in the distance in an instant, and there were only hundreds of hundreds of hundreds of pirates around the fleet. stand up.

Who is the guy?!

The legendary sea thief gold is actually seen by him.

Some and the flying thieves have a relatively far from the farther, all the pirates above can't understand what they have happened in front of them.