Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 306 of Hueding Crack System


Among the hills collapsed on the island, the Golden lion siki screamed all the rocks around him, as if the soft tofu block is general, and this hit did not have too much impact on him.

This kid is so fast. Factory

The fierce eyes and dead locked the moment in front of them. Although the sudden hit did not have a great impact on him, it did not make him hands with a wolf.


The Golden Lion's history of the vicious eyes, after a short shot, the moment in front of him has been completely treated by him as the same level, I saw him suddenly raised his hand, and the big fast knife twenty-one work One of the famous knife is dead, and the air in front of you will be broken.

A Qian Li's unspeakable sword, the kung furtured the waves, had arrived in the moment, and the fierce bodies that had not been exposed to the moment were like the skin of the moment.

Is this the chop wave of Sword Hao.

Zhe saw that the entire ground under his feet was killed by Golden lion, and the sword was smashed into two halves. Henced to flash the blue eyes flashed.

I saw this very fast-hearted sword, and the hit didn't arrive in the body. He had just wonderful to have a slightly flashed, and the difference was a sword that had been in this money. The gas is hit, it looks easily and writes to the extreme, this situation only has the future five seconds in advance in advance.

Ability can do it.

I didn't look back in the moment. The horizon that God had no dead angle, and he had seen his entire sea behind him. He has been cut by the golden lion history. He has not seen his end.

'It's so easy to avoid my swordscent.

The fierce eyes are smoother, and the Golden Lion Sistory has never been able to do this, even if it is Roger and white beard.

Lion · Sutral Valley!!

The philosophy should be easy to say, and the golden lion is immediately reacted, and the name of the knife in the hand waves in the name of the knife in the hand. The arc of dozens of deadly has been drawn.

The bright blue eyes are slightly bright, and I saw him so much like the star of the Star Galaxy. The moment of the neutrality in front of the space, the number of sharp-eyed swordsman, and the vertical and horizontal staggered. Angle.

This is the Golden Lion during the whole day ..., '

The deep eyes firmly locked the number of ten sharp swords in front of him, and the midst of the bangs sent an endless odor, 'More than the original one. The legs from the deep sea big prisons into the city escape from ..., '.

This is what it means. Isn't it ..., '

Renovation of the eyes of Luo Tian!!

A big shock loss, suddenly broke out with the body of the moment, and suddenly hit the sword around him, all the ground and sea water, all of all the objects were all over.

what is this?!"

Feeling the pounds of sculgage coming from my eyes, the Golden Lion's historic pupil is slightly shrinking. The name of the knife in the hands is blocked in front of his body, and a unhappy shock relief Come. When you blink, he flew out of him.

'His demon fruit ability ...,'

I have been flying for hundreds of meters away from the Golden Lion Schiki, and finally it is stably stabilized to use the ability to use the fluttering fruit. It is only a burst of acid from the overhead of his hands. Music.

'The whole island. ... is he grown in the sea?

The Golden Lion Siki, which floats in the half-air, has some incredible alternative to the distant moment, I saw the island that was originally two hands-on, and the whole sea was excluded in the whole sea. It was exaggerated. Unparalleled huge circular pit.

'It is exaggerated to the extreme strength ... No wonder the Navy's help take him a little way (Novo) is not ...,'

The fierce doubles stared at the distant three-series floating on the foot of the huge round pit, and the Golden lion siki seems to be aroused by his strong power to arouse all the functions and fight spirits. After Suddenly, the golden long hair of the madness after the brain suddenly flew up, 'But. ... this big

It is impossible to let you dance alone ...

Like the legend of the Golden Lion, the legend of the big one, like Roger, the blood and the battle are the life of the blood and the bone marrow.


I feel that I have almost overflow the battle of the Month Month, I saw the Golden Lion's Scholar Graphics. The sudden animal system floated on a island next to it, and gently pressed on the island.

(Reprimating Monthly Flowers Don't stop, the new world of small A needs to consolidate score).

Chapter 33 Frozen Sea (ask for reward and automatic)

Chapter 33 Frozen Sea (ask for reward and automatic)


As if the whole sea area is shaken, countless big sea water simms like the waterfall, and in the shocking eyes of everyone on hundreds of pirates.

I saw that the Golden Lion's historical exaggerated hand raised a whole island, which turned out to make the entire island animal system floated in half air, and a huge shadow cage placed the entire sea under the foot.

'The ability of service fruits to let the entire island get rid of gravity to float in half empty. One.' '

The bright blue eyes of the flash smashed, stared at the arrogant picture of the Golden Lion, the province, and the principle of this trick is analyzed in the moment.

Although the translusion of his gods can also do this, it is even more powerful than him, but in fact these two capabilities are inherently complete.

It is the ability to control the gravitational gravity through God, so that the object is floating to the stereotropic animal system, and the Golden Lion's historic base in front of you is using the ability to use the fruits of the fruit to make a 967 goal. The object is simple III Fu.

In the current, the psychic lion's histori-roofing fruit capability is capable of temporarily knowing that the highest load of the livestock is temporarily known, but it is more powerful in a single battle, and it is also possible to manipulate yourself in a large-scale battle. One pirate fleet flew on the sky,

It is definitely one of the most powerful fruit capabilities in the world.

Just in the heart of the heart, the Golden Lion Sisti on the sea is suddenly loses his head to the whole huge island to the moment.

A huge shadow is rapidly expanded in the sea at the foot of the moment, and the huge whole island of the head is rolled out in an instant to the top of the Thailand.

Diamond star dust !!!

In the face of the whole huge island, the big island, the flash of the flash, the eyes, the seemingly low-handed one hand, suddenly all the air condensed, surpassing the absolute zero-existing frozen force instantly formed a white light The shock wave, the floating is like snowflakes, dreams like

Stars, like the fragment of the sky, with a beautiful and shocking power. He bombards the entire huge island of the head.


Some molars are frozen, as if the whole time and space is paused, and it seems that the whole world seems to be black and white in the eyes of everyone. I only see the entire huge islands in the top of the moment. The huge islands are frozen between the refrigeration. .

W's sound, I saw a slight junction of the flash of blue, and the whole seat was smashed by an invisible repulsion before it was touched into the top of the flash.

There are countless fine shining crocbs sprinkled in the air, giving a crystal ice crystal snowflake on the sea of ​​the whole sea.

The whole person floats in front of this endless sprinkled ice crystal snowflakes, like a monarch who is dominated by the moon, it is unable to shake.

How much so many the ability of this kid?

Affiliate itself, the entire island that is thrown out of the fruit is blown out in an instant, even if the PTE is far away from the Golden Lion History, it is fully able to feel the cooling extreme cold temperatures in the air, ferocious The eyes flashed in the eyes.

Press all the horror and guessing in your heart, I saw the Golden Lion Schiki quickly floated all the islands of the whole sea, the ability to float the fruit was launched to the ultimate, and all the huge islands around them were put together. ((ACEI) has a vast sea continent.

Yangziwei, roll!!

At the moment, the golden lion floated on the sea, the Golden lion suddenly pressed the land of countless islands under the foot, and all the soils on the ground were set off, and dozens of huge lion heads were formed. Zhang Da seems to be able to swallow the heavens and the earth.