Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 307 of the Crash System

In the face of dozens of huge lion heads that come to the sky, it is tens of huge lion heads that come back to the sky, as if the golden lion siki will be all over the sea, the sea land of the countless islands, and the moment is alone in this. It seems that it seems so small in front of the genre in nature.

This is the power of the big one of the legend: ._. ''

Shi to Golden Lion broke out this type of gentle, and it was a bit of a bit of interest, and the blue eyes were in the middle of the blue. This is almost _._. ''

Aurora punish!!!

The huge frozen force in the body broke out, facing the whole sea landing of the top floor, and the flash of the sea, and the ice was frozen.

In the eyes of everyone, it seems that the whole time and space is frozen, and everything around it is falling. After the flash is swayed forward, the endless white aurora is as if the ancient wave is generally crazy. In front of it, all things in front of them have been stained with a white


Sea land.

Great Yangtze.

Whole sea area.

All things, under the moment of the poke, was dyed on white, and stopped all the operation, all turned into ancient ice sculptures, and scattered under the sunny sun. Dreams of gratin, from a sense, all this is in the artistic form

The category was sublimated.

At the moment, I was alive in the world of boundless white ice, and the white long sprinkled on the dark robe jacket, and the whole piece of the whole piece seems to have fallen into the white world of time, as if the king of the heavens In your own palace.

'Whole ... The whole sea is frozen ...

Unbelievable sound came out, I saw the Golden Lion History, which floated in this world of ice, and didn't have the original Zhang mad 0. If it is not a hard to imagine it, the one forever A golden lion in the world has a day, the face will flow M out this shocking expression.

(Reprimating Monthly Flowers Don't stop, the new world of small A needs to consolidate score).

Chapter 34 defeated the golden lion (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 34 defeated the golden lion (ask for reward and automatic).

Give up the golden Yangzi. "

The look is indifferent to the world's boundless white ice world, the blue-blue eyes are drunk, and the top of the eyes is full of golden lions, the flashlight: 'This gambling result From the beginning, it has been destined to _._. ''

'Ready to fulfill our gambling, two _.' '

On the other hand, I said that the blue eyes of the blue glance glanced over the whole piece of the whole hundred hundred pirates above the sea, and all the pirates were increasing their eyes.

In fact, if you want to kill all of them, now they have all cultivated a eternal ice sculpture.

'What jokes are joking ._.' '

Although it is shocked by the power of this raising hand, the strength of the whole sea is frozen, but the arrogant is absolutely impossible to allow him to bed.

Even in the original, he was arrested by the Navy. After the Navy, he killed the Navy of Marlin Ford, defeating countless naval, and then defeated the Warring States and Kapu two people, and was sent to the deep sea big prison to advance the city after Pellton. Finally, I don't hesitate to cut my own legs into the history of promoting the city.

The first one escaped the pirates, it is enough to see the legend of this legend.

' : ._Russa recognizes that your strength is indeed beyond my imagination: ._.' '

The fierce eyes have a complex and difficult look, staring at the moment of the endless white ice world, and the golden lion is standing upwards.

But ._ is golden !!! "

Yangzi Qianche Valley!!

As the lion roaring, I saw the two famous knives in the hands of the History, waving with the baby eleven, and smashed the aromatic sharp Guanghua in the air.

Cheng Cheng.

I saw that there were countless roadless swordsman squeezed in the air, and they formed a flies to escape the killing cage, and instantly moved to the endless white ice world. go with.

'Good two _.' '

The blue gods reincarnate in front of the voids, there are countless sharp faces, and there is no expression on the shadow of the handsome, but they suddenly issued an invisible airflow, in the world of the whole. In the middle of the ever, then I will save I only crush your pride after the second _. ''.

You will always fulfill our gambling more than ..., '

Eighty god air hit !!!

After the voice falls, in front of the void, countless cross-crossed sharp swordsman, the power in the hands suddenly condensed to the ultimate hand, suddenly there were countless spaces in the space, and there were countless and invisible. Huge vacuum fist. Insight to match the blind eye of the moment

It became a perfect karantine pattern.

The province's mouth is shocked, the Golden Lion History's pupil suddenly contracted into a pinhole, which has never appreciated it in his long years. I didn't even think about it.

All the swords between the two and the signs of the siki were all disintegrated, and there was no time to react, and the Golden lion siki was instantly bombarded by the moment.

I saw that the Golden Lion's history base is like shells. It is exaggerated that it seems to be bombarded in the top of the sky, until half of it, talented as a shiny meteor.

I suddenly fell over the sea frozen sea surface in front of the moment, and I felt countless shining froste.

History !! ',.


I saw the Golden Lion Schiki was burned to the top of the sky, and then fell in the frozen sea, and hundreds of hundred pirates were shocked. Called it.

. ...

I saw the surrounding sea frozen sea, almost all the pirates on the pirates ran down, and rushed towards the direction of the Golden Lion Schiki.

I found flowers ····· ......

do not come!!',

It seems like a lion sounds like a furious voice, and all the hundred thiefs on the frozen sea surface around them have stopped their own footsteps.

Cough ..., '

The painful mouth is spit out of a sip, the Golden Lion Schiki only feels that he seems to have a whole body, and it can't help but wrinkle. However, how can you cover the mouth in his eyes? Color, there is such body syndrome in this world, '.

It is not dead in the 80th God.

The blue-blue eyes were stared in the eyes of the golden children in the ice seal. The moment was a little surprised to raise their own eyebrows. He clearly understood it. It turned out to be ... What is your body ..., '

It's a powerful power of attack and defense ...

The armed collapse effect of the province to see the golden son history is more firm, which is more firm to learn the ability to learn this ability.

If you learn these three crystals, you will break through the bottleneck breaking the boundary ... Think of this, the bright blue eyes can not help but shoot a hot radiant.

Cough. It is killed at a point ..., '