Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 308 of Hueding Crack System

In the middle of the squid, the golden son history almost almost couges out of blood, and the face is covered with bitter and helpless smile. If it is not a strong armed colored A gas hard, it is necessary to have the moment that will be in the moment. A trick to tear the earth has killed him,. Good terrorist boy, '.

Golden lion ..., '

It seems that the whole person has turned a shaped breeze. I don't know when I have fallen in front of the golden children, and the deep eyes are unsatisfactory. 'Now I can fulfill the gambling between us. What is it ..., '.

Gambling?, '

It seems that all the glory and pride of the whole body are smashed by the boxing of the boxing. At this moment, the History's face hangs a helplessness, saying ..., '

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Chapter 35 is willing to gamble (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 35 is willing to gamble (ask for reward and automatic).

I lost…,'

Finally, after these three words, I saw the golden son of the son of the whole person seems to have all the strength of the whole body, and the look is said: "Do you have any requirements ..., '


Whether it is Roger that was still in the moment. ...

That ancient weapon is destined to have no reason. ... Golden lion is a bitter thought.

No matter whether he is a golden son of History, he is absolutely can't be unable to be able to defeat, at least before so many hands, he can't do it. This is a legend that is one and Roger's beard. The final pride of the big rival.

'Good. My request is ...,'

The golden hibisaki in front of the province is finally 'seven-one zero "willing to gamble. At the moment, the mouth is soaring. Some satisfied gently,' Put your swordsman and product to me ..., '

Swords and AN angry?!

After he heard the words, the golden hibisi suddenly. Some unbelievable trembling asked: Isn't you this? ".

Um ..., 'J is blue, staring at him, and nodded at the moment.

The golden kick is almost blood sprayed out. I took a long time, you stopped me to go to the Navy's part. I almost shattered the bones of the Laozi's body, just for this??

But it is wrong.

How can he achieve this level?

It seems. ... he did not use it in the battle ..., '

Carefully recall the details of all the details in the fighting of the moment, and there is no choice buttham in the histori face. The strength reaches this extent but doesn't have a masterpiece. ... is a freak ..., '

God surgery!!

In the surprised eyes of the Golden Lion Schiki, the moment suddenly reached out his hand, and the top of the bloom was blocked, and a shine was shining, and the whole body was placed in an instant.

In the blink of an eye, the injury caused by the Golden Lion History's full body and the injury caused by the fighting of the moment.

'This ability is.

Feeling that all the injuries of your body are almost in an instant, the Golden lion is thoroughly shocked. He has grown his mouth. He is shocked and surprised in the heart. It is completely written.

'The world has such a powerful therapeutic ability. One.' '

Stand up a little tip event, the Golden lion is unbelievable by his own hands, this is a magical ability he has unheard.

' _._. You _._.' '

I saw the Golden Lion Sikişmek whirlrying staring at my eyes, Zhang mad fierce face, the expression at this moment is to say, 'Do you really don't think about adding my femoral group? '

If your own flying One Piece can be attached to _._.

I can't _._. I have no interest in joining the 100 pirates. '

Feeling that the Golden Lion Schiki Burden is almost burn his cheeks. He will not think that he will refuse his invitation again. 'You still perform the la dealers between us ._. Church My Sword And crystal ._. ''

' ._.' '' Viewing the firm words, the Golden lion sighed sighed, packed up the mood of his own lost, and his eyes gradually moved to all the endless frozen sea surface. One thief, 'Destroy the Navy's part of the Department.

Among the surroundings around the thief, the moment I walked up with the Golden Lion Schiki, and gently reached out and immediately pulled the Robin in the head of the sky.

'Kill "The uncle _. I know you will win !!"

Just one from the top of the sky, the pretty Little Robin immediately immediately like the millennium returning to the abroad of the moment.

I just watched the battle scene of the Schiz and the Golden Lion Schiso, she all looked in the eyes, especially the Golden Lion Shi Shi Shiji, and the entire sea mainland will pick up the whole sea mainland. When there is a moment, Robin is The heart is almost hanging up.

Now I saw the moment, I finally defeated the Golden Lion Schiki, and the combat of the two fell out, she finally worked.

'Nothing ._. Don't worry ._.' 'Really feel Robin's worry and dependence in Robin, and the moment is laughing and reaching out and knead her small head. But the next time ..., you Also learn to learn from me:

Turning ?! "Robin has a little doubtful open his own pair of eyes, but I just want to open the mouth, I feel a dramatic vibration of the big ship at my feet.

Paddle hahahaha two children! L ''

The unique laughter of the Golden Lion Schiki suddenly spread throughout the pirates. Suddenly launched my own ability to take fruit, 'We departed !! "

Just in the laughter of the Golden Lion's history, the laughter was echoed, and under the mobility of fruit capabilities. I saw the ice frozen sea. All hundred boats of the entire femto sea M fungers. All emptiness float. It flew over the sky. The skyline scene is fascinating.

This is the origin of the name of the flying thief group ... _: '5.0

The staring blanket yourself hundreds of pirates flying on the sky, the angle of the mouth is slightly raised, and the blue-blue eyes are inexplicable, '_._. It is called the flying one thief Golden lion _._ production.

Obviously kill "the uncle. ... all the pirate boats fly !!"

In the sky, the flying pirates in the sky, looking at hundreds of sea M flying around the sky. In the surprised exclaimed sound of Robin.

In the moment, with Robin with Dad Golden Lion History's entire femoral group, he flew into the endless cloud sea, and he saved the future.

Time is hanging, the years are turned over.

(Reprimating Monthly Flowers Don't stop, the new world of small A needs to consolidate score).

Chapter 36 Awakening (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 36, Wake (ask for reward and automatic)

Time is ignorant, and the years are turned over.

It is just a few more than three months.

! The system detected that the host's swordsmanship have reached the bottleneck, breaking the boundary is successful, congratulations to the homing of the sword to increase to a higher level. "

The system has detected that the host armed collapse has arrived in the bottleneck, breaking the boundary is successful, congratulations to host the first parametric collapse. "

J worker J