Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 309 of Hueding Crack System



! The system detected that the host saw the color collapsed has reached the bottleneck, breaking the boundary is successful, congratulations to the primary paragraph of the hometown. "

On the sky, there is no big ship in the sea, the suggestions of the Flying One Piece, the suggestions of the continuous three-way system are constantly sounding in the mind.

I finally broke through ?! "

I heard the notice of the system push in my mind, my eyebrows were slightly raised, and I immediately joked the shadowless face up to M out of the gratification look.

In this three months, in addition to occasionally take Robin to the large sea island town of Robin, all the basic time is to practice the golden lion siji to study his products and swords, and finally This day, the opening of 02 to the system breaks through the bottleneck breaking boundary.

Swords, I can feel that I have reached the realm of this world, but the system ...

After the joy, I will take a closer look at the news notice that the system is pushed, and I wrinkled my brow. What is the meaning of armed collaps and see the first paragraph of collapse? "

'Answer the host. The gas is the potential power of all human beings in the Pihydrate. This power is a child. He is the same. Deterifies these virtual concepts. Just like instinctive ...

I heard questions launched in my heart. The sound of the system sounded flat, 'But the vast majority of people can't realize this power. ... or the end of the life can't play. "

'In addition to the king, armed collapse and see color collapse can be used to enhance this force through cultivation, and can continue to cultivate ... corpse.

Just like seeing the collapse, the first paragraph can predict the next movement and position of the opponent, two paragraphs can spend the speech and the soul of the soul, three paragraphs can reach the voices of the One Piece. Read the deepest in the hearts of others. Idea and secrets ... corpse.

Armed MN gas, you can get wrap around the weapon or harden your body to enhance power and defense, you can also attack the body of the natural devil's ability, two paragraphs can be armed like the last card Gas cover your whole body to achieve the purpose of whole body and strengthen, and three

In your laundry idea, it is possible to substantize the whole body into armed colors.

'Finally, there is a look of the king to collapse. The first paragraph can be ignored by Lu Fei and Rayle, and the purpose of all grades is much lower than the enemy. The second paragraph can be similar to the future four emperor red hair incense. That used to use the effect of king collapse to cause substantial damage to the surrounding physical environment ...

Of course. ... the mysterious third section of the king, you have to wait for the host to discover ..., '

After closing his eyes, he listened to all the detailed explanations of the system in the brain, and the moment suddenly opened his eyes, and the blue eyes were in the blue eyes.


There are so many detailed distinction between the three A gases.

Armed color 0 gas, hardening!!

After the conversation between the end and the system, I immediately tried my new ability to control. I extended my hands slightly launched my body. A darkness of the intra-indifferent intangible momentum, and a colorful material immediately covered his hands. .

'Armed color a gas is this feeling ...,'

Some playing tastes doing their own hands with the hands of black colors. The moment I feel that my hands have been enhanced. Now, when a bunch of diamonds are placed in front of their own, they can crush.

' . ... you ...,'

Some unbelievable sounds, only on the deck of the big boat, the Golden Lion Sikişmekou widened his eyes and dead staring at the unwounded armed colors of the hand, 'armed color 0 ... You have successfully cultivated this soon ?! "

How long did this have passed ...

Is this kid really a monster?

, Fast? "

Provincial eyes, the former Golden lion siki's unbelievable eyes, the moment is something that is something that is not.

For yourself with system help, three months cultivated into two kinds of A gas and sword wrap level, especially the swordsmanship itself has a considerable certain basis. This kind of practice is considerable for himself. Slow, ...

'The cultivation of Uncle Uncle has been completed ...,'

On the other side of the deck, Robin has successfully repaired the armed color 0 gas. At the same time, it is a little inherently low, and the eyes are bleak, and is Robin is still too stupid ..., '.

Robin. You don't have to ...

Some of the people, there is a bit of Robin, and I can't help but smile. 293 I thought about comforting her, but suddenly there was an invisible pound of pounds that were invisible to be uncontrolled.


Robin ?! "

With the sound of the entire big board, the sound of the object is flooded, and the

Not only on the vessel of the entire femoral thief, all the sea m is all like a broken puppet.

'You are. ... ?! "

On the big boat of the entire femto minispan, in addition to the moment, there is still a golden lion history in front of it. At this moment, he is a little bit of the eyes of the moment, but it will play from the eyes.

Now, the invisible momentum from the moment, he once appreciated Roger and White Beard. That is his strength and qualification that he is not able to have ...

It seems that the soul is induced. At this time, the sound of the system is once again in the brain.

! The system has detected that the host is king, and it has reached the bottleneck. It breaks the boundaries. Congratulations to the first paragraph of the king. "

(Reprimating Monthly Flowers Don't stop, the new world of small A needs to consolidate score).

Chapter 37 Ribo Crystal Gas (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 37: King Coloror (ask for reward and automatic)

Want to kiss the color. Wake up?!

I suddenly heard the sound of the system, and I was ambiguous, and my face was excited.

Although there must be a sense of woke up with your own qualifications, I have never thought about this day.

"Wang. Wang's qualification ..., '

Some shocking deaths are stunned from intangible momentum from the moment, and the Golden Lion's eye is filled with complicated and difficult eyes, there is envy, there is also a loss.

'Sure enough. At the kid, you also have such qualifications ...,'

If you want to kiss the color, this is a thousand people who have only one person who may awaken, that is, the qualifications of the king of the thousand people.

Unlike the armed colors and see color, even if you can control it, you can't rely on exercise to strengthen, only by the user's own growth can strengthen.

This is a kind of discouragement that cannot be taken through the day after tomorrow. It can only be determined by life. Looking at the whole pirates, people who can have the king colors are also in number.

Sure enough, this kid is like Roger and White Beard. It has the qualifications who have no confrontation in ordinary people. ... Golden lion siki is dark, this is the qualifications and strength of his life.

At this time, the original desire to be invisible is not stopped, and it is still spreading.

In the blink of an eye, hundreds of pirates on hundreds of pirates in the entire femoral fleet were all inserted.

Not only that, this pound-free vast momentum has begun to gradually agitating the endless Bai Yunhai around the flying hundred thief, and the lightning of the infinite flash begins to gradually be formed between the clouds. Dareful natural scene.

This ... what?