Naruto's Jade Crash System

Racating Crack System Chapter 310

I feel that this moment is constantly entering the invisible momentum. It seems that the ancient universe swept the vastness, and the Golden Lion History has begun to gradually affect, and the sky is unbelievable. Weng Wang color is actually affected the surrounding sky?! "

What is the qualification.

I have never heard of which person's desire to know the sky. ... Golden lion history's face is awkward.

This is._.''

The blue gods were blinded to the sky around the flying hundred pirates, and I also felt an inexplicable shock. 'I dominated the king qualification after the world _._. Is the king qualification ?! "

'How could there be such a murder in the world _._.' Golden Lion History Young people, 'Even Roger's A king is not like him,' '

'Just awakened proud prince is still very good:.

In the case of the shock of the golden lion history, I found that my gluten, Wang Color, and the Yunhai surrounded by the Yunhai, the Yunhai, the Yunhai, the vision, which was about to brew the storm, which was obviously not A scenario he wants to lane.

Standing on the deck micro closed eyes, the moment is the case of the invisible gas field from yourself from yourself, this is a very special gas field, the momentum of the body, it is higher than the momentum of his body, Ignore the number of targets, which is much lower than that of my own enemies.


Finally, under the moment of the blind eye to the end of the spiritual power, the violent gas field surrounded by the body is finally gradually saving, and the flying thieves have the thunder. Gradually hidden, exposed the sun in the original clear sky


It's completely controlled by the princes of the gluten and the princes.

The moment before the essay just wakes up A king color, quickly firmly control this ability, Golden lion siki vicious eyes flashed a deep abnormality.

Really I save the future of this guy.

Will you go to what is the height?

Sky and sea ._. It should not be his limit.


After firmly controlled his own gluten, the head of the head is full of head, the head of the hand, the blue-blue eyes gradually moved to the Golden Lion Tesque in front of him.

Golden lion _ .... Thank you for these three months of guidance. _. '' Although this is the gambling of yourself, but in any case, the moment is still in the mouth to the Golden Lion Road.

'Rong haha, no, thanks, thanks, two _.' '

I heard the opening of the opening of the blog, I habitually broke out again in the base mouth of Golden lion, and the sound of his unique Zhang, this is your own A gambling .... I just want to gamble! "

"But the words come back. ... can practice in just three months and master three wengqi ..., '

After the laughter of the madness gradually stopped, the Golden lion siki branched eyes suddenly stared in the moment in front of him, "I have to say. ... Your kid is just a monster !!"

It's hard to imagine that the pirates that make all the hundred pirates and the naval of the whole sea, the flying pirates, will mention the flying pirates, which will call such a young handsome man as a monster.

But things (Zhao) have real, whether it is the strength of the moment or talent, giving him a deep shock of it.

I heard the Golden Lion Schiki's name, facing his evil eyes, the moment is just a light smile and shakes his head, not available.

'Yes ... the fall of the ancient weapon ...,'

After the flash of the moment, the Golden lion siki suddenly turned around, and the eyes were deeply staring at the moment in front of him. It seems that I hope that from his handsome and innocent face, 'you really of??".

Ancient weapon ..., '

I heard the words of the Golden Lion's history, and the moment is like not to be perceived. He is an urgent eye, but it has shrugged the shoulders, and the ambiguity is two: 'Who knows ...,'

(Reprimating Monthly Flowers Don't stop, the new world of small A needs to consolidate score).

Chapter 38 Jianhao (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 38 Second Hohao (ask for reward and automatic).

Perhaps really exist. Factory

I didn't care about it. He learned that the Golden Lion History is the persistence of the ancient weapon, and also understands that the destruction of the World Government has called the whole world is his lifelong wish.

Although there are three ancient weapons in the ancient weapons, the fallen of the Haiwang and Pluto will all know that all the sea king of the sea king can communicate and have a princess who has a person who has communicated with the Haiwang communication for hundreds of years. It is known. Only 800 years ago, the world is 100 years of history.

The fish princess, and the people who are willing to be born later. White Star Princess.

There is also a super battleship, which is built by Seven Water, is known as the most evil battle of shipping in history, can ruin a island, which is a strong weapon that the World Government has always been unrequited and exciting.

Nowadays sleep in some place in the world, and the exact location it is, only the Robin that really knows the historical text will be able to know, and the design drawings of Pluto will now be in the Master of Franch.

But some secrets, I feel that it is better to be bad in my heart.

'Your kid ... corpse

I have an unfasteable marked 597 in front of you. The Golden lion is not worthy of the gas, but there is no way to make it, 'Forget it !! Even if there is no ancient weapon ... I am Golden lion It can get the whole world to get an early market !! "

After they all woke up ... Russia will hold a banquet and banquet ... Celebrate you cultivate the collapse !! "After the confusion, the Golden lion, the Golden lion, resumed the original color of the city.

Rack hahaha ... corpse

Big catering and banquets are also a feature of this One Piece.

For example, the legendary big rhyme is white beard Edward, rumors his biggest hobby is to hold a banquet and banquet on his own boat.

the following few days.

The moment and Robin have been spent in the Holiday Banquet and the guests in the Holiday.

The great route, the waters of Wang Yang, the sea is alone with an unsteady island.

It is such a unrequited island, but today is significant ((ACFC) to be more lively.

I saw hundreds of pirates of hundreds of fits, and the group enveloped the unscrupulous islands in the middle of Cang, and there were countless pirates on the pirates. They didn't turn their eyes. The two people were fighting in the island.

! ! Cheng! _._.

On the island of unrequited waste, countless sharp swords and horizontal.

The two signs are in a speed of can't capture with a naked eye, and the constant buddy collides, the Too knife sword in the hand has issued an endless electro-optical stone fire in the air.

Yangzi · Thousands of Valley!!

It's just like a lion roaring between roar, I saw the two names of the golden lion siki's hands in the hands of the Golden Lion, and the "4th, waving, and the momentous between the air killed countless". Sharp Guanghua.

Cheng Cheng.

I saw that there were countless road and profit-free swords, and the waves were criticized in the air. It formed a uncomfortable killing cage, and I went straight to my eyes.

Be good _._. ''