Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 311 of Hueding Crack System

God's reincarnation of the eyes and kills the swordscent of their eyes in front of the eyes, the swordscent of the air, the sword, the blue, the blue eyes, the moment, holding a hand, holding the slender slender The flow blade is fire.

Eight knives flashed!!

Unlike Golden Lion History, the Swordsman of the King Lion is different, and the gorgeous and fast murderous art is the foundation of the swordsmanship.

I saw the flow blade in the hands of the moment, if the fire passed in the void, instantly kill the eight plenty of fierce swordsmanship.


The continuous sword gas collision came out, and the eight roads killed in the moment suddenly greeted the Nothing of the Golden Lion History hit together, and the enlarged rays were issued.

I saw the eight roads that were blown out, and after the waves of the Golden lion history, they gathered together, touched into a huge sword. The whole land under the feet suddenly attacked the wrong Golden lion of the eyes.

this is._.''

Looking at the huge swords of the feet in front of the eyes, the gods on the face of the Golden lion, obviously did not expect this moment.

The rush is slightly bitten.

Pei Guhu, the Golden Lion History, and 'Sakura, suddenly crossright, and only see huge impact, the golden lion actually the whole tall body was killed by the huge sword. After the shock wave is constantly being pushed, the feet is dragged on the ground of the island.

Your kid ..., '

Finally, after the huge sword of the moment, the Golden lion siki felt the hands of their own numbers, and some of them were in the foot of the foot. He found that he was already feet. Take the edge of the island, almost a little bit of the sword who is now being attached.

The gas is pushed to the sea.

Only three months, your sword is cultivated to this level ..., '

The mouth is unfortunately, I saw that the Golden Lion History originally fierce eyes, but there was a bit weak to look at the moment, and the heart suddenly produced a kind of swordsman who had so many years. Feeling, 'It's really unbearable freak ...,'

'And the sword in your hand is ...,'

Some depliers have seen the names of the knives that have fallen in their hands that have gone in the hands of the gap, and the double-eyed death of the Golden Lion siki stared at the disturbance of the ancient times in the hands of the moment, 'no big Quick knife twelve work ..., '.

No ... not ..., '

But very fast gold lion history has overthrew his guesses, and there seems to have suddenly thinks about what it is, 'Even if there is no big hurry, it is impossible to make my dead wood and cherry ten in such a short time ... '

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'. You said it ...,'

Running a look at the Golden Lion History, the moment is fascinated with ancient times in his hands, if the fire is full of fire, the corner of the mouth gradually raises a smile of a taste, and its name is called the fire, if the fire is A weapon that exceeds no big fast knife twelve workers. ''


It is not the world's weapons ...


The power of the fire is not really present. It has completed a sentence in the heart of the heart.

Beyond the weapons of no big fast knife 12 workers ?! "

I heard the explanation of the Pasta, the pupil of the Golden Lion's histori suddenly contracted. Is there such a weapon in this world??

'Is called the flow blade, if fire ...,'

Some love is reluctant to move his sight from the moment of the brakes, and the golden Yangzi History is stunning the eyes of the distant moment. 'Is really a good name ...,'

A name knife is a swordster's life

I believe that it will be a thorough trace, if the pot is desperate, it will be robbed.

of course.…

In the power of an instant ... It is impossible to have people in this world to take the flow blade from him.

'Good ... I cartoons ...,'

Finally, I finally picked up the shock that I feel from the incredible young people in front of my heart. The Golden Lion History is a straight and sink: 'Now three kinds of products, you have been cultivated. ... Swords, you have already Reached the realm of swords ..., '

'I have fulfilled the gambling contract between us _._.' '

I saw that the Golden Lion's history was deeply gazing. It's like a lion's haired hair in the sea breeze. It should be left _._. ''

Do you want to leave.

The province is coming to his goal second _. Still still _._. Wen Yahathat is slightly smashing his blue eyes, and thinking about thinking.

'I don't know if you will become a pirate in the future. But I can determine.

Between speaking, I saw the Golden Lion History, who was in front of the moment, was suddenly launched, and went to the big ship of their flying hundred pirates. Above, 'You can become the most powerful person in this world !! Laihahahaha._.' '

And the most free people in the world_._.

It is standing on the island of waste.

Golden lion.

You are indeed a legendary two in this big sea.

After the Golden Lion History and all his pirate fleet were left, the longjie was in a runte to recover his blue eyes.

'That _._. _.' '

Because the voice of the Babin is slightly tender, I only see her little thoughts, I saw her little hand pulled the clothes of the brake, and the Golden lion uncle left _._. We also Do you want to leave? ''

'Zhe Zhu Jin Lion is the same as the original ._ Plan himself to hit the Navy's Ming Second _.' 'Robin next to him pulling his thoughts back to the reality in front of him, the heart is dark Tao.

"Small Robin _._. ''

In the end of the opinion of the Robin, the mouth smiled and said:. I think we will go to the new world, the route may be adjusted _._. ''

'Well ?!' I heard a little abrupt words, Robin is somewhat unclear, so I have a big one, I'm old, and I have a good one.

'What do you think of this person this person? "But the problem suddenly asked by the next question is more abrupt.

'Golden Lion Uncle ...,'

I heard the problem of the Pasta, I saw Robin slightly lower my little head, some serious thinking, ' ... how to say it. ... Although he grows very fierce ...

'But he asked us to have a lot of delicious food ...,'

'And he also taught me how to use AAN! Less memories, everything happened for these days, while Robin is ashamed with slight spitting his little tongue, although I haven't learned it yet,'