Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 312 of Hueding Cracks

Two fresh flowers ·· ......

'Your little fool. ... people have a good food to buy you ...,' Looking at Robin next to him, listening to her day, I know what I know, and I am so funny and standing. I knocked on her small head.


In the eyes of a child.

Everything in the world is pure.

'So ... we went to the new world ...,'

The heart decided to go to the next goal, the face of the inexplicable smile, the blue-blue deep blue sea, the mouth is soft and solemn, 'Just by the way, the Navy's Ma Lin Dynasty ..., '

With the surrounding sea breeze, the moment will gently reach the Robin next to the Robin next to the, and the anti-eye A force is slightly launched.

Suddenly, the two disappeared on the island of waste island that was originally empty.

Navy, Marin Ford.

The Warring States and Kapu often stay in the office.

Kapu is still the way of the gentleman's work to put the feet up to the Warring States office desk, and they kept Xiaobe in their mouths.

"Kapu! Please give me a little bit to give me a little bit!! ' What is thinking about ..., '.

General?! I am not interested ..., '

Ignore the roaring in the Warring States, and the Kapu slammed a long yawn. 'I think it's good now. ... There is a task to catch the pirates when you have a mission ... You can still be lazy when you have no task ... '

"It's really no way to take you ..., 'After listening to the words of Qaub, the Warring States can't help but sigh.

For the temper and strength of Kapu, he knows, whether in accordance with the strength or military power, the Capacheng Navy is already more than enough.

(Reprimating Monthly Flowers Don't stop, the new world of small A needs to consolidate score).

Chapter 40 Impulsion Navy (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 40 Impulsion Navy (seeking rewards and automatic)

However, the promotion of the World Government, he was rejected by him by him, even if the Navy's morality personally went to horses and could not convince him.

'Yes ... There is no drunk in the moment ... less seems to be afraid of the Warring States to mention the things related to our promotion, and Kapu immediately broke the topic.

'The moment it is. ... Didn't be related to him. ... It seems that the song is hidden ...

The topic of Huapu's topic is very successful. After listening to this name, I saw a slightly sinking in the Warring States, and the eyes of Xiang Zhi flashed a deep concern, 'But the news from the previous time ...,'

"Three months ago. ... The whole sea area near the shampoo is all used by people to use the ability to freeze ..., '

'Nine seconds "

I remembered the intelligence of the naval passed by the Navy before, and the frowning of the war is deeper. 'Until now there is no signs of thawing. ... this obviously more than the buses ...,'

'At present, only one person can do ... "

' ...,' is shining in the Warring States, and there is a little hard to squeeze this name in the mouth of the card, and the process of the mind and the moment.

There are no number of huge vacuum fists in the world, the entire smashing shampo 33 island, seriously injured, Saskaski and Busasolino, a fast brusade brushing the cerebella.

'It is a tricky guy ...,' I think of the powerful figure of the moment, and even the card is also a little bit uphold in my forehead.

At this time, it seems that the entire Navy's base is blended.

'What happened outside ?! "

I heard such a big drunk, the Warring States and the two of the Warring States and Kapu were looking at each other, and they went out together.

One foot stepped out of the office, the Warring States and the two people were written. The Navy and the two-character Navy base attic city gate, finally called the scenes of the outside.

I saw the two feet of the Navy's album. They were all broken warships, as if they were tied by an invisible giants, and countless naval soldiers were lying over the empty campus. Each corner.

'Rack hahaha ...,'

The laughter of Zhang Mad A has echoed the entire Navy's base. I saw the number of people stacked by countless naval soldiers. He stood a tall figure, and his hands held a cold shot.

Under the paragraph of the fire in the evening, a dark and crushed face was scattered with the mad golden long hair, and the whole person revealed a fierce breath that as if the lion was general.

"Golden lion _._. ._. '' Sounds clearly, the figure of the naval base campus, the war of the country spit out his name.

'Ming ._ is the Buddha's Warring States and Tiequad Kapaming Second _.' 'Looking at the two people walking out of the city gate of the city, the Golden lion history is like a sound, and the old friend is singing. It is just that the fierce eyes are deeply hidden.

"Golden lion _._ You dare to come to our Navy's department. One. ''

The Warring States died stared at the foot of the Naval Campus, countless naval soldiers stretched the Golden lion history, seeing the entire naval base was destroyed by him, and it could not help but contained endless anger. I also killed us so many navy _._. ''

'Roger_._.' '

If you don't pay attention to what the Warring States said, the Golden Lion Schiki said that he came to him today. It seems to have a deep memory and resentment, 'He is a man who recognizes God !! "

'Different from your help, the Navy _._.' '

The Golden Lion History seems to have appeared in the figures of the One Piece, and the fierce doubles are constantly entering the cool murder. The whole person roar like a lion. How can I agree with a man? Will be grasped by your A weak navy !! ""

It turns out that you are in the _._. '' For Roger's guy

Silently listened to the discourse said by the golden lion siki, Kapu seems to have fully understood the purpose of his great impact of the Navy's base, and the mind in the mind has also remembered the figure.

When Luojie stained in the urination, he took the initiative to go to the Navy to surrender, and he was designated by the Navy. He was transferred to himself. In the prison, Roger also worked hard to pay for his wife and unbounded son Estere to himself.

Therefore, since the Ming Piece Luojie, the Navy and the World Government declared that he, the Navy hero. Tiequap, Kapu personally arrested the pirates, and a large extent, the image and majesty of the Navy and the World Government.

'Roger _._. It is arrested by me !! "

Convergence all memories in his mind, the eyes of Kapu gradually focused on the reality in front of the eyes, and the eyes were firmly locked in the History of the Golden Lion in the Navy's campus, and the sound opened:. There is a book. Can rush me !! "

'Hey ._. That man _._.' '

I heard that Kapu said that he arrested the pirate Wang Luo Jie. The Golden lion hostel didn't care. I didn't believe what he said. The body has issued a strong momentum, 'It is impossible to be by you. 5.3 arrest !! ".

Many said no longer ... Prepare fighting bar, Cap, ...

At this time, the Warring States reached out gradually unlocked the neutral jackets of the naval coat outside, and threw it to the ground, revealing the same dark suit with the side of the square,. Just. This time you can send the Golden Lion together. Deep sea big prison promotes the city ...,

Armed color gas · Cover!!

As the warrior of the war country, a layer of black armed collapse also gradually covered the whole body of Kapu. Helhi is a cultivation to reach the second stage of armed chromativity.

(Reprimating Monthly Flowers Don't stop, the new world of small A needs to consolidate score).

Chapter 41 (seeking rewards and automatic)