Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 313 of Huedings

Chapter 41 (seeking rewards and automatic)

'Since the opponent is the legendary golden lion ...,'

I saw that the whole body was covered with black armed colors, and the whole body and strong muscles were all tight.

'Then there we can't keep your hands ... "

The results of the Warring States tacit understanded the words of Kapu, gradually launched the ability of the devil's fruit, and a golden light shining, and he entered the big Buddha form of everyone.

'Rack hahaha. ... Come and let me know your navy claims that you can catch Roger's power !! "

In the laughter of Zhangcou, I saw the Golden Lion History held a dead wood and cherry. The whole personnel made a golden stream, and instantly rushed to the Warring States and Cap.

Warring States and Kapu, a big Buddha's form, the whole body is extremely unparalleled, and a whole body covers the armed colors that can't be invincible. It suddenly hit the Golden Lion History.

It is getting more and more than a long time.

In a collision between a collision, the Golden Lion History and the battle of the Warring Country of the Warring Katu destroyed the town of more than half of Mall Domao.

In countless broken walls, among the smoke of the smoke, the three people 's figure is very unparalleled, and they have hit the outside town from the Base of the Navy.

Golden lion siki's sword hits the wave and fluttering fruit capabilities, the windland's golden light four shot big Buddha shock waves, Kapu's iron boxing and powerless armed colors, three respective symbolizes the pirates and naval The threatened war has suddenly collided with a shocking spark of the shocking.

Numerous Navy around gradually surrounded Malin Fanto, but they couldn't insert this battle. The three struggles of fighting power were Yu Bo to kill them.

Just focusing on the obsesse line of the Malin Fanto Moisto, when you die, you are staring at the battle between the three people.

At this time, a small Loli has a small loli, and there is a quiet appearance of the highest in Malin Vantomo.

Sure enough, I don't have my own materials ..., '

The blue mysterious eyes and the province, the three people in the ruins of Malin Fanto Moisto, the junxi-flawless faces have gradually outlined a inexplicable radians. 'Even after they die in the One Piece. The lion is still the same as the original ..., '

'A person is a big impact Navy's base base ...,'

Over time, the battle in the ruins of Malin Fanto Moves, finally came to an end.

Don't fight towards the hometown ... Golden lion ... less

I only saw the broken wall, and the dark suit under the card is almost all broken. He gradually took out a handcuff made of sea chamber, tightly smashed in the hand of Golden lion. .

'Your era is over ... less

A pair of tiger looks complicated, and it seems that there is an angry lion as an irritating lion. It is unique to the Golden Lion, and there is no sigh of sigh. 'Take the era of Roger. End ... '

After being on the sea chamber of the sea, the sea is passed on the hands of the sea, let the Golden lion history of the devil fruit power, I feel that I have the whole body, and I face the Kapu and the Warring States The top of these two navals, even if he is eventually unable to resist

you are wrong…,'

'Roger's era did not end. ... My era has not ended ...,'

The Golden Lion History after being smashed, the wolf is really like a fight, but his fierce eyes are still unwrapped, 'The era of the thief is always Will n't end! "

'Don't talk nonsense, everything is here ...,'

Just like the card, the whole body is borrowed, and the dark suit is broken, but it is different from the cards around you, and the wise eyes stared at the Golden lion history of the Loosi, the end of the road. One-running fluctuations, 'The promotion of the deep sea big prison

It is your ultimate home! "

Finally caught the Golden Lion ...

In this way, the last time the Magic Order of the Magic Order and the public opinion and influence of the Tianlong people in the Shampoo Islands, should be able to easily ease some ... The Warring States is a little tired to think .

At this time, suddenly, the Warring States and Kapu felt a empty in his hand, and suddenly became shocked, a bad premonition got a heart.

Sure enough, I went down, and the Golden lion history in front of him has completely lost traces.

The Navy is very lively today ..., '

I heard this somewhat familiar voice came, but the hearts of the Warring States and Kapu suddenly sorted into the 093 goblet and immediately responded to the direction of the voice.

Sure enough, the moment of drunk floating is not far from the air, and he puts the Golden Lion History of the sea-owned stone handcuffs, and the handsome face is smile.


The three excitement sounded at the same time, and the tone was full of horrified and incredible. In addition to the Warring States and Kapu, this time, even the golden lion sisters also surprised the head and looked at themselves to save themselves.

'Heartbeat. ... How do you ... Golden Lion Schiki is unbelievable, and how can he know that I am here. ...

'Is really a wolf. Golden lion ...,'

The blue-blue eyes will increasing their own eyes on the face of all faces, and the moment is stunned. It is a inexplicable smile with a inexplicable smile. This is a return. You teach me the remuneration of crystal gas and swordsmanship ..., '.

This way. ... we have two clearings ..., '

(Reprimating Monthly Flowers Don't stop, the new world of small A needs to consolidate score).

Chapter 42 Steel Over (ask for reward and automatic)

Chapter 42 Steel Bone Space (ask for reward and automatic)

'Just repay you to my swordsman and crystal gas feedback ...,'

Everyone's eyes are deadly stunned, there is a flash of saving the golden lion history. I saw him looked in half of the sky, and he took the golden lion history Kellang. "So ... we have two clear ..., '.

But ... you ..., 'Golden Lion Siki Some

'You are too wolf, Golden lion ...,'

At the moment, some faces unpleasantly said, the blue-blue eyes deprecated a inexplicable glory, 'You almost have to be sent to the Warring States and Kapu into the deep sea big prison to promote the city. !! "

There is so many pirates outside of the might.

But I chose myself to hit the Navy headquarters. ...

What is this? Is it playing a fan called a big one?

'Lehahaha ...,'

I don't know why, a pair of super-blue doubles, the golden lion hit, the Golden lion is invincible, and the fierce face of Zhang Ming wants to laugh, 'I am not too old. I am not worthy of the Buddha's Warring States and Iron palms, and I have to be more powerful than I think.

I looked at the expression of Golden Lion's vice heart, and there was some speechless twitching. I really don't know how the idiot guy is on the legend of the big one. It is a rib. ...


At this time, I have been dead and staring at the war of the Warring States in the moment. If I have not guess the wrong words, you should have passed the new world of the long-term route to the great route through the Red Soil. "" II, '.