Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 314, Chapter 314, Collaboration

Nowadays, I suddenly appeared in Malin Vanto, our Navy's part ... Do you have a Golden lion ..., 'said that it is scared by his guesses, the Warring States and Kapu's pupil can't help but slam.


Is this guy with the Golden Lion together?!

If they are really working together ..., '

The more you think about it, and a heartbeat of the Warring States and Kapu is the bottom of the grain. A fighting power is not mysterious. It is enough to let them have a headache throughout the Navy. If you still have a few pirate fleet Legend of the big pompid golden lion.

'Then there is no more unfavorable news than this _._.' '

It is necessary to know that in this world, the number of pirates is far more than the Navy, but it is good to go out for their respective purposes, so it is basically all of them for the battle, otherwise if all the pirates United This force has long been enough to overthrow the world government.

For example, in the first few years ago, the original Golden Lion History is planned to join hands with the One Piece, Luo Jie, the army of countless pirates, plus the arms of the ancient weapons known to the sea thief, overturned the world together The government ruled the whole world.

Therefore, after the world government and the Navy guess the game of Golden Lion, immediately caused a high height and paying attention, and later in the Golden Lion History and Roger, they sent a red dog and blue and hard. Putong played and responsible for monitoring the trend of the golden lion and Roger.

Fortunately, Luojie finally refused the proposal of the Golden Lion Schiki, let the Golden Lion History have anger that the two sides broke out the time of the Alte Walhai war, the cooperation between the two people with the Golden Lion The pirate fleet will sink into the sea.

Otherwise, now the situation on the sea, maybe it will be like this.

'Warring States second _. Cap _._ You don't have to be so frowning, two _.' '

The blue eyes of the blue and the battle of the Warring States and Kapu's face are almost quickly dripped. It is not a smile that I can't help but taste. There is a trace of coconut and smiling, 'I have not to cooperate with Golden lion. idea._.''

'Hey ._.' 'Listening to the midpening and coconut in the moment, the Warring States is awesome, I am going to talk. At this time, the ruins of Malin Fanto Moisto have suddenly come like a roar that can vibrate the world.

'Laozi, no matter whether you want to cooperate with Golden Lion. "

After hearing this rude voice, I saw the face of the Warring States and Kapu face, and the golden lion history next to the moment was tight, and the moment they couldn't help but look back.

I saw a rapid bowl of a strong naval soldier after a strong man in a long place, and I went behind the neighborhood of the navy. After the back. Justice. The word is mad in the sea breeze. Raise.

'. In short, you can't escape today _._. Tong will be sent to the deep sea big prison to promote the city !! "

The people are almost a speed of flashing, and the whole person actually likes the transients in the air. It is generally built a dark arc. I have come to the front of them all of them, and the navy body skills will be one by one. Shaving in the middle, it has been used by him.

"The brother" is a naval technology six types, and one time, a moment of stepping on the ground is more than ten times, using the breakthrough speed generated by the reaction force to move, and ordinary person's naked eye is completely unable to see the trajectory of the user move.

'I think we should be a first time you see (money).

Of course, the eyes of ordinary people are different, and the blind eye of the moment is firmly locked in his mobile trajectory. The eyes spit out his name, 'Navy Marshal II _: Steel, empty

"Handsome !! '. After seeing the people, all the naval soldiers around the country and Kapu and the ruins of Malin Fanto Town shouted.

'Meet the first time ._. Reward the moment of 150 million Bailei. One.' '

After coming to everyone, I saw the empty hands and smashing the moon. The chin M-shaped beard was gently shake, and a pair of tiger's light is dead and deadly staring at the moment in front of the moment and Golden lion, ' There is a legendary flying pirate gold lion history.

(Reprimating Monthly Flowers Don't stop, the new world of small A needs to consolidate score).

Chapter 43 confrontation (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 43 confrontation (seeking rewards and automatic)

'Two are a poor criminal. - You can't escape today today _._.' '

I only brought the empty muscles to explode my own suit, a pair of Tiger Jingjing's death staring at the moment in front of the moment and the Golden lion, and the end of the body is constantly moving the powerful breath. All will give me a jail !! "

"The poor criminals are second _. ''

The mouth of the naval Marshal in front of his mouth, giving the label on his own, and the mouth of the mouth can not help. Some are not to save the empty empty. Although I don't count any good people _._. But first, second _. ' '

'I don't think I am a criminal of your mouth ._.' '

On the side of the sideline, I said, while the blue eyes were indulgened with their own empty, Warring States, Kapu and all the Navy. The same _. I don't think that your Navy and the World Government can represent justice.

'So ._. Don't talk to me in the tone of the moral system.................................................................................... Everyone.

Suddenly, in the glance of the blind eye of the moment, all the people in the scene felt that they were in front of this pair of good eyes, and even the monuments of every soul were inspected, there is no secret to the secret.

What is the feeling of this feeling ._. His eyes.

Feeling the moment is like a substantive look as if the hole wears all the secrets on his body, the empty face condition reflects a general flash of unnatural strange, Shen Xi and sorrowful: 'One gap !! "

'Our Navy and the World Government represent the absolute justice in the world !! "

In the navy, dozens of years, starting from an ordinary naval soldier until the current naval marshal, even becoming a future world government chief, empty, tired and belief like the steel tower is like a steel tower, and only see his eyes firm Self-defense, firmly locked the moment in front of you, 'like you and Golden Lions

This dangerous criminal is the object we fully arrested !! "

'Ha ._. Don't be stupid _._.' '

Some sideways have a laughter of the nose, and when the emperor is firm, it is a joke in the eyes of the moment.

All day, the navy hangs the two words in the mouth in his province, and it is just a hill.

'It's not that you write justice in your own clothes _._ _ ""

The province is in front of the empty emptiness, and the moment is disdainful. I turn my mouth, and I will turn around. However, I have a simple purpose today to save the golden lion _._. It's not coming to debate these Unnexable ".".

'Save the Golden Lion ?! "

'Hey. Today, you can't walk! Hidden is true to give me a prison !!' I heard that I have the intention of myself today, empty snoring.

In his launched a moment, the entire Marlin Fanto Moves the ruins, all the naval soldiers raised the firearms and weapons in their hands, and the group surrounded the moment of the ruins and the golden lion, and the water was unlike, even a flies. Can't escape.

'Good big bursts ...,'

At the moment of the blue gods, the eyes of the eyes are flat, and there are countless water, the navy surrounded by the neighborhood in his eyes, as if the shape is just a group of earth chicken dog, the sound of the mouth, the sound of the mouth floating throughout Marin ((ACFG) Vanto,. Just. ... you can try my new ability ..., '

Jing Wang color gas !!!

Nothing all people reacted, the flash of the blue is slightly, as if the air of Mall Fanto Moine is is shocked, and there is an invisible moment of imitation to condense into the substance, suddenly from the moment The body broke out.

'this is?!!"

Feeling the sudden momentum of this sudden outbreak, the nearest empty and Kapu and the Warring States in the flash and the Golden Lion, and the Warring States were shocked.


The sound of countless heavy objects sounded, and the three people in the Capada Warring States were around. I saw all the naval soldiers around Malindon's islands, all of them were in the same manner.

'. Empty. Cap ... Warring States ...,'

In the eyes of empty and Kapu Warring States three people, they found that their faces on the face were also as they were as angry when they were in the moment, and the Golden lion historics could not help but Lucky laughing, 'This child is not necessarily available in millions of people

A wake up king qualification!! And ..., '.

His life of his life. ... to be more terrible than Roger !! "