Naruto's Jade Crash System

Chapter 315 of Hueding Crack System

More terrible than the One Piece, Luojie is more terrible?!

From the words thrown from the Golden Lion History, it seems like a heavy bomb that hits the empty and war the country in the heart of the war, and the three eyes are dark.

'This guy…,'

Feeling the incomplete power of the impact from the moment, the strength of the three people in the empty and Warring States, although the strength of the Warring States Cardpus is not affected, but also has a large sea that seems to be like a stormy windstorm. The leafy boat nepackers in the middle, it seems that it will be violent at any time.

The sea is swallowed.

'Never leave! Otherwise ...

The eyes and death of the essence of the essence are locked in front of the moment, and the empty snoring tone seems to have a dramatic poison in the mouth.

A layer of black armed colors began to gradually climbed his whole body. I saw the whole person like a fierce cheetah. The muscles on my body were tight. 'The whole world will be hurt by him. corpse

With empty words and movements, the Kapu and the Warring States behind him have firmly stared at the moment in front of them, and the body gradually made a battle gesture.

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Chapter 44 Attack (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 44 (seeking reward and automatic).


'Steel, empty, plus. The Buddha Warring States and Flying Boxes, Kapu. This stock is enough to turn over the whole sea. Let all the sea M tremble the power, but there is no more interested. There are some dissatisfaction in your mouth. 'I have said that the purpose of today is not to fight with you ... corpse.

Or is there a word ...

The province is like a frenzy beast, which locks all the empty and Warring States cards. The moment is slowly moving. It seems like chatting with the friendly old friends, 'If I want to go. ... this world has no A person can leave me a corpse

But just talk, there is a flash of the left eye suddenly zoom in, the eyebrows are slightly picked, and the first time captures the future of attack.

Oh. ... Youth ... The corpse is slightly outlined, and it is in the moment of the coming.

Ice cubes have noise!!

I only see the ruins of the surrounding Malin Vantra, and the use of the king of the king color is bullish all the naval soldiers, and the genius and the pants gaps in the country of the war. In the bunker, a whole arm is a cold ice, a whole arm.

At the heart of the moment, the heart of the ice was hit, and the cold and dead ice cubes became a huge icebird of a blue white, and the sharp cold and sharp edge hit to the moment.

This is the biggest assault ability of young and difficult.

However, in the back of the dead, the blue fear of the violent, whether it is the left eye to predict the future of the future, the gods of the gods, the penetration of the gods, have long, have already let the moment have been proud of him.

Rotation of the eyes · Let !!

The young and difficulty sneak attack from the ruins only felt a flower in front of his eyes, and the movement of the moment and Golden lion history was suddenly lost.

This is another missed mobile way ...

I have disappeared in the air, which is a very familiar crisis that has bulld his teeth. After the huge icebird shot, he reflects the general body into the elementalization.

A silky smile sounded, in the pupil of the empty and the war country, and the flash of the Golden lion was taken with the Golden Lion, and there was no sign in the top of the green.

Armed colored gas, hardening!!!

A layer of dark armed colors were blindly covered with a hand of the moment. When the green is getting late, the 0 gas blearually learned to the trail of himself, turned back and turned to see a paint black The fist is amplified in front of him.

The elements of natural devil fruits are in front of the fists in the moment. It is like dummy, and the green is only feeling that there is no strength from a steel cast from the moment, and the whole body has a black whole person. They all grown into the ground.

Kutzan !! "

I saw the exaggerated huge pothole and countless spider webs. The gods of the Capsu and the Warring States couldn't help but exclaimed. From the sneak attack from the Qingqi violent attack and the moment, all the processes were even less than one second. Kung Fu.

No one can expect the blind eye to the blind eye to the blind eye, in their eyes, the development process in their eyes is, and the green is suddenly violently sneak attack and then instantly successfully counterattacked. A punch bombarded the bottom.

Boxing iron !!

Kapup seems to be the first reaction, just in the bottom of the ground, the whole body covered with black armed colors, the whole person is already like a rapid cheetah. At the side of the moment, the shells of the Navy's top battleship must be fiercely countless.

Putini is a moment in front of you.

A gas shock wave!!

Entering everyone of the big Buddha format Warring States, huge body golden light four shots, the golden 0 gas impact on the hand in hand, the impact of almost all demon fruits, the fierce shock wave will be in the moment of the moment and Golden lion The base is listed as an attack target, bursting brush.

Two fresh flowers ······ ......

Steel bone iron block!!

However, the attack is faster than the Warring States and Kapu faster, but it is the end of the Navy Marshal.

A dark arc is unable to capture at a naked eye, instantly spanning all the distances in the middle, drawing a fatal slightly bend in the air, empty imitation Buddha transients generally arrive in the moment, suddenly hit .

It's hard to imagine how the burly and strong body is how to make such a quick move, it is clear that the body's six-style in the navy has been cultivated to the pure cue.

After launching the iron blocks in the naval six-style, the fists in the empty hand were completely painted with black-colored 0 gas shines with the metal's general shiny. Now, even a steel bar is placed in front of him. He can also smash it.

It is also a hard iron, which is the origin of empty, steel, and outer number.

In fact, the masters in the navy, their external numbers are almost all related to their own capabilities.

Teil, Capa can't resist armed colored A qi iron boxes, 'Steel' empty, is comparable to the steel bone, 'Buddha's Warring States people, the big Buddha form,' red dog. Saskasky rock Pleo fruit, ' , Pu Salen Flash fruit,' Qing is difficult & quinth frozen fruit, even after the old incident

The army of the army of the army, the neighbors of the Navy's general, a smile, a smile, the heavy tricks and tigers.

"It's trouble ..., '

In the face of the shock attack on the exhibition and the three people in the Warring States, I feel that the stock is enough to destroy everything. At this time, I have changed my face.

Navy marshal steel bones, the Navy's general Buddha's Warring States, Navy Heroes Ironboard Cap. These three people teamed up with the offensive of all efforts. In this world, there should be no one can bear.

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Chapter 45 is handed in hand (seeking rewards and automatic)

Chapter 45, handle (seeking reward and automatic)

The armed colored piton of Kapu's armed colors, the war of the Warring States, and the empty armed colored iron bar.

I have to say that, I can't help but feel a stress of the sip, the blue eyes of the blue are not afraid.

Is it in the order of arrival from their offensive?

"No ... I will justice with them."

At this moment, the face of Junxiu is a smile, and the blue eyes of the blue are like a bright, there is a sudden outbreak, and one hand is aligned.